Monday, September 26, 2016

Bear on the Big Debate

Hillary in makeup for tonight's debate.

Here you go: a Bear's take on the big debate.

Summary: Mom vs. Your Favorite Entertaining Uncle.

Your Favorite Entertaining Uncle - we'll call him Donald - came by tonight. He's supposedly got lots of money, and is full of stories. Mom - we'll call her Mom - is very composed, has an answer for everything.  Oh, and the next-door-neighbor - we'll call him Lester - who mom is having an affair with, and doesn't care much who knows it, came by, too. Mom sat on his lap while they both put down Uncle Donald.

Uncle Donald cracks you up. You like his style. The situation was so ridiculously unfair, you sort of felt sorry for him, but he's not the type to take any nonsense from anyone. Being a businessman, he sees things mainly in those terms, of course. He does tend to repeat himself, but when you look back and forth between Uncle Donald and Mom, you think you'd feel better with Uncle Donald if the Zombiepocalypse happened.

You could tell Mom was playing fast and loose with the truth. She really made some low blows about Uncle Donald being Racist and Sexist, and maybe Phobophobic or whatever. But then she bragged about taking the high road.

Okay, if you are a liberal Democrat, Clinton is obviously your candidate.

Other than that, Trump looked energetic, tough, and unflappable, On points, Clinton won - she's the better debater. But to the extent the grossly biased moderator allows for any conclusion, the Bear thinks Trump made the better impression.

No one had a seizure, and no one had a foaming at the mouth tantrum. In that regard, the debate was disappointing. Let's go to random points that are already fleeting from the Bear's 450 gm. ursine brain.

The moderator was a disgrace. We've seen bias before, of course, but nothing like this.

"Secretary Clinton, during the last six years of the Obama administration, the economy has made a miraculous recovery thanks to Democrat policies. Real income is up 750%. How will your administration maintain this amazing recovery?"

"Mr. Trump, the topic is race. Why do you hate black people?"

  • Race: We learned how hurt the birther issue made poor l'il Barack. Well, boo-hoo. Do you think people go around Russia saying how Putin cries himself to sleep over something? Not more than once. Clinton called Trump a racist, but she literally called everybody a racist. Especially cops. Cops are so freaking unbelievably sheet-wearing racist that she is going to send in Federal Racial Harmony Counselors with MSWs to teach racist cops in Charlotte and other places how to police without being so racist. And now for an aside...

Is the criminal justice system racist? The Bear is aware of one factor where race is significant. The race of the victim pretty much decides who gets tried for the death penalty. The Bear defended both white (more) and black fewer) defendants in death penalty cases. Every victim was white. Kill an attractive white woman, and they bring you to trial already strapped to the gurney with lines in both arms.

But, all things being equal, even in the Copperhead country of Southern Illinois, the Bear never noticed black people being treated any more unfairly than anyone else. Not, at any rate, at the trial end of the pipeline. He did want as many black people on the jury as possible; and the prosecutor wanted to get rid of them all. Consider that a dirty little secret, and make of it what you will.

You really want to know who is racist in the criminal justice system? Until just a few years ago, the feds. White guy with a gram of blow, and a black guy with a gram of crack (same thing in rock form) - the feds used to hammer the crack defendants. Who were all black. 

Now it's rednecks who are getting hammered on meth. If you have a prior drug offense, and are rolled up in a meth conspiracy by the feds, you're looking at 20 years statutory minimum if the feds file for it (and they do). Then there are "mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines" depending on the inflated amount they put on you. You will plead guilty and dime out your buddies ("it's okay; everybody does it") and get a bit off for acceptance of responsibility, a third off for cooperating (if the prosecutor feels like it a year down the road), etc. and it's not quite as horrible. Even though the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are no longer mandatory (Bear rolls eyes) they are still an abomination before the Lord.

Clinton said she was against those, but the Bear seriously doubts it. They are an institution in the fed system.

The Bear acknowledges that both cops and blacks have a unique experience with one another on the street. But "racism" isn't the real story.

