Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pansy Brit Solution to Islamic Terrorism: Round up All "Mentally Disordered" Non-Muslims

Not this Hurley. She actually knows the difference between
mental illness and Islamic terrorism. The Bear just knows it.

[Caution, rated B for Bearish Anger]

Europe Imports Huge Numbers of Muslims Who Kill Everybody,
Feels Stupid, So Invents Idiotic Excuses

The Norwegian Muslim of Somali descent (winner, 1916's "most improbable phrase" contest) who sliced up some people in London is now reported to, like, maybe have mental health issues, as opposed to anything to do with Islamic terrorism.  According to The Express,

Kevin Hurley, former head of counterterrorism for City of London Police, said the tragic event could have have happened anywhere because there are “lots of mentally disordered people who should be in hospital and who are out and about”.

Kevin Hurley, you're an idiot. Your picture just went up in the Bear's gallery of- er, idiots, right next to Archbishop Blase Cupich, with about 500 others. (That was close.) Soon the Bear will have to build an addition onto his den just to hold pictures of all the West's idiot officials.

The next time the Bear is in England, he will make it a point to rip off Kevin Hurley's jawbone. On second thought, he'd probably be shot, which stings, and possibly be put in a zoo. No, they'd just Bruno the Bear. (Bear Lives Matter. Bruno +2006.)

The West is throwing up a wall made of people who have one mental health diagnosis or another  - or even if someone just feels like calling them "unstable" without a diagnosis - as the last line of defense for the most culturally protected group on the planet, Muslims. By this time next year, no one in any official position will ever mention Islamic terrorism again. Instead, all splashy mass murders by people claiming affiliation with ISIS and shouting Allahu' Akbar, will become part of the "growing threat of crazy people roaming about free."

Or, the "mentally disordered" (Hurley) or "mentally unstable" (Cupich).

The British Solution to Islamic Terrorism

English Pansy Kevin Hurley already has the solution for terrorism. Round up all the (non-Muslim) crazies and put them in hospital. (The Bear hates it when they lose the definite article on 'hospital.' It reminds him of Russia.)

But wait. There aren't enough beds for everyone with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, phobias and what not. Kevin Hurley will have to build camps for all these dangerous lunatics until enough prisons can be converted to psychiatric hospitals. In these camps, the patients can be given useful work to do, and easy-to-maintain striped uniforms.

If you have a mental health diagnosis (or don't but someone calls you "mentally disordered," or "mentally unstable") you officially belong to the least culturally-protected group in the West. (The Bear should clarify: if you are mentally ill in a way that does not involve trendy illnesses such as a delusion that  you are of the opposite sex.) Nobody cares about you.

And, by the way, you are becoming the most stigmatized group in the West. Mental illness: the last acceptable prejudice. (Okay, mental illness and Christianity.) Because if you're bipolar, who knows when you'll flip out because your cornflakes got soggy and go on a murderous rampage shouting Allahu' Akbar.

The more Islamic terrorism, the more Islam is protected. That should not be a surprise since even some people in England probably grow annoyed with Muslims going around killing people all the time. Islam needs the protection. Something tells the Bear there may come a time when Islam needs more protection than the culture is capable of providing. Perhaps that is just wishful thinking.

Giving Up on Humans

Sometimes, the Bear just feels like giving up on human beings. At least those in the West. You are clearly not interested in survival. The Bear has observed before that you don't protect your territory, and you don't pass down the ancient lore. Hell, you don't even breed. If we played "justify our existence" with each other, Bears would paws down. Face it. You're just keeping the lights on for the coming world-wide Caliphate. You won't be able to take the dhimmi pledge fast enough to prove how tolerant you are, and how you long for an encounter with males who actually have testosterone and beliefs.

The West is losing and quickly. If the West had any gumption, people would drag Kevin Hurley out of his safe little no-real-world-results-expected hole, tar and feather him, strap a parachute on him and drop him in the middle of ISIS territory to learn a little thing Bears like to call "reality" in the final, unpleasant moments of his life.

The West is losing because it became separated from the Catholic Church. Not that the Catholic Church minds. But that's for another rant.


  1. Haha. Finally someone who hates "hospital" without an article in front of it! You won't hold it against me that I have my iPhone set on British English and there are no periods after Mr or Mrs, would ya Bear? Does 555.123.4567 as a phone number format drive you crazy? I LOVE it--damn those parentheses and hyphens.

    Great commentary on the panty waists of the world. I sometimes daydream of a Churchillesque figure rising miraculously from the miasma and truly confronting Islam in a courageous manner. Can't help but feel the battle could be won quite handily by the West.

    1. The Bear, is of course, quite cosmopolitan, and was a sensation in the West End long before any of you were born.

      You are mistaken about the West winning. You cannot bear somebody with nobody, the old political saying goes. A culture that believes in nothing will not - cannot - fight a culture that is fighting for something.

      Oh, sure, even Great Britain probably still has a tank or two, and an airworthy Tornado. It doesn't matter. The West WILL NOT FIGHT. There is no West anymore. I'm not saying, note, that the West would lose, I'm saying it will not fight.

