Sunday, October 2, 2016

Does Anyone Else Find This Disturbing?

He has obviously been planning this for a long time.

The Frightening Mind of Tim Capps

What kind of grown man paints hundreds of toy soldiers to slaughter on the tabletop, and forces his children into that sort of sick game? What will we learn next? Hmm? Even Donald Trump would not stoop so low as to corrupt innocent youth. But if this story was about Trump, it would be "Trump slaughters hundreds, laughs with kids."

War is horrible. Even if it's on the dining room table with 28mm figures.

Today is the twins' birthday. They almost got to be anniversary babies, but dragged things out in a very inconsiderate manner. Apparently, you're not supposed to have twins "from below." You're supposed to get a C-section. Well, Red Death showed 'em how we do things in Zoar. When she went into labor,  she finished mucking out the horse barn, then walked to the hospital by herself. She declined the epidural, screaming, "leave me the Hell alone," and had her babies. Of course Red Death screams that a lot, so it's hard to say if it was related to the blessed event.

The Bear was watching his favorite television show,  Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and almost didn't make it to the hospital in time to do that breathing thing with her.

So many fond memories. Red Death at the Everglades, pushing that twin stroller around. Suddenly, an alligator walked up, and she instantly interposed the stroller with Michael and Arthur in it between herself and the alligator. Fortunately, it ended well. After an epic Bear vs. Alligator fight like you might see recreated on television, she had new alligator shoes and a purse.

She also said she would kill the Bear if ever told anyone. Ah, but the Bear has it all on video. She explained that we could always make new babies, but if the alligator got her, that was the end of the line. The Bear has to admit that makes a certain amount of sense, and admires her priorities.

The gator bait twins are 28, and if anyone should thank their guardian angels today, it is the twins. In Sicily, Arthur defenestrated his brother from three stories up onto concrete. Michael dumped Arthur out of the canoe into alligator-infested waters, when we revisited the Everglades. The Bear doesn't know how many times he had to yell ridiculous things like, "Stop throwing the ax at each other." Seriously, why?  Arthur survived a harrowing deployment to Afghanistan, too.

So thank God for guardian angels on today.


  1. Bear! Didn't we have a conversation about not publicly teasing your mate?

    The Bear was watching his favorite television show...

    Considering your hobby, no one will suspect a thing if you die from long term lead exposure. Does your tea taste different away from Zoar? Come to think of it, lead exposure might explain a few things.

    I've got some loose rubies and a fine pair of ruby earrings that could smooth things over. I'd give you deal.

  2. Maybe the makings of another book?

    1. No. But I'm well into the next project. And there's always the possibility of a sequel.

  3. I am forwarding this to my daughter - we both highly respect a woman who can muck a stall...oh, and give birth to twins with no epidural! HA. Also it will give her comfort reading about your boys as she has 3 toddlers she swears are going to kill each other. Yes, thank you Guardian Angels.
    Also, Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs.

    1. Also, your soldiers made me think of Waylon Jennings' song "Six White Horses"...

    2. I read the lyrics. Wow. Now I'm going to need a drip of Cymbalta to get through the night.

  4. I feel bad for the chickens and rooster. Darn foxes! Is there no way to thwart them. What a way to go.

    1. Well, Fox must eat to, and as long as people have kept chickens, Fox has gotten some of them. One or two we can't mind too much. Short of killing him, I don't know what to do. (And trapping him leaves his kits orphaned.

  5. Battletech? Great game! I haven't played in years but I have all my figures. I started when it was called Battledroids. I later switch to Warhammer & 40K. My sons are younger than yours and didn't get the bug the same way. They prefer the computer games playing against their friends on line.

    1. Warhammer FB, & 40k, Confrontation, and Warmachine here. GW destroyed WHFB, of course. And those are the ones we went all in for. Now I cannot paint, which was always the main thing for me. I always thought Songs of Blades and Heros was a solid, quick and underappreciated skirmish level game. Leviathin was a great WWI battleship game - with flying battleships. We might play Sails of Glory, another PPM game or Wings of Glory from the same people. Saga looks intriguing, but the rules have been OOP for so long, I don't trust Gripping Beast's committment.

      But, yeah, while they like minis they seem to prefer endless hours of computer gaming online, and D&D. But I have a lot of happy memories of teaching them how to paint (I have a trophy and many ribbons to testify to my painting skills) and playing WHFB on the dining room table.

      I gave my son-in-law a huge, superbly painted Warmachine collection. Another game destroyed by the company's need to offer newer, more powerful figs with so many special rules it became a mess.

      If I play anything now it will be a hex and counter historical game (solo - kids never got into those) or some eurogame like ticket to ride.


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