Friday, August 5, 2016

Now, Ladies and Gents, a Musical Interlude

"The Bear and the Maiden Fair." Delightful Celtic cover. Everybody needs a bit of deadened bodhran drumming now and again. (Catch the part about the goat!)

The Bear is still miffed that his agent didn't manage to get him the role in the Game of Thrones episode of the same name. He would have gladly taken a crossbow bolt in the shoulder. The performance would have been much more nuanced, instead of he typical snarly growly stereotype.


  1. Bear, it was a public service and much appreciated to give us the still version of that yarn; and not the other YouTube version, the disturbing version, of the bear interpretive dancing to that.

    Thanks for leaving us with our illusions.

  2. I'm pretty sure the Bear gets the Maiden Fair by the end of that song.


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