Monday, September 26, 2016


Ripped from today's headlines, as it were.

The Bear is excited! Somebody has obviously made an entire fan site dedicated to the Bear. Link to story: "Rangers sent to euthanize Bear who killed officers after it had killed some other rangers."

But the small army of rangers who were assigned the task of euthanizing the bear this time were also slain as soon as they tried. The bear’s known body count is now 73... 
But the moment they attempted to euthanize the bear, it tore free from the operating table and killed everyone in the building, then escaped. The police were called, but every officer sent to the scene, even though in large numbers, were also slain as they attempted to chase the bear through the forest. 
At one point the bear had come out onto highway 7 and was being pursued by six police vehicles," said Sergeant Morin of the Altadente police department. "But when one of the cruisers tried to ram the bear, the vehicle flipped and caused a pile up. The bear at everyone." is definitely on the Bear's list list of favorite sites.


  1. I actually have a bit of a bear phobia. Did you know Vermont has a very high number of black bears? My sister ran one over once, accidentally of course. She hoped he was alright but she didn't know.

    1. Bear phobia? Huh.

      You can assure your sister the Bear shook it off. Black Bears are harmless little clowns. Brown Bears let them hang around and feel like real Bears.

  2. I didn't realize Grendel was a bear.

    1. Their comic book looks more like Bearthulhu.


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