  • Clinton said Trump likes beauty pageants, and "likes hanging around them." So he's a dirty old man, too. Seriously? That's what we're devoting precious airtime too? (Although the Bear concedes she knows more about that sort of thing than he does.)
  • Clinton is sorry for the whole email thing and accepts responsibility. Then she talked about cybersecurity with a straight face. Trump said he would release his tax records if she released the 33,000 emails she deleted. I'm sorry and accept full responsibility, but I still had all my people plead the fifth.
  • Clinton is going to bomb ISIS until all territory is retaken. Trump said he would "hammer" ISIS. Look. You don't take and hold ground with airplanes. That's what 11 Bravos are for. Bombing campaigns are over-rated. Still, let's agree which Arabs are the bad guys and coordinate with the Russians before we start WWIII because some pilot thought he saw a missile being fired from a Russian fighter. Do not - repeat do not - send U.S. troops into the Middle East ever again. The Romans spent seven centuries in that quagmire, and look where they are today.
  • Trump wants to blow out of the water Iranian boats that taunt our flag in the khalija al-arabia (the proper name for the so-called "Persian Gulf"). It would be a tremendous morale boost to our sailors, and the Bear likes our chances with the Fifth Fleet.
  • NATO: Trump unenthusiastic, says we pay 73% of the defense of the 28 member nations. Mom scolded him for scaring the Japanese. (Are they in NATO? The Turks are, so why not?) He wants rich countries we protect to pony up (did somebody say "pony?").
  • Trump wants to tax goods coming into the country. Makes sense. And nobody drag out Smoot-Hawley.
  • Trump got in a good dig talking about all the places he had been, while Clinton had stayed home in a coma. This generated the stupidest canned reply of the night (and boy, was this "Hillary! Stays fresh in the can!" night) - "I prepared for this debate. And, um, I'm prepared to be President." What? Does the woman even know what a non sequitur is?
  • Hillary had a fire-engine red pantsuit. All she needed was a pitchfork. It almost made the Bear have a seizure. Her face was pulled back like that woman from Brazil.
  • Temperament: Trump adopted the issue, which was smart. He insisted he had a better temperament than Clinton, and the Bear believed him. Maybe it's confirmation bias, but the Bear's sensitive nose was picking up the scent of benzos right through the television screen every time he watched Clinton. (And the Bear has been given every tranquilizer known to man, mostly administered IM if you catch his drift.)
  • "You Got a Mouth on You, Girl!" Clinton was nasty and personal. Trump was mostly gentlemanly, but tough. She was going for the low-hanging fruit, while Trump insisted on setting the record straight.
  • Clinton actually stood there and accused Trump of not releasing his tax records on account of a series of speculations, then finished by saying "it must be something horrible." Wow. Hillary impressed the Bear as someone who has no scruples whatsoever, and would do anything to go down in history as the first woman president.
  • Clinton pimped her book Looking Forward to Tomorrow, or whatever, which the Bear thought was sort of tacky. Sell your book on your own time, not in your content. (The Bear reminds his readers the Catholic Psychological Thriller Judging Angels Which Is Really Finished Now is set for a Christmas release.)
  • Trump is all about building business through Reaganomics. Clinton is just pushing the same old Democrat line: raise the minimum wage, tax the wealthy, oh, and the feds are going to help your family with the tough choices you have to make balancing a career and your one child. 
  • And Clinton claimed Trump said women should be paid equally only if they do they same work as a man. Does this make sense to humans? She objected to that. Clinton's handlers also thought "Trumped Up Trickle Down" would be a crowd pleaser. Ouch. Humans are not natural showmen, are they?
The Bear must insist that Clinton's allegations of Russia hacking the DNC are unsubstantiated and outrageous!!!

Trump is rough, and doesn't come off as knowledgable, but the Bear likes his instincts. Maybe it's time for a president who is not a professional politician. The Bear is fairly certain that presidents get a lot of help, and can't do anything really stupid.

Let the Bear rephrase that...


  1. Thanks. Novel analysis. Your ursine instincts provide comfort. I watched the last five minutes only--cringeworthy in regards to DT. Yes, I too speculate HC was pumped up, propped up with benzodiazepines.

    Elsewhere pundits claiming HC victorious. Bet the pope is giddy.

