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Thursday, November 10, 2016

How Trump Exposed the Left

The Bear does not have much to say about the election, which has passed into history.

The Virtue of Leftists

The infantile and hysterical reaction of the Left, however, bears comment. They have been using the word "hate" for so long they are starting to believe that anyone who votes for a different presidential candidate than their choice can only be motivated by mustache-twirling evil. Trump, as the focus of evil in the world, is a non-person to them. Dangerously, they are creating an environment where people feel justified in doing him harm.

The Bear believes that humans on the Left and humans on the Right have different senses of what virtue is. To the Left, virtue is a grab-bag of postures and taboos, the public expression of which is what defines the virtuous person. There is no reason a scientific controversy over whether people are causing the planet to warm should be an immediate moral issue fervently held by people who do not understand the science.

The need to assent to a program, and, equally important, to be seen by other Leftists as thinking the correct thoughts, is characteristic of Leftist virtue. This explains the astonishing conformity of Leftist morality. Virtue has no independent basis aside from consensus. This would follow, of course, since the Leftist world view has no place for divine revelation. Leftist virtue is necessarily incoherent, because it can only be defined as "whatever Leftists believe."

Leftist Hate

Leftists label non-Leftists with the word "Hate." What started out as a convenient rhetorical brickbat is now an article of faith. They honestly believe anyone who disagrees with them is filled with Hate. Arguments of Haters need not be answered. Rights of Haters need not be respected. Trump is not just another guy who got himself elected president. He is the personification of Hate.

His election must be cast in familiar, simple terms Leftists can understand. (Their moral vocabulary is limited by what can fit on a bumper sticker.) "White rage." "Whitelash." (Apparently, there was never to be another white male president.) Only racism - Hate - can explain what motivated slightly more than half the country to vote for him.

All of this is rich in irony. There are pictures today of anti-Trump demonstrators protesting the election by burning the American flag. And cars. Burning Trump in effigy. When Obama was elected, he was portrayed on the cover of Newsweek wearing a Napoleonic uniform, and hailed as the conqueror of the white male. This was a good thing. It was also, of course, the crudest possible editorial expression of racism. Yet, to Leftists, it was culturally legitimate. White males, above all, are associated with Hate (the only culturally-sanctioned identity they are permitted) and, as a class, must be suppressed at all costs.

Leftists have jettisoned every human instrument of consciousness, and can barely be called morally sentient at all. They are reduced to the most primitive stimulus-response, such as crustaceans exhibit. There is you, and there is me; and the only question is whether I can eat you, or you can eat me.

The irony is, nobody wants to eat Leftists. It is part of their reality impairment. They may be foolish, and dangerous, but we don't hate them. (The Bear rejects their elastic definition of Hate that covers anything they say it does.)

The irony is, it is the Left that is defined by Hate. If there was no Right, against which they could use the word "Hate," the Left could not exist. They would be unable to publically preen their motley feathers of civic virtue as "the virtuous ones who are not those haters."

The Left are the haters. They have become a unfunny political vaudeville act all over the world. Leaders - secular and religious - who align themselves with the Left and its propositions will be pilloried by history. The biggest irony of the day is that the Left is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Westboro Baptists, the Klan, and every other group who might be fairly associated with Hate.

Haters of a feather flock together.


  1. Bear, you must be sad or worried about your brother. But you wrote a great, really great, explanation of the Left here. I may print it out and send it to our local media, who has actually questioned how they could have got it so wrong.

  2. All efforts to share the Bear by FB, Twitter, printing into thousands of broadsides and gluing them on every vertical surface in urban areas, or even the most economical form of distribution, throwing them out your car window Sicilian-style.

  3. Whew, welcome back Bear though I know your time & heart was better spent with your family.
    You are right in that the Left have become unfunny and vaudevillian. It's the younger lefties I feel sorry for because you can remember what it is like to want to fight for something, but they have nothing because they believe in nothing but themselves.

  4. WikiLeaks: Clinton Team contributed directly to the election of Donald Trump, President-elect of the United States of America. The wicked are snared in the work of their own hands. - http://wp.me/p2Na5H-PS

  5. I will plagiarize your post (with attribution of course) on my blog tonight after work. This is freaking excellent, Bear.

  6. There is a causal relationship between the devil and the Democrat Party. The devil is the father of lies and the father of hate and he has found his natural home in the atheistic Democrat Party. The Catholic Church should be pointing this out how being a Democrat is to condone evil and consequently be in mortal sin.

    1. Unfortunately, the USCCB is a Democrat PAC. They see eliminating private ownership of firearms as their mission. Honestly, I often wonder whether most prelates even believe in the Faith, since they seem to be jettisoning it in favor of trendy secular projects to justify their jobs in an increasingly ungodly world.

  7. Bear, I think it's a bit more complicated than that. Both the "right" and "left" have been infected by the same poisonous ideologies and are often two sides of the same rotten fruit. It just so happens Obama has been particularly bold about pushing one side, which has caused the desperate need for the other side to make corrections. G. K. Chesterton accurately describes part of the problem in this quote:

    It's the reasons we have this continual ideology shift. It's also the same reason why Protestants of one age wouldn't recognize Protestants of the next age (seriously, read original Calvin and Luther, particularly one Contraception and Church Government).

    A more thorough discussion is in Benjamin Wiker's excellent and well worth the read book "10 Books That Screwed Up the World". If you poll people on the right or left (or even middle) how many of these poisonous ideologies they agree with, I'm certain you'll find a majority will see some of the poisonous ideas as "obvious".

    1. I have never been a fan of the "both sides are wrong" argument. My little essay was quite narrow. The Left and the Right are essentially different in that the Left uses a simplistic vocabulary of "hate" for everything. As I write, barristas in Portlandia are rioting. Schools are closing classes and offering counseling. I do not recall the racist-gun-owning hated Tea Partiers staging riots in major cities. The Left is the party of Hate. They have warped their human instrument until it only plays one note. Against homosexual marriage? You hate homosexuals. Against abortion? You hate women. Against open borders? You hate immigrants. It's old, it's worn out, and I propose we let the word "hate" roll off like water off a duck's back.

    2. What I'm simply saying is that the liberals of one generation are the conservatives of the next generation.

      A very clear example of this can be seen in the Anglican communion, but it can be seen in Protestantism in general. There isn't just one schism from main Anglicanism, there are several separated by time. There are the original book of common prayer Anglican schism which are most conservative, then there are the 1928 book of common prayer Anglican schism which are a bit less conservative, then there are Anglicans who went into schism over homosexual priests, then there are Anglicans who went into schism over women priests, then there are Anglicans who went into schism over women bishops. They've all made various degrees of compromise and they all conserve different things, but the drift is still there.

      Bringing it back to topic, if Hillary won, what Hillary is today is what conservatives will be 20 years from now and what liberals will be in 20 years will be unimaginable to liberals of today. This is precisely why we need the Catholic faith since it doesn't shift and why indigenous tribes and rural communities tend to be closer to and more open to the Catholic faith -- they haven't been corrupted by either western conservatives (i.e. liberals of the 1960s) or modern liberals.

  8. In November 2008, after being smacked down by the Democrats from top to bottom, the GOP exploded in violence. Cities were burned; minorities were lynched; property was destroyed, and the nation reeled in terror. John Boehner hissed and his forked tongue issued Hate. Mitch McConnell stood on the capitol steps and gave Nazis salutes to his army of armed political agitators. It was truly a time of hate, violence, and anarchy. I remember it so well. /sarc off

  9. Yeah, Jerome, I remember that, too. Perhaps it is just that Democrats tend to live in cities where it is easy to reach critical mass for a riot. In places like Zoar, we could have to convince the goats and chickens to riot, and they only thing around is Bear Manor.

    1. Hmmm... my recollection of goats was that it really didn't take much to get them to riot -- especially the male ones. Of course, that was decades ago and in Wisconsin. I was much smaller then and the billies were quite the bullies... ha!

    2. Our goats are quite tranquil. The worst thing they've done lately is one of the bucklings keeps getting a bucket stuck on his head, and the Queen, Holly, keeps escaping to eat the greener grass right outside the fence. Then again, they're pretty pampered. Our rooster might be aiming to misbehave, but that's the only one.

  10. I am not as good a writer as you, Bear, nevertheless, I used this post as inspiration:


  11. There are leftist and then there are LEFTIST. The everyday person, the majority of people who vote democrat, and have heard only their point of view from schools and the media don't really hate, because they don't think about it very much. I've got "cracker" colored skin, but I'm no "Cracker". I grew up as a minority in an poor predominantly African American borough. I had to fight sometimes, and I was jumped, and harassed on occasion, but I spoke to my brothers. I talked to many of my human brothers and sisters with love about the Racism and hatred, of grouping people into categories based upon appearance.
    I loved the people where I grew up. When I confronted them about the hate of the Left, and the propaganda that they were being forced fed, they loved me for it. We built one another up, every now and again we will see each other, and it seems like only yesterday. We talked about our faith, we disagreed, but we were humbled, and God heard our cry as we spoke together contemplating what truly matters, but we were young. I didn't have a true knowledge of our faith, only perhaps through my heart.
    There is nothing more hateful than to tell groups of people that they must believe in worldly man made religion, and that some have no ability to control what they do, because of the evil "system" and those groups who benefit by it. LEFTIST are LIARS.
    My parents were lower middle class. Part of the reason we lived in an economically impoverished and unsafe area is because they sent my sister and I to private Catholic Schools. I learned all about arrogance, condescension, and self righteousness in these schools. They were LEFTIST. I learned about being nice, and other faiths, particularly the Jewish faith. When I spoke with the teachers about the reality of free will, and the power that comes through true faith I was ignored or condescended to. My upper class and upper middle class classmates were proud, and many were ruthless in getting what they wanted. They were goal oriented, and saw themselves as "good" intelligent, accomplished people. They liked to talk about their care for those who had less than them, it made them feel good. They didn't hang out with my friends where I lived, and they certainly didn't love them.
    Long story short, the only true help for the poor, for the sick, for those who HAVE been blessed with an abundance of worldly things, is our One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith. The Truth given to us and sustained by the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What most are being given are self serving worldly lies that steal souls and breed Hate.
    There are many who have been blessed by being born to parents who taught them the skills, and given them the knowledge to become successful in worldly things. They are blessed to have been taught right morality in some of the Truth, but there is something wrong with that. What's is wrong is that the majority of them have not been taught about what truly matters, and what Love Truly Is. Pride is what makes it impossible to get through to these LEFTIST, lost in their own deceit they believe that they must be good, because God has blessed them so abundantly, and they care about the poor marginalized groups they have constructed in their own self righteous judgment.
    I'm a hypocrite myself, but I know it. There is a lot of sin and hate that I must recognize and atone for, obediently accepting the Holy Spirit. I won't apologize for my belief in Christ, and my disagreement with those who offer man made worldly solutions,
    to navigate our trial on this earth.

    1. This is one of the best comments I have seen on our troubled situation.

    2. Keith. Excellent comment, most sincere and insightful.

  12. ...incoherent, because it can only be defined as "whatever Leftists believe."

    Allow a minor enhancement: "...whatever leftists believe TODAY,". Recall that in the mid-'70's it was Global Cooling. And in 10 years, it will be 'cooling' again.


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