Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Bear's @@!/?!! Ephemeris

The Bear is, by now, not an inexperienced ephemerist. He has formed the opinion that if you want to learn the quality of a blog, don't look at the articles; look at the combox. That reflects the kind of people the ephemeris is attracting. The Bear's combox, for example, is full of smart, funny, good Catholics.

The Bear knows about the firing Marksim (Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher) from the NCRegister. He does not know much about them because he quickly formed an opinion that reading them would be a waste of time. The Bear gets that some internet bards want to be "edgy," and figures that is what happened with Simcha Fisher.

But if you want to keep your job, you need to know how far you can go with your employer. So, the Bear can't muster too much sympathy. For example, he would not write something he knew would upset his publisher. He understands that a professional relationship means either party's actions reflect on both. It's just professionalism and courtesy.

The amount of tears being shed at Catholic Answers forum surprised the Bear. Another site he seldom frequented, but still, he had a better opinion of it than that. 

Opinion revised.

No doubt they will land on their feet. There is a niche for their type of writing. The Bear won't characterize it, because he's not here to get into any arguments. If people want to read Shea or Fisher, they will. They will certainly not flock to the woodlands, although they should. And their comboxes may be fuller, but they won't have better comments than mine.

The Bear thinks it is just juvenile to use foul language.  Recall the Bear has been in both the Army and the Navy! The Bear is sometimes tempted, but has mostly resisted. ("Mostly" because the Bear's memory is bad and he can't be sure, although he is absolutely certain he never let something really bad slip through).

The Bear does not ever read blogs that use bad language. He thinks it says something about the ephemerist. Even if you're an angry blogger, you can make your points without it, if you have a good command of language and are a true wordsmith. To the Bear, it's a mark of laziness, and disrespect for the reader. If the Bear wants to shock you, he will really shock you with something original.

That's about it on this topic. It's not that big of a deal, and every blogger gets to run her own blog the way she wants.

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  1. I feel the same way Bear, I don't like bad language in general and hardly use it, but when I do it's to good effect, because it's uncommon. People who use it in writing tend to sound ignorant, not always, but usually. Occasionally it's funny but few have the skill. I never read either of those people either. My blog list is short and from what I saw wouldn't include either of those people.


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