Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bear Bullets

Until the Bear gets the ephemeris back up and running full time - i.e. Judging Angels is done - this page will be frequently updated with short takes. Some of them will probably be expanded later. Feel free to comment.

  • 12/16/16 - Saw an ad with Martin Sheen and some other actors begging 21 electors not to vote for Trump. Can we give the montage of different people looking into the camera and sincerely saying the same thing, one after the other, a rest, at long last? The Pope Videos use a similar formula. It's stale, Marty, Frank.
  • 12/16/16 - My VA doc should be a veterinarian. Listening to patients describe their symptoms would not be expected. The Bear has been sick for a month, with earaches, sore throat, runny nose, and other neck-up symptoms of the sort he is not used to dealing with. Anyway, it's good to learn there's nothing wrong with him, although he still feels awful. Perhaps he will write himself a prescription for imaginary antibiotics to deal with his imaginary infection. "What do you do all day, Bear?" / "I write." / "Why?" / "I'm a writer." / "Really? What are you writing?" / "A novel." / "Is that right? Who is the publisher?" / [Thinking - fine, he's just humoring me now.] "Hope and Life Press." / What kind of novel is it?" / "About a Bear who eats his incompetent doctors." / "Oh, well... "
  • 12/16/16 - Susan will be happy to learn that Father Rainbow got rehabilitated in JA. Every bit of feedback was considered and most was adopted. It is a very different book now, with Catholicism in its DNA. Screwtape Letters by Raymond Chandler. Should be a lot more fun, although still serious in themes, character and plot. I wanted a tagline "Even Funnier Than The Brothers Karamazov" but that got nixed. Last 24 hours of story time! Sorry about the lapsus linguae yesterday. But it's easy to forget I'm really a Bear.

  • 12/15/16 - THE CHURCH'S NEW MISSION: as Fr. Lombardi put it, "rebranding." Keep the institutional lights on by projecting a new image engaged with issues the West cares about. Sexual sins, Last Things, the exclusive nature of the real Church founded by Christ?  No. Instead, tolerance,  - interfaith and ecumenism, global warming, "a pastoral approach" to sexual sins, and a need to portray itself as accepting, nay, welcoming, nay, enthusiastic! The Church does not, in it's leftward slide, show evidence of being exempt from O'Sullivan's Law. The Pope Videos may not be successful, but their Catholic-content-free messages represent the new face of the Relevant Church. 
  • 12/15/16 - IF WE MUST BE PROTESTANTS , why must we be the worst sort of Protestant? Let me be a stern Puritan with only a Bible and Pilgrim's Progress in his house, or a Jumbotron Evangelical sipping a latte and eating a doughnut in my car before heading in to sway to the praise band and hear a sermon about Jesus instead of freaking global warming. Instead, we seem to have found the handful of sects even more sissified than the Franciscan church, so that Archbishop Cupich can feel like an Alpha Male.
  • 12/15/16 - THE FRENCH HAVE A WORD FOR a certain kind of book meant to be read "avec d'une main." After a visit to Audible this morning, I learned that apparently a surprising number of women are reading that sort of book with no hands at all.
  • 12/15/16 - THE DEPICTION OF HELL AND DEMONS usually falls between two equally unimpressive stools. The lurid Medieval imagination which led Fyodor Karamazov to get bogged down in wondering where devils got their iron to make pitchforks, and Screwtape-like didactic parodies. I suspect devils are pleased with both, because if some must still believe in them, let them at least not imagine a terrifying, organized, efficient state dedicated to the idea of conquering the world and taking their rightful place as its rulers. Why should we imagine Hell, which is, after all, peopled with our superiors, as a Bosch farce? The only thing Martin Luther ever did right was to throw his inkpot at the Devil. Until you've thrown your iPad at the Devil, you're not taking him seriously.

12/14/16 JUDGING ANGELS TEASE.! Everyone is dealing with moral questions in their own way as the novel approaches its climax. Some have less trouble with them than others. One issue is an appalling demand from kidnappers. Every decision has consequences. You really probably shouldn't make yourself the scapegoat when dealing with...

