Monday, October 3, 2016

Francis: "Please Don't Quote Me Accurately"

Jorge with a tranny and its "wife." The Bear is still waiting for his invitation.

Frances was hilarious on this one. He describes his bizarre method of morally processing everything. Our Holy Father knows exactly what he's doing, folks. He can plug his favorite buzzwords into any situation, but it's a game to him. And he knows what he is doing when he gives our confused brother-sister and his-her "wife" a photo op that the likes of you will never see. If you are just a normal person, Francis doesn't have the time of day for you.

He knew there were going to be news stories about this, which is why he asked the reporters he was talking to not to report truthfully. With that small fig leaf in place what do you think? Agitprop? Of course it is! These things don't just happen at random. He is teaching the world that no matter what kind of sins you happen to step in, don't worry. Just go by the drive through window at your nearest MacFrancis and get an order of cheap grace with fries. (As long as they were made from free range, free market potatoes.)

The Bear can think of a whole lot of people who are never going to get their picture taken with a pope. Okay, the Bear gets why he will never be allowed to get close to Jorge. But these pictures don't take themselves. He is sending you a message. That for all practical purposes, nothing matters. Sin is a disease. Just another one of those things.

"Please don't say: 'the Pope sanctifies transgenders.' Please eh? Because I see the covers of papers." He's starting to worry about his image. But not enough to stop saying stupid things on airplanes.

Life is life and things must be taken as they come. Sin is sin. [Shrug. Like the Bear's clients saying "I caught a felony." Sin is just one of those things that just happen in life,   and we can't do anything about it.And tendencies or hormonal imbalances have many problems and we must be careful not to say that everything is the same. Let's go party. No, that no, but in every case I accept it, I accompany it, I study it, I discern it and I integrate it. This is what Jesus would do today! [Because He wasn't as smart as I am. And what do his favorite buzzwords mean, anyway? 'Integrate it' (sin) into what?]Please don't say: 'the Pope sanctifies transgenders.' [The Pope sanctifies transgenders. There.] Please, eh! Because I see the covers of the papers. [Yes, Holy Father, and you're going to keep on seeing them as long as you say non-Catholic things in airplanes.] Is there any doubt as to what I said? [No, the Bear is pretty sure you think trannies are cool.] I want to be clear! It's moral problem. It's a human problem and it must be resolved always can be with the mercy of God, with the truth like we spoke about in the case of marriage by reading all of Amoris Laetitia, but always with an open heart.

What the **** was that all about? So now Amorous Laetitia  covers trannies, too. And the Pope called their sinful relationship a "marriage. "O brave new world that has such people in't."

So yes, it is a moral problem. ['That will satisfy the lunatic fringe of my Church.'] BUT it is a human problem. [Makes sense that only humans have human problems. You don't see Bears paying good salmon for somebody to mess around with knives near their personal spaces.] The human problem eats up the sin problem, and God's mercy is reduced to a Servicemaster commercial: "like it never even happened." Do you see what he did there? Do you see why the Bear hates writing about this fatuus? It sounds like a bad cognitive behavioral therapy exercise.


And Amorous Laetitia is the light shining on all marriage issues. Sounds like an exercise of the magisterium to the Bear. Watch what this does, not what he says. Here is Francis' plan for salvation. Where does Confession fit in? Contrition?

  • accept
  • accompany
  • study
  • discern
  • integrate




    The flower fades
    To a frail, pale yellow
    The puffy clouds
    They weep.

    The rolling thunder
    Now sounds mellow
    But the lightning by the river
    Strikes deep.

    Accompanying clouds
    And thunder with light
    It did an authentic

    Whipped them to
    A frenzy fright
    Then left
    To live by chance.

    The cloud’s wrung out,
    The thunder’s still,
    In the glade
    The flowers thirst…

    But lightning’s
    Sheep in the meadow
    To the river where they’ll drown accursed!

  2. I'm glad I became Catholic when I did. If I saw then, what I see now, I would have never taken the plunge from my previous life into this one.

    I was convicted then that Protestant theology was severely disconnected from reality. Once "saved", which I was as a young lad, you are always "saved" and are going to heaven no matter what you may do. You are "called" by Jesus as one of the "elect". You have what we called "your ticket to heaven". Doubting your salvation in the face of sin, any sin, was THE WORST SIN.

    Comparing that theology to an honest understanding of my own conscience led me to study Church history which predictably led me to the Catholic Church.

    I called Protestant "grace", Greasy Grace. Catholics appeared stable and connected to a time-honored system that made intuitive sense to my conscience.

    1: Sin is bad. Sin is death. Sin is sickness.

    2: I want forgiveness, but I also want to be healed.

    3: Protestants leave me sick. They offer me a heaven filled with sick people like me, "turds covered with snow" as Luther so cogently put it.

    4: Catholics insisted on repentance; honesty; accountability before God and man; healing sacraments from God to assist me; healing now, heaven later.

    What Pope Francis offers Catholics and unbelievers is very familiar to me. It is exactly what I left behind. It is the theology of the "mega-church". I detest it, because it is, as it was, eternal death dressed up in pink bows and called eternal life. It is profoundly, dangerously, murdously wrong. I have studied it my whole life and have no doubt how wrong he is.

    I am glad I am a Catholic, because I have the perspective to know that the Catholic Church FAR transcends individual sinners like Pope Francis. She still remains, the Bright Shining City On The Hill.

  3. Do you think Jorge told the Lesbians not to have sex? (I don't so). Yes, integrate sin into the Body of Christ. And accompany the Lesbians into hell. That's the new style!

  4. The strangest things happen on that seems to be place in which two opposing ideologies can co-exist, hang out and generally do their own thing. Over here in France, he's been accused of intolerance and being out of touch for his anti-Gender-Theory comments, in which he "deplores" the integration (that word again) of GT in the new reformed French school textbooks, and accuses France of "ideological colonialism". This has the French Education Minister of denying that textbooks have any sort of gender theory in them (which they do. Not explicitly, but they do). What is going on here? Any ursine elucidation would be gratefully received - it's all too confusing for this temporally displaced female English expat.

  5. Brian, fellow convert here. I led my entire adult family into the Church. I understand your points entirely.

    Truly, we need to serve Christ all that much more, and be precise in our explanation of the Catholic faith in the face of this mess we are in.


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