Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Bear's Thanksgiving Eve

Was the night before Thanksgiving,
And all through the lair,
Not a creature was stirring,
Except a big Bear.
He found the Tom Turkey, breasts and legs
All frozen hard, and no devilled eggs.
No cranberries, no dressing!
It was all quite distressing!
What of his secret pre-Thanksgiving raid?
Nothing was cooked, and nothing was made!
It was the worst Thanksgiving-eve night.
The Bear was so hungry he'd give YOU a bite!
There was some marmalade,
And it was getting late.
So he made him some Toast,
And crept to bed like a ghost.
And visions of salmon danced in his head,
because not even one devilled egg sent him to bed.
Tomorrow he'll forget he's a Bear,
And with all his family his feast shall he share!

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers, friends and benefactors. And a special shout-out to the You-Know-Who who is hitting my author page, presumable from here, from Vatican City.

The Bear is making good progress on Judging Angels. He is back the original ending chapters, which comprised a complex night action. Those will need heavy editing. Then, there are several more chapters to take care of a separate plotline/characters that the Bear really thinks ramps up the fun.

Obviously, a Christmas release is out of reach, but it has been agreed that it is better to wait and get it right, rather than publish less than the Bear's very best.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all in your thrall. May God smile on you today and always as he follows and protects The Bear.

    Have no fear Bear, more salmon is on the way.

    God bless you, Bear and your family this Thanksgiving. Thank you for the blog and I'm anxiously awaiting Judging Angels.

    1. Yeah... you're not the only one. Coming Christmas... 2017. Just kidding. Working diligently. It's a good idea.

  3. Bear,
    Take your time on the book. You've obviously seen a way to make the story better. I applaud your efforts. I can't write to save my life. I can' t imagine how hard it must be to follow what's happening in the Catholic blogosphere,
    finding enough to write about on an ephemeris blog let alone crafting an exciting thriller. Don't let the Christmas deadline stuff stop you from writing the kind of story that YOU want.

    Hope your turkey was as good as ours. I'm really grateful for a wonderful husband who helped with the cooking and clean-up. God is good.

    1. The deadline is a well, dead line. It will not be out for Christmas 2016. My publisher is the best - click on my link and see what else they offer - and wants me to feel good with it. She knows I am not lost in the weeds. But oh, I have just gutted my three favorite chapters with some of the best writing, Very sad. But It is becoming the "bad choices have consequences" novel I wanted, but to the second generation. I added a second plotline with its own cast of characters. Now I am collapsing them and the teenage son has stepped into the spotlight. What seemed precocious in previous chapters, and funny, is revealed to be the creation of a lone wolf who has learned to be quite ruthless. But he learned it all through the ravages of his parents' infidelities and all the ripples of their sins. He is the mirror into which they dare not look. His mother jokingly calls him Michael Van Helsing Corleone, and that sums him up perfectly. It is in a very, very dark place now, dear laurel. But I think it is a tragedy.

  4. So. full. of. turkey.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Beata Eucharistia, Urse! Deus tibi benedicat in omnibus operibus.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Bear, mate, and cubs! Today was a Ginger Rodgers day on TCM, I thought of you when I saw it. :) She danced the day away with Fred. Make sure that book is just what you want, don't you dare send it in with anything less than what it should be. Once it goes, it goes, and you want to be happy with it.

  7. ...been out of town on mom-duty again, but wishing you'n'yers and all the woodland beasties a very happy, blessed, and fruitful Advent.

    (don't make the tome too terribly dark and tragic Bear...people have enough of that day-to-day with francis and the unthinkable, impossible, happening in the Church. Give us at least a good, hopeful, quasi-happy ending. Heck, even The Lord of the World ended on an up-note :))


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