"If you’re really afraid it’s a sin, those are all on me, okay? Until we get Sandy. And I mean everything. You’re forgiven in advance.”

“You don’t know what you’re saying, Alice,” George said, horrified. “You’re making yourself the scapegoat. It was a goat who bore the Hebrews’ sins, and was driven into the desert. There dwelt the demon Azazel. Take it back. My sins are my own, and yours are yours.”

“Nope. I’m not taking anything back. Let them be on my head.”

There was a silence, which was finally broken by George. He spoke so softly, he could barely be heard. “’His blood be on us-‘“

“’-and on our children,’” Andy finished. “The mob who demanded Jesus be crucified. Now we’re probably cursed so hard, even my iyanifa grandmother and seven babalawos couldn’t get it off of us.”

“You’re all crazy religious fanatics,” Alice said. “I was right all along.”

  • So, as I understand the New York Times, which is comparing the supposed Russian selection of Trump to "another famous break-in 44 years ago," the Russians hacked into Democrat computers, and did nothing more than leak what they actually found there. So, worst case scenario, they merely exposed the slimy underbelly of Hillary and her party, correct? So if you get stopped and your girlfriend yells, "He got weed!" it's her fault for diming you out, not yours for actually having the weed.
  • 12/13/16 - HAPPY ST. LUCY'S DAY. Virgin and martyr. Patroness of Siracusa (Sicily) and Malta, and (for some reason) writers. St. Lucy pray for us who struggle to be edifying, as well as entertaining, and are trying hard every day to bring our projects to conclusion.
  • 12/13/16 - GOOD LATINIST NEEDED to translate a few simple words, sing. & plural. Tempter. (Surprisingly tough; "tentatore?") (f. One who is) Red, as in "a Red." or "Red," a class or a person. But not a nickname. "Rubricata/ae?" UPDATE: Looks like Rubricata and Tempator. "I'm not some lowly Temptator with a grubby list of porn sites and too many helpings of casserole. I'm a Rubricata - the best there is."
  • 12/13/16 - A TRUE MIRACLE. On the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, eight years ago, the Bear returned to the Church from Orthodoxy. The miracle is he's still here. Stipulating Orthodoxy's own problems, what it came down to was recognizing that he is a Bear of the West. The Catholic Church is his patrimony. Ironically. I decided I could not go wrong finding where Peter is. Well... The Bear doesn't have much to say about Pope Francis' bona fides. Bear logic is pretty rough and ready, as befits a 450 gram brain. Clearly, we have problems, and I doubt we are going to be able to trust the Church anytime soon.
  • 12/13/16 - BOOK ABOUT MICHAEL VORIS AND HIS SELF-OUTING: Bear is not plugging it, and, in fact, won't even mention the title or author. It's a short book about the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding Michael Voris' self-outing. The only reason the Bear was even curious was because he was a member of the not-so-exclusive club of bloggers groomed by one-time Church Militant TV "fixer," Terry Carroll. The author does seem to have a lot of information, like emails and such. I have no reason to doubt any of it, but a true behind-the-scenes project like this would have to rely on people happy to hand over emails, and provide information: i.e. to dish. In other words, perhaps people who now want to distance themselves from Voris. It is extremely unflattering to the point of TMI, but, hey, it's a story, and it raises some interesting points. The author disapproves of Voris criticizing bishops, and maintains that homosexuals are psychologically wounded people who are not necessarily ready to start an "apostolate" just because they stop practicing, without treatment first. The Bear was one of the few bloggers who wrote about it at the time without swooning over Voris' "heroism" for acknowledging his hand was in the cookie jar when he was caught. (He didn't throw Voris under the bus, either.) Bears just aren't all that excited by such things. Why have so many media priests and prominent media laymen imploded in the past few years? Occupational hazard? Or do people who crave the limelight tend to have egos that get them into trouble?


