Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The ONE year the Bear would finish a novel that included this dialogue:

“I’ll answer that question when the Cubs win the World Series.”    

and this:

“Cubs?  Are you trying to jinx me?” 

Anyone got any ideas for something that is synonymous in the American culture for "never gonna happen?" Granted, the Bear may yet be okay, but he had better have a backup  plan. (Bears are careful that way.)

And you would think the Bear would be rooting for the Cubs, wouldn't you? Ah, but the this is a Catholic ephemeris, and the Bear lives in Southern Illinois, so he is a St. Louis Cardinals fan.


  1. OK, I'll give a few (although it might not be necessary).

    “I’ll answer that question when the Indians win the World Series.”

    “I’ll answer that question when the Vikings win the Superbowl.” (0-4)
    “I’ll answer that question when the Bills win the Superbowl.” (0-4) four yrs in a row
    [My fantasy match up is to see the two of them play in a Superbowl: one for Superbowl Champion, the other for undisputed all time loser. Preferably won in multiple overtimes requiring finishing on Monday (or Tuesday)].

    “I’ll answer that question when a Clinton does prison time for a crime.” [or indicted]

    “I’ll answer that question when a Pope is once again carried in a sedia gestatoria.”
    For extra effect: "...after being crowned with the papal tiara."

    Need more?

    1. From the looks of it (from boxscore play by play vs live video), it appeared both teams were doing all they could to lose, and the Indians "won". Maybe it looked different on video.

      Soooooo...Bear! Time to negotiate.
      The above alternatives come at the low, low price of a signed copy of the work in question. If it's Judging Angels, you get a two-fer-one clearance price. [The one copy suffices]. I'll just bookmark the page and tell the great-great grandkiddies about that time I saved a Bear.

      BTW, last year the scriptwriter for Back To Future II was making the talk show rounds about his prediction before they lost to the Mets. I think they even did a local theatre re-release at the time.

      If I were the studio, I'd digitally edit the movie to change it to take place in 2016 and re-release it as "The Cub's Cut--Special Edition" for memorabilia sales. Still time for Christmas stocking stuffers.
      Fans are already doing it on Youtube!

  2. If the little bears win the WS this year, this Cardinals fans hopes they go back into another 108 years of hibernation. ;^)

    Catechist Kev

  3. I will answer that question when Notre Dame requires all of its students and faculty to attend daily Latin Mass.

    (Notre Dame will go 12-0 and defeat Alabama 52-0 in the title game before that happens).


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