Monday, November 28, 2016

A Surprise

For those who are still visiting the Bear-less woodlands, he wanted to drop in and say hello. He had a wonderful Thanksgiving, the first one since 2010 all the cubs were in Bear Manor. The Bear's mom was alive then. Since 2010, the twins served in the Army, with one having a harrowing deployment to Afghanistan. The Bear's golden daughter, his pride and joy, got married. The Bear left the practice of law for his dubious literary pursuits, this ephemeris. He certainly hopes you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.

The Bear has vowed to submit JA within seven days. Not so different as imagined, recently. The chapters the Bear wrote serve as good background for the author. But they were really a sequel. And that is exactly what they will provide the nucleus of. The next generation, that will explore the consequences of the parents' bad choices on the teenage son, Michael Van Helsing Corleone - in spirit, if not in name. I intend to explore elements of Judging Angels through different eyes, and different genres. If the project is realized, it will combine conspiracy, horror, science fiction, and cosa nostra.

Here is a gift for those of you who have been visiting the overgrown woodlands. The beginning of JA... a portrait of a man who knows less he thinks he does.

It was the day of very last things.

A well-dressed man approaching the street squinted against a morning sun that offered brightness, but not warmth. He knew that today, his old adversary, Death, would collect 150,600 souls, and no one would notice. Just like every other day. More or less.

If a tsunami took them all at once, it would be a tragedy. People would question God’s existence. Let an attractive white woman be murdered, and she’s a celebrity. Someone else dies of colon cancer, and nobody cares. George Able held the proper, unsentimental perspective on death. Everybody dies one at a time, and in the dark, and that was all. The rest is just selling the news.      

  Most people die surprised. At least murder victims, which were his specialty. He had seen it in their eyes. Not wildly surprised, but mildly. Not condemned men, though, and not him. Today held no surprises at all for him. On this very last Christmas Eve, it was George Able who held all the surprises.


  1. Stop trying for the perfect novel. You've got to leave room for artistic growth in future novels. You wouldn't want to become a Salinger and have to live up to a big first hit, now would you?

    Don't worry, it'll be fine. I read the Dream Thief. I have confidence in you.


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