Monday, September 5, 2016

No Stairs for Air Force One, Obama Uses Emergency Exit in China LOL

Looks like there's a stowaway on Air Force One.

President Obama: "I, uh, am here in China. We have landed. But there's a problem."

Aide: "Mr. President, we've been waiting for China to roll the stairs up to Air Force One. That doesn't look like it's going to happen, Mr, President."

Presidet Obama: "So, uh, how am I supposed to get out of my airplane? Do you have any idea how stupid this makes me look? Here I sit, a prisoner on Air Force One because China won't bring me stairs."

Aide: "Air Force One is equipped with, um, an emergency exit, but you can't be seen escaping into China that way.

President Obama: "Look. Putin has stairs. Ah, ask China if I can use Putin's stairs, uh, when he's finished with them."

Aide: "We did. China said Putin has them reserved for the duration. Sorry. It looks like you're going to have to use the special stairs in the nose of Air Force One after all."


  1. If he had a pair he would would have fired up the engines and left....

    1. Oh, he has a pair alright....


    2. LOL.....I didn't see "ovaries" on first glance

  2. Good. Thank you Lord for humbling Mr. Obama, who thinks that he is You.

  3. It is precisely because Obama stands up to China that they pulled this prank. If he kowtowed to the Chinese as Trump clearly plans to, they'd treat him like Mao's reincarnation.


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