Friday, October 7, 2016

Why the Bear Loves the Wacky Internet

The Bear received this ephemerispam confirming the 13 health benefits of Ginger Rogers. So take that! Bear has been trying to tell you all along. (Watching Stage Door with Gingrrr, Lucy & Katherine Hepburn. Also Eve Arden. Wait a second. Did the Bear just sound gay? You'd tell him, wouldn't you?)

Hi there,
My name is Marry Spencer, I am the main editor at Health & Fitness Shop
While browsing your site, I noticed you have an amazing article from this page:

My team actually just published a comprehensive article on 13 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger and I think it make a good fit for your post.


  1. And Ann Miller out-tapping Gingrrr. Ann's father was a criminal defense lawyer who supposedly defended Bonnie and Clyde and Baby Face Nelson.

  2. What about my favorite? Maureen O'Hara ? Or possibly Anita Ekberg or Rita Hayworth?

    Talk about healthy!

  3. I am sorry. This is science. Only Ginger Rogers can cure everything from cramps to cancer. As I look at my autographed picture of Ginger Rogers, hanging in my bedroom for inspiration, I can feel the healing power of the small amount of her very own DNA shed when she signed it.


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