Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bear on Pope Video: My Blog is No. My Twitter is No. My Facebook is No.

"My dogma is no. And Hell is no. You need to let it go. Let it go. Let it go."
Pope sings Megan Trainor pop hit on plane.

This may be the most surreal video of them all.

Pope Francis says he wants journalists to promote a culture of encounter. (The Bear once had a parrot with a bigger vocabulary, and a better sense of irony.) The Bear swears he loses 10 I.Q. points every time he watches this execrable and amateurish agitprop.

His Eminence, Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio, also says we journalists must contribute to compromise for the "good of humanity and the planet." (We have a Holy Quaternary now.)  They are also to have a respect for truth.

First of all, the Pope only included one black man in the whole video, once more demonstrating his racism. And they shoved him into the corner, and out-of-focus, at that, just to make fun of him. It looks like they went down to Rai Uno and rounded up a bunch of European types. The people behind these wretched things are still taking their cues from Leni Riefenstahl at the Nuremberg Rally, in which she films different Nazis saying the same thing in a montage. (Ah, those montages in the Pope Videos never get old.) "Si, si, si, yes, si, etc."

The Bear says "no, non, niet, nein, le, laa." In fact:

My blog is "no."
My twitter is "no."
My Facebook is "no.""
My Pinterest is "no"
You got to let it go.
Let it go.

The Bishop of Buenos Aires claims he wants journalists to tell the truth. No, he doesn't. He wants journalists to spread his propaganda. News isn't accompanying people, or engaging them, or fostering a culture of encounter. It is about one thing, and one thing only. Telling the truth. Some, who fancy themselves journalists, believe they can never criticize the Pope. That's fine with the Bear. You just carry the ball a few yards and the Bear will get into the Truth end zone. Or some other ephemerist will.

Father Bergoglio wants journalists to all become like CNS is for the USCCB. Pravda, toeing the party line. Ah the melancholy, out-going tide of of an old man's dreams and schemes.

Mr. Bergoglio, you must be orbiting in that satellite if you can't see all the divisions and confusion you, personally, are causing. Millions upon millions of people on this planet can't wait to see you off the folding chair of Peter, or milk crate, whatever you've chosen to make it in your carefully cultivated image of humility. Not many will say it out loud, but it's true.

Dude, you have performed one service though. You have assured someone from South America will never, ever be elected pope again.

The Bear may be big and smelly, and have horse-breath, but one day, he'll take a bath, and brush his fangs, and he'll be okay. Francis, however will always be "that weird pope from Mexico or wherever that did the foot thing." And made all those dumb videos.

(Don't know my spell-check changed Pope Francis to different things. I wouldn't make too much of it.)


  1. Aww, my first thought was that "Hmmm, maybe he is finally aware of all the confusion his comments have caused, generated by the gaggle of journalists who surround him and he wants to make right from now on"....or maybe he is setting up the "I can't help they misinterpret everything I say" defense.
    Sigh...never mind.

  2. Bear makes short work of Pope Video. If it were not for Bear I would have never heard of these things. Thanks for nothing Bear.

    And thanks be God the Real Merciful that the faith destroying 'Year of Mercy' is almost over and hopefully these ridiculous videos along with it. But I am afraid if it not this it will be some other weird concoction designed to undermine the faith even more.

  3. You have assured someone from South America will never, ever be elected pope again.

    Let us hope.

  4. From Pope to Dude! You crack me up, Bear...in a good way. God be with you.

  5. I was tempted to suggest another idea about addressing the pope videos: a campaign to click Dislike.

    But they disabled that feature on the videos.

  6. "we need information leading to compromise"?????!...for the good of the planet?
    Bear, you are the true journalist, I would never have known about this unless you publicized it!

  7. One important truth the Pope himself can spread is Jesus crucified, by simply refraining from so adroitly hiding his Crucifix: Unfold his hands, take it out of his pocket or cassock, raise it above desk level, present our Lord to the world in His defining moment of mercy.

    The sign of contradiction of Christ on the Cross, ingeniously hidden away is only ecumenical agitprop which leaves everyone comfortably numb.

    Jesus is Lord. It is the only Truth I care about. It is the one Truth the Pope and the Bishops with him are very silent about.


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