  2. Thank you very much for that commentary on the debate! I couldn't have gotten it from a better source. Although I was surprised it would be St Corbinian's Bear. I thought I would have to wait til tomorrow to get it from Rush, my go-to. I was home tonight but couldn't bring myself to watch- though I peeked 2 times. DJT seemed angry and feisty, while Hillary was looking sooo 'presidential' - smiling in a wicked way while pretending to be above it all. Her head and face actually seemed to incline upward putting her nose in the air. Even though I only peeked twice I think I fell upon the best line of the night: Hillary goading about Trump not (yet)releasing his taxes because "he must have something to hide"! I almost split my sides! Imagine her saying that with a straight face....Unbelievable.
    After the first Republican debate on Fox with Megan Kelly I turned the TV off after a very short time. That was it for me with Fox. Never tuned in again. I was already pretty much done with the Republicans, too. But in the weeks following, until Trump won the nomination, my eyes were opened as never before. I finally realized why the Republicans did nothing while pretending to 'repeal Obamacare', 'cap federal spending', etc, etc, They are as bad as the Dems, but not as smart.
    The truth is I don't care what they will say tomorrow about Trump and the debate. It's not changing my mind. I'm praying for this election. Some churches will have Eucharistic Holy Hour on the eve of the election. I just read about the victory of Jon Sobieski against the Ottoman Turks at the gates of Vienna. He put his troops, outnumbered by the Muslims, under the protection of Our Lady. He won the battle and so- the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary commemorates her help.

    1. Christine, I too am relieved my first source of commentary of the debate was SCBear!
      Personally, my winner is Trump because he exhibited a self-control that was just phenomenal when sharing the stage with one such as she. We've seen him before.
      I am awaiting the usual tearing apart of Trump by press, especially afterwards, when the Clintons were grabbing hands and smiling, while Trump's clan gathered around him almost as a shield. I would want protection in that crowd too.

  3. Agree with you Bear. Trump had big opportunity to attach Holt about his statement; "Secretary Clinton, during the last six years of the Obama administration, the economy has made a miraculous recovery thanks to Democrat policies. Real income is up 750%. How will your administration maintain this amazing recovery?"

    This statement is preposterous. Trump should have torn into Lester for the lie of the century and the bias of his statement. Then he could have turned on Hillary who would carry forward Obama's bad policies. Unfortunately, he didn't pick-up on this. Next time he must be better prepared for the moderator bias and Clinton's lies.

  4. Bear, I don't know how you are able to watch these rigged dishonest debates. Our government has intentionally taken away the most powerful help to the people, truth, morality, and faith. The consequences have been devastating. There is indisputable evidence regarding the negative impact caused to the poor by the destruction of faith and morals. The elites have taken away from the poor the power of truth. The poor have lost their trust in God, and have put their trust in man. They no longer seek heavenly things, but the fleeting things of this world. They are lost and their lives are a turbulent sea. Only God can save us, and make us free. A moderator need only ask the questions.

  5. Whenever I read this blog I'm convinced I'm communicating with another galaxy. How are things on planet Ursa Crazypants?

    1. Traffic is traffic. It is rather insensitive if you to use the word "crazy" however. Do you call people in wheelchairs "gimp?"

  6. Bear,
    You are a better man, I mean Bear, than me. We've got to play the hand we are dealt. Crazy times we live in.

  7. So you actually are mentally ill. Sorry, I don't call mentally ill people crazy. I call crazy people crazy.

    1. The Bear is amused by your zero content posts. Please, continue... Mary (?) Queen of Irony.

  8. The Hilary Dirty Old Man comment was a freaking set up. She wanted him to bring up bubba's many affairs and her non existent anarcho-feminist cred. She'd play the boo hoo IMA WOMAN card and HE hates the womenz. At that point... Trump backed up and didn't bring any of the dirt. I'm glad.

  9. Here's some content.Until this election I actually believed that women overstated misogyny and that racism was a dying phenomena. Donald Trump has done our country the great service of exposing to skeptics like myself the reality of the situation. The most recent examples;Hillary wasn't attractive enough for Brit Hume
    during the debate and didn't smile enough in the recent town hall but smiled too much during the debate. Why didn't anyone remark on Trump's look and his lack of smiling? She doesn't have to play the woman card, because Trump's busy playing the everybody's mean to me man-child card.

    1. The Bear is sorry you must live in a dystopian other-world where misogyny and racism are the rule. You would be happier to come to the woodlands where you would gradually replace your tired self-defeating slogans with life-affirming ones, like "all the animals are equal, but the Bear is more equal;" and "salmon is good for you."