      It's like saying Carthage could beat Islam in north Africa. Well, sure, maybe, Hannibal was a good general and could adapt to modern warfare, I'm sure, and the reward for losing battle was the general throwing himself on a pyre. That's some good incentive. Except Carthago delenda est.

      We've lost a whole civilization, starting with the Reformation that all of us will be celebrating next year (unless we're Bad Catholics). So the trick for us, Sandpiper, is to accept and adapt. All species compete (exceptions, but mostly true). We need to become hard-identity Catholics. When someone asks you to tell something about yourself, say, "I am a Roman Catholic. That's it. You got a problem with it?"

      Getting back to competition, we have to recognize that we need to compete. Suck up all the government freebies we can dream of. Claim victim status. Be angry. Proselytize relentlessly. Form loose associations in the community. If we wait until we need each other or else, it will be too late.

  2. This is just a way station on the voyage to "all religious belief is mental illness, and that goes double for Christians because we're not scared of them".

    1. Except Islam, of course. Even the big-shot atheists won't get through the cultural protection the West has thrown up for Muslims.

  3. Check out Oakes excellent blog spot below. Re: Mentally Ill Muslims.
    It's Islam that causes the illness, don't you know.

  4. From Larry Auster :

    Indeed, everything I’ve been saying here can be found in Book VIII of Plato’s Republic, where he describes the way of life in a society practicing unrestrained democracy. To summarize Plato’s chief points:

    - There is, first of all, unlimited personal freedom; a tremendous diversity of types of people; and love of diversity for its own sake.

    - People only fulfil their civic obligations or obey the law if they feel like it, since obedience smacks of servitude and they will have no master over them.

    - Leaders must constantly appease the people out of fear of being called oligarchs; parents are afraid of their children and are extremely mild with them; the teacher fears and fawns upon the pupil.

    - All desires are equally to be esteemed, with no distinction between noble and base desires.

    - Equality is “granted indiscriminately to equals and unequals alike.”

    - And finally, says Plato, the resident alien and foreigner are regarded as equal to the citizen.

    As can be gleaned from Plato’s incomparable analysis, a society’s openness to unlimited diversity is not primarily a question of economics or ideology or class; it is at bottom a moral phenomenon, connected with all the other moral concerns of society.

    (end quote)

    THE principle ruling the west is the Principle of Non-Discrimination and it is the principle leading to our desired destruction because, internally, most average Joes can discriminate twixt liberty and Mahometanism and so Mahometanism must be defended by the authorities in its Silent Jihad Stage, through its Defensive Jihad stage (now in Europe) until it reaches its Offensive Jihad Stage and imposes Sharia Lawn on us, forces us to submit or pay the tax and we live in Dhimmitude.

    Looks at the poor Priest murdered in Europe. He and his Church could not have been more accommodating to its permanent enemy -it gave them land to build a Mosque. let themes a Church for their activities etc.

    It is SO over

    1. It begs the question "why?" There was no constituency creating a huge demand for unlimited Muslim immigration. What perceived benefits are there in importing and pandering to Muslims. Sicily was of Tunisians when the Bear lived there. They were mostly pests. A large group of Muslims will never assimilate, and every Muslim young male must be considered a potential IED. So who benefits?

      The Muslims. Perhaps it all started out innocently enough before the phenomenon of islamic terrorism. Then the West reflexively went into "tolerance-protection" mode. The more terrorism, paradoxically the more Islam is exalted as right-thinking sorts must demonstrate their tolerance in increasingly absurd ways.

      Perhaps the question, "what are we still doing in Afghanistan?" is related. We have zero national interest there. If we ever leave it will descend into the 8th century again.

    2. I'm reading a history of Islam in Spain by Reinhart Dozy ... and the first several chapters have been a history of the establishment of Islam and all the accompanying bloodletting (which I knew about), with some segues into early 20th century (when the book was published) Islam. One thing that struck me is the repeated observation that the Bedouin paid lip-service to Islam, both immediately after Mohammed, and again in the 20th century, and presumably for long stretches in between. The author notes that there are stories about the Caliph passing judgement on bedouin who "borrowed" each other's wives, married sisters, drank wine ... and the response from the accused was along the lines of, "I didn't know it was forbidden!" One man went so far as to say it was a silly religion that forbade such activities (I think he might have been beheaded). The author notes that various late 19th/early 20th century European travelers remarked that the Bedouin were nominal Muslims, as were many for whom it was more cultural than religious.

      This was also the age of the end of empire, and when the colonies gained independence or Britain/France/Belgium granted them more autonomy, they opened their own borders to many ex-colonials, seeing no harm in it. I believe it may have been because they were seen as harmless due to their lack of devotion to Islam, and because they fought with the Allies in the First World War.

      More recently, I thought from the beginning that Germany courted them because their population is shrinking and they need the workers; my European friends told me that "over there" they believed it was to redeem themselves after criticism that they were heavy-handed during the Greek-Euro Crisis.