  1. The Bear wonders: Why have so many media priests and prominent media laymen imploded in the past few years?

    This priest opines: It is the nature of mass media. It is tasked with controlling image, appearance, and how others think; thus leading the user to be susceptible to vanity and pride. For that same reason it attracts those who are susceptible to that same temptation due to moral/spiritual weakness. An application of Guardini's theory in "The End of the Modern World."

  2. Better to hide in a Bear suit. I can understand Voris' thought process. He knows the medium of television, so why not put it to good use. I already said what I said back when, and am not going to repeat it.

    As for image, as a trial lawyer, I cultivated an image, and no doubt I'll do the same whenever my dubious novel gets published. Images are not necessarily, or even usually false. But protecting the image can get real important. Is TV particularly dangerous? I suspect so. I have the perfect face for radio, I've been told, which is fine for me.

    1. Disagree, you have a fine face with a great deal of sweetness in it. (ducking out to avoid Red Death...)

    2. Thanks. But there is no avoiding Red Death. And there's a reason why she's not called Red Getting a Charley Horse. She makes Nemesis look like a slacker.

  3. oops forgot the plural

    temptatrices rufae

    both singular and plural are nominative or vocative

  4. hur hur

    timeo temptatrices rufas et dona ferentes

  5. m. Tempter, and not a red temptress, but the color red made into a class or a name. That's why I thought of Rubricatae. Rufus is correct, but a just an unfortunate word with certain connotations.

  6. Yeah, rufus doesn't sound too pleasant to an English speaker, but I thought you were going for redheaded temptress, I guess I read what I wanna read!

    Rubricata/ae is good and gives the feeling of an initiation, like "one/s having been made red". For tempter I think temptator is closest, but that can mean assailant too, like one who is being testy with your patience. Depends what you're going for. Adhuc ego temptatrices rufas meditor. You've got them running around in my head now, and they won't stop. As long as I don't get grumpy like Jerome.

  7. ".... and I doubt we are going to be able to trust the Church anytime soon."

    ahhhhhh my furry friend....you can ALWAYS and forever trust the Church; just not always the men running It, and in It. An important and vital distinction with eternal consequences.

    looking very forward to your return, and I must say, from the little snippets you've shared, the new JA looks very intriguing.

    Also hope for the return of Kathryn's entries on her opus...I 'specially love her pictures.

  8. I have often thought about why so many prominent media Catholics have wandered off the reservation. There are few that I read when becoming Catholic that are left. I am not sure if it is the limelight that corrupts, but the need to have a paycheck defiantly does.

    But I am also going to say that laymen need priests, and if the shepherds are largely off the reservation, even the best sheep are going to occasionally wander off. Sheep are sheep after all, no matter how well studied and learned and prayerful.

    Does the Church know how to deal with the lay theologian? No. Does even a great priest know how to deal with the lay theologians in his congregation, especially those with a soapbox?

    Vatican II is a soul searching attempt to answer "Who are we as Church?" The answer given on paper is very different than the actual answer given to the world....which is "We don't know".

    1. Having raised sheep, I can attest that sheep need shepherds. Without a shepherd, sheep will find a way to kill themselves.

  9. Just when you think things can't get any crazier and you're almost ready to give up hope, things get even worse.....




    BUT....could this actually be a good sign? satan seems to know that his time is short and is pulling out all stops to get his agenda thru as quickly as possible; as is always the case with the proud, corrupt spirit, he overplays his hand, and overestimates his talent. Perhaps the end of the insanity is in sight (?)

    1. There are two things to watch. Where do Catholics want the Church to go, and what is considered acceptable? Most Catholics, both lay and clergy, want and accept the Catholic Church to conform to the world. I don't know to what extent that was true in the past, but it is certainly true today. Of equal importance is that little dial that is marked unacceptable, open for discussion, and unacceptable. Mark my words: the dial will look the same after they pry the microphone from Francis' cold, dead hands, but the needle will have been recalibrated. Fewer things will show as unacceptable, more will show as both open for discussion, and more as acceptable. I predict that we will see the first gay marriages in the Catholic Church in our lifetimes, although the might not be called that, at first. Within three years, communion for divorced and remarried will be the norm, and within five, the first list of sects allowed to take communion will by published.

