Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Complete Waste of Your Time

The greatest thing about having an ephemeris is that you can write about whatever you want. The Bear has tried to pay a bit more attention to SCB lately. He realizes his other writing commitments have had an impact here.

The Bear also has a Facebook page. (He started as an Entertainer, but for some reason he's now a Public Figure.) You can "boost" posts to reach more people, which results in more people following your page, and drives traffic to the ephemeris. It's always funny, though, because hundreds of people wake up to find a pungent (that's what my publisher likes to call the Bear; he doesn't mind) Bear prowling and growling in their feed.

That results in entertainingly - let's be honest - dim comments, often from people who aren't even Catholic and have obviously not read the article.

The there's Twitter. The Bear has to be honest here. A correlation between number of followers and quality of tweets is difficult for the Bear to discern. The Bear wonders if he is entirely too tame of a Bear to thrive in the Twitterverse, and should go totally rabid crazy. "NUKE MEXICO #HateEverybody #ReptilianAliens."

Milo Yiannopoulos

The Bear supposes it takes a long time to build up numbers. Now the Bear's model in all of this is Milo Yiannopoulos. His boys love him. He's a gay conservative Catholic. (Yeah, been there done that with Andrew Sullivan, but of course, they don't know that ancient history.) He's associated with the alt-right movement. Whatever it is, I bet Pope Francis doesn't like it.

He literally makes a living being Milo Yiannopoulos. Like all overnight successes, Milo started way back in 2009. He labored for seven long years in the obscurity of the tech beat for The Guardian and such, until he became the Milo with more Twitter followers than actually exist on this planet. Then Twitter banned him permanently because he said something like Muslims are involved in a disproportionate number of terrorist attacks.

He largely broke the gamergate scandal. No, the Bear doesn't have any idea what that is. He's just doing his usual slipshod research from Wikipedia.

The Bear wants to be Milo Yiannopoulos. Preferably without becoming gay. But this is not likely to happen. 1300 years old is a bit to old to be a sensation with millennials.

In other news, the Bear is outlining Judging Angels. Now, most people outline before they write. But how do you know what to put in your outline before you've written anything? But the Bear finds it useful to be able to have a relatively short document that hits the highlights, chapter by chapter, so he can see the forest instead of the trees. That way he can track emotional temperatures, find continuity problems, etc.

Yes, this is obviously a post about nothing to distract the Bear from getting back to work. You were warned.


  1. haha! Even your throwaways are good. I also give you props Bear, rather than just do nothing you are always active, active, you've always got something going on. I've talked about writing a children's book for years but I never do one tiny thing to actually do it. It's all talk.

  2. Seriously, now. You read a post called, "A Complete Waste of Your Time?" You, Kathleen, are a certified Bear Fan. As a novelist, I learned everything I know from the film "Throw Mama From the Train." One of the things - the only thing, come to think of it - is "a writer writes." Everybody has an idea for a novel. That's great, but if you don't write, it will just remain an idea. Just sit down and write some. Every day. Maybe it will turn out not so hot, but you will have learned a lot. I have three other novels in various stages of completion (including a sequel to Judging Angels). They are all good, I think, but one is probably not ever going anywhere. I had fun trying something different, though. The Judging Angels sequel is pretty silly. Honestly, I just love the characters so much I couldn't resist. Make that two that are probably going nowhere.

    I love the third, It is so weird, I don't know if I can play it straight. When it's about the Surgeon General fighting demons, and a plot to use a massively advertised drug (think Abilify) as a way for demons to take over the world, complete with hijacking a flying saucer hidden at Andrews AFB since 1962, well... trust me. I like it. Similar themes to JA now that I think about it with some fashionable Big Pharma paranoia thrown in. And humans are actually living not too shabbily in Hell, which is pretty much like a Tim Burton version of earth, with the same countries, etc, And one character can go back and forth between here and Hell and cuts off the heads of demons in a one-woman war. Inevitably, yeah, a demon materializes in the goat farm and the contractor has to deal with it, to the utter mystification of County Animal Control.

    I hope it's still on an old backup drive. It was epic. Another one with a bad wife. What's up with that?

  3. "preferably without becoming gay."

    Tee hee hee.

    Seattle kim

    1. "I'm not gay, but I'm willing to learn." Bill Murray, "Stripes"


    1. Looks like basic Bear behavior. Be a Bear in your own territory and rip the jawbone off of anyone who interferes. I wonder if there's an #altBear tag? (It would probably be gay, if there was.)

  5. "The Bear wants to be Milo Yiannopoulos. Preferably without becoming gay. But this is not likely to happen. 1300 years old is a bit to old to be a sensation with millennials."

    Bear, to use your are nothing but a digital avatar. Who cares if you're gay? You would just be a gay-digital-avatar. And if coming out of the closet will add another 10,000 Twitter followers I say go for it. In this day and age, it is a resume enhancer. And who is going to pick a fight with a bear? Even a gay bear is something to be feared. Pope Francis I think would approve.


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