      I don't know what to tell you about the Somalis in Sicily; when I went to Italy in 2000, one of the places my mom and I stayed was San Giovanni Rotondo, on the Adriatic side. We took a day trip to the coast, to Manfredonia, and there were lots of Somalis there, selling fruit. Everyone we asked said that they came and went, selling their wares (not only fruit but also counterfeit designer handbags and shoes, which we had seen in Rome). Maybe they thought they were helping prop up a country that was in turmoil? I know that was some of the justification in the 70s and 80s for allowing Mexican illegal immigration to skyrocket -- there was real danger (according to my family living there) that Mexico was going to fall to Communism. The increase in remittances helped placate the populace and semi-stabilize the economy.

    3. My experiences with Tunisians was similar - selling dubious wares at the markets. One time they were passing us in the other lane at night and flipped their car into a ditch. I ran to render assistance and they threatened me because my wife (who was driving) somehow caused them to flip their "millione" car.

      I have often said that the West's Total Fertility Rate requires immigrants to keep the lights on and pick up the garbage. Without immigration, there is hardly a western country (except maybe Ireland) that has a TFR of 2.1 a.k.a. replacement rate. The biggest untold story in history is the extinction of the European culture and race due to a culture that does not value family, but, rather, only the self and gratification of selfish desires.

      I am sure there are many more people desperate to get out of Muslim failed states than other people, so that's probably one reason western countries get so many Muslims. That raises two questions. (1) are they culturally adaptable to keep a modern western state running; and (2) with Islam on the rise, is their presence a physical and cultural danger? I do note that when I was in Bahrain, they had brought in workers from the Philippines to do virtually everything. To put it bluntly, there's a reason the U.S. put a man on the moon, and no Muslim country, despite the wealth of many, can make so much as an airplane. Even Brazil makes fine Embraer jets in use by Jet Blue & other U.S. carriers.

    4. BTW, yes, I agree there are national psychological reasons for much of the current policies toward Muslims and Muslim immigration. Western culture has become one of "encounter" and "tolerance." What better way to show your cultural bona fides than by encouraging a foreign culture/religion that has no interest in assimilating, and poses a real danger to the safety of others in the country?

      You can sum up modern western culture in one word: "guilt." Every leftist political argument is based on guilt. Everything that comes out of Pope Francis' mouth is based on guilt. This would be neurotic in a person, and it is disastrous in a culture, or the Church. Look at the relentless apologies and accommodations Francis makes. And jetting to Sweden next Halloween to celebrate the disaster of the Reformation with a Lutheran lady "bishop."

      But the Bear keeps things sane, at least in the Woodlands.

    5. Exactly, and it is entrenched into American public education. Making kids feel guilty for being born white, and angry as heck if they are born black or brown. "Good" only comes out of non-Western nations. Inventions and science are unavoidably Western, but probably downplayed (too positive). Any good ideas were most likely stolen from third world inhabitants.
      I believe this is one reason we seem to have lost the will to take Islam on. There are many victims of public education who may also feel that getting out of the way would be better for the planet by reducing their carbon footprint.

  5. My wife's grandmother, from eastern Europe, used to use nouns without articles. I remember her telling me once, "I got on bus."

    Our current situation reminds me of the movie "King of Hearts."

  6. Elizabeth Hurley is the devil. I saw it in a 2000 documentary....

    1. I know that. But even the devil can't stand competition from Islam.

    2. BTW one of my favorite movies. What ever happened to Brendan Frasier?

    3. He recently did an excellent, low budget, pro-life, true story movie..."Give Me Shelter"...give it a look. Perhaps he's one of the few who got (literally) sick and tired of the offal that is hollywood, and decided to save his soul. I hope so. There always seemed to emanate from him a basic decentness. I really liked his "The Mummy" movies....great fun.

    4. Wasn't he in "Encino Man"? I remember being forced by my kid brother to watch that movie, but I ended up enjoying it.

  7. My late mother went through a Brendan Fraser phase -- she watched "The Mummy" about 6000 times -- but alas, it was only because she thought he was cute.

    1. Yeah, same with me before I met Robert Downey Jr.

  8. It begs the question "why?" There was no constituency creating a huge demand for unlimited Muslim immigration.

    Diversity is a holy goal and in America it was sicced upon the people by the 1965 Immigration Act.

    There are any number of adherents of diversity from multinational oligarchs to those who cut business deals with the Saudis , like Bush, who used to hold hands with one Saudi Prince while walking in public even though the Saudis are infamous backers of Salafism.

    This ideology was pushed in the Academy, along with America as a proposition nation (and not a nation of identifiable descendants of English Colonists) and its graduates became the powerful in all areas of life and, thus we now have holy diversity and non-discrimination.

    Diversity and Non-Discrimination are two of our dogmatic secular truths (we also have our Saint, the Cult of Martin Luther King, and any heretic who publicly opposes them will have his career ended

  9. Mick Mosque.

    I wonder if the diversity "argument" is just some bull s--t to justify importing more low wage labor?


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