      And I'm being optimistic.

      Francis is a mere enabler. A wink or a nod is the same to a blind horse - or bishop. The governing clergy will do whatever they feel like. They will not listen to the likes of us. Organizations move in only one direction: leftward. Leftward, leftward flows the course of empire (with apologies to whoever). See how the four cardinals were ignored and marginalized? That has not been lost on the bishops and cardinals.

      I will go Ann Barnhart just this one time, buried deep in the comments where no one will ever see it. The people who will be running the Church do not give a shit about God, or your soul. Why? Because nobody else does. They cannot maintain the institutional shell talking about something the West has forgotten. God? Give me a break. A soul? Scientists disproved that long ago. Hell? Even if it did exist, nobody goes there.

      What will keep the lights on is global warming, or global cooling, or whatever the latest intellectual fashion is. Interfaith demonstrates, "Hey, we don't care anymore, but at least we're nice." Throw away all the catechisms, and look at the vapid Pope Videos if you want to see the real face of the Catholic Church.

      If the Devil knows anything he knows that he could leave everything to the Francises and Cupiches and Soroses of the world and win. But he, too, is working hard; his arms factories are at full production; and behind the comical devil masks are steely eyed professionals who are very, very good at what they do.

      In other words, we're almost defenseless. When we are shortly conquered, the Bears and the Badgers will melt into the forest and organize as the Resistance. And Cupich and Francis or whatever quislings are in charge then, will happily hang us as spies and brigands.

    2. Ha ha, the dial needs an "acceptable," too.

    3. But Bear, but Bear.....you forget a few key points:

      The SSPX has been protected and prospered by the hand of God...they will play a BIG role in the very near future. The Church and Her Tradition have been keep alive and unspoiled in that Pella. The Burkes and Schneiders of the Church (few though they be) will never go along with the 'ape church' that Bp. Sheen talked about and that francis now clearly heads.

      I would imagine things are going to start moving at a quick pace, because at the death of Benedict, the remaining faithful Bishops and Cardinals that have left the unholy cult of francis, will comprise the college, and will be duty-bound to elect a new Pope. There is only one clear line, and it ain't thru francis...there is NOTHING Of the charism of Peter or the Holy Ghost about that evil old goat.

      We have been in practical and increasing schism for a long time...it is just now being made public and formal. No more denial is possible. Sides must needs-be chosen; there is no longer a middle fence. Use your reason in tandem with Faith...it is given to you for such a time as this.

      We know in full-living-color how the faithful in the time of the Arian crisis felt (please God that this one won't last that long). Truth doesn't, cannot, change. They can go their way of ungodly humanism and perfidious modernism...they can 'marry' as many sodomites as they will, but in so doing they only bring forth the 'abomination of desolation in the Holy place' and hasten their own destruction.

      I feel very much like we're approaching the end of "Lord of the World", but that the good Pope 'Sylvester' hasn't been revealed to us yet. francis reads more like Felsenburgh, only slimier.

      You've forgotten the whole supernatural element in this ungodly mess Bear; and in doing so, you forget the most important thing. It's God's victory to win, and He will do it in spectacular means, though we (the faithful remnant) will be bloodied and bruised and martyred in the meantime. And halleluiah for that!

      "Then they left the presence of the (apostate bishops and cardinals and anti-pope-false-prophet), rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the Name."

      Remember that Our Lady said that the victory would only come when all human hope had been drained, and no escape seemed possible. I believe we have a little ways to go, but I think we are certainly well along the road.

      Gotta go....Adoration.

    4. Not sure if at the bottom of the comments is "burred deep"....

      The mistake that people make is that they think that the devils want to rule them, so being cowards, they seek to curry the favor of devils who they think will give them power, or peace, or at least spare them. They are wrong. The devils hate humanity and do not wish to rule but rather to destroy. They do not share power, they do not bequeath power, they do not leave alone, they raise none up, they do not protect, they show no mercy, they hire no hands, and they acquire none. