Saturday, August 20, 2016

You Need to Know About This!

The Bear is always on the lookout for salmon. Honey, too. But mainly, he strives to bring you more, and better Bear. Granted, putting the final touches on what will undoubtedly be hailed as the greatest novel ever written by a Bear, has made his output here slightly erratic. 

But there's this new thing called "Twitter" the Bear found out about, and wants to share with his friends. Stick with the Bear and you'll always be on the bleeding edge of tech. "Tech" is what we "techies" call "technology."

Yes, yes, the Bear hears you. "Not yet another thing to eat my life." But it's really pretty cool. The old ephemeris here is pretty well-edited. Who knows what the Bear might blurt out in 140 characters?  And you'll know right away whenever the Bear posts one of his slip-shod polysyllabic articles.

So to follow the Bear just find the follow button in the wonderful right sidebar.

The Bear is sure his - grrrrr - "tweets" will be... well, pretty much random misfirings of the Bear's 450 gram ursine brain. That sounds entertaining, doesn't it?

Imagine the Bear with as many followers as Milo Yiannopoulos, but without the whole gay thing. We could rule the world.

In other news, the Bear's enemies - you know, the same ones that Bearnapped him - are circulating a very misleading picture. The Bear was making the rounds of the villages neighboring the Woodlands on his annual drive to help orphaned cubs. He can hardly be held responsible for the dress of the women he was soliciting, nor, of course, their gleeful reaction to a visit by the Bear himself. 

Of course, neither can he can be responsible for Red Death soliciting a kidney for the orphan cubs, either.

"Hello. Can you spare some salmon for the orphaned cubs?"


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