Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bear Note

The Bear's neuro consult went well, at least in the sense that the symptoms do not match any known horrible disease.

However, the random changing from Bear from into human form and back has the doctors baffled, and the Bear concerned. All along, he has dreamed of become a real human. But now, he thinks he would miss  being a Bear.


  1. Good to hear.
    Nascent Iodine, Selenium, Vit C, and kefir for health, also drink purified or non flouride water.

  2. Glad to hear this news on St. Corbinian's feast and Our Lady's birthday!


  3. Praise God !

    His love endures forever...

  4. Perhaps this is a good time to come out of the deepest woodlands to say: I appreciate this blog greatly and offer prayers for the Bear. Some find me big and dreadful, too, but I'm a redhead so I know the Bear would never hurt me.

    1. We'll just pretend your a man, and that way Red Death may not go on a search and destroy mission. Thank for "coming out" as it were.

  5. VA gets a bad rap, but I have to say I have had mostly good experiences with it. We had to go to the hospital in St. Louis, and the neurologist spent a very long time doing clinical tests, then brought in the attending physician for further observation. I was impressed, and am confident that they would have found anything really nasty.

  6. Great news! Keep these ephemera cookin'.

  7. Good news indeed....God bless the Bear, and a happy feast day to you!

  8. Yessss, the Raven hopes he has, from time to time, deflected a poisoned morsel from the Bear's jaws (and hopefully not lost too many feathers in the process!).

    Here's to your health!

  9. Good news Bear on your health and on your decision to remain a Bear. Bears have more options.

  10. Yay! I know you are relieved. You'll die of something else ... Much much later. And glad to hear you had a pleasant experience at the VA. If anyone deserves decent healthcare, it's our veterans. Deo gratias.


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