      Thank you so much for visiting. The Bear loves to watch his traffic grow, and especially loves getting fan mail! Please tell all your friends to visit, too. The Bear promises that if you don't like this ephemeris one day, stick around. Something "crazy," or even "mentally ill" will come along to entertain you.

      There is no way to tell if a Bear is mentally ill, since Bear psychiatry is still in its infancy. If the Bear is mentally ill, he must marvel at his accomplishments and be glad he had a handicap. Ruling the world would be such a hassle.

      If you want to exchange pics, just let me know.

  10. That was a non-response. Keep hiding behind your bear.

    1. You still have to address a single substantive point in the article on which you are ostensibly commenting. (Ostensibly means making a show of, but not really following through on your signal.)

      You are such a lost little lamb chop. How ever did you lose your way and find yourself in the woodlands? Your buzzwords will do you no good here. The Bear cares only for his own kind. "Racist" is not applicable to him. White meat or dark meat tastes exactly the same to Bears, or so the Bear has heard. Why ever would someone look at the color of a person's skin for any reason? Did you find the Bear's extensive experience in the criminal justice system irrelevant?

      And when when you save a a black man from the lethal injection needle, then the Bear will listen to you on the subject of his racism.

      Poor lamb chop. Mary didn't have a little lamb, she was a little lamb. Chop. Escape now. You have only lost your credibility. Your dignity is all that's left, and no one wants to see you lose that; especially the Bear who is forgiving and protective of his guests, no matter what manner of animal they are.

  11. Glad you thought that the moderator was biased. I only watched the opening statements and then a little after; once he asked Clinton for her take on what Trump said, then failed to give Trump the chance to give a rebuttal on her opening statement, I stopped.

    It had also bothered me from the beginning that Trump's camera was level and Hillary's was pointed up towards her.

    That and Hillary was exuding smirky pride and I will punch my computer monitor if I have to endure more than ten seconds of that.

    Yeah, patience, I know. Running short on it nowadays. Please pray for me, friends.

  12. We could pray for you dear, but we can't figure out how to say your name. Can you give us the Russian translation? Would that be Vlad of Novgorod?

    1. Ha, I wish! The Russian is "where are you going?", or, if you wanna get all Middle Englishy, "whither goest thou?", pronounced like koo da tee ee dyosh, and my name is Matthew, or 'the raven'. In retrospect that's regrettably Edgar Allen Poe-y, but, nonetheless, corvids are crazy smart, right, Bear? :-)

      Thanks, Sandpiper, and all, my rage has been getting the better of me.

    2. My maiden name is "sandpiper" or "shorebird" in the Slavic languages.

    3. "Raven" has wonderful Benedictine connotations! And this ephemeris is Benedictine. Or wanted to be. Or something, but then Francis had to come along and break the Bear's religion. "Quo vadis," as well. There's a video of a crow displacing water with stones in a complicated puzzle in order to get a treat.

  13. I think that Trump's mic was turned up (quite a bit), to make him sound more angry and unstable, and that Clinton was given a copy of the questions ahead of time which were to be asked of both candidates.

  14. If she had the questions, she should have better answers. And way better jokes. There are some people who shouldn't try to be funny. Clinton is one of them. Both the material and delivery - from a professional showbear perspective - were terrible. Should we choose a present on the basis of how entertaining he is? Absolutely. A person who cannot be funny, but tries, shows a gross lack of insight and ordinary humanity. The Bear cannot imagine living through another humorless four years. Remember Reagan? He "didn't know" (right) the mic was open and said he was going to start bombing the Soviet Union in ten minutes. Hilarious! Even Stalin or whoever was in charge then was chuckling.

    1. Reagan had a great sense of humor, and often used it to disarm and soften his enemies. When asked if his acting background helped him be president, he said he couldn't have done it without it.

    2. When his age was brought up by Mondale, he said, "I won't hold your youth and inexperience against you." Even, "There you go again," was funny when he did it. Man, I miss Reagan. Reagan+Thatcher+JPII was a triumvirate we shall not see again i our lifetimes. Well, my lifetime maybe, but not yours. (I am 1300 years old, after all.)


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