Friday, October 28, 2016

Ephemeris Milestone

On February 3, 2013, this ephemeris was rebooted after a brief run and hiatus while the Bear attended a school of theology. The first article was entitled The Bear Who Woke Up.

The Bear sincerely hopes he has been a source of entertainment, perspective, and, sometimes, just things you never knew about. Your encouragement is uplifting, and so are the comments. And the salmon. Thank you for being what this ephemeris is really about: you, the audience, in the grandstand, watching a Bear in the center ring riding a unicycle, while juggling Jesuitical plots, and snapping up the tossed catch of the day.

The Bear's ambition is to be the Ealing Studios of this pontificate, the English studio that cranked out comedies to ease the anxiety of WWII.

And just once in awhile, it's a bicycle built for two: the Bear and Ginger. Er, the Bear means his driver, bodyguard, and factotum, Red Death, a.k.a. the Shepherdess and Bear's mate. In her very own ephemeris, she has a new post up where she talks about her beloved Remington 12 gauge pump, escaping llamas, and a yummy recipe for Four Flavor Linguini.


  1. [applause...standing ovation. Flea on hind feet clapping with four hands]

    "Encore! Encore!"

    1. Bear bows, then takes a curtain call, except he remembers the circus has no curtains. Nonetheless he bows again and looks pleased with himself. (Have you noticed that seems to be the default setting for Bears?)

  2. I'd be honored to beta read, and congrats on the blog milestone.

    Not sure how to email you but mine is

    1. Okay. I will try to email the current version today in PDF form with instructions. I assume in this day and age of fast internet a PDF of that size won't clog the drains.

  3. Congratulations Bear on your astonishing output. I like the stuff on Pope Francis the best. You really do a job on him. Not that he doesn't have it coming and all that. Keep up your great work. And keep pouncing on the Pope with your Pope-a-doping. Maybe it will help him. But it sure helps us to get him in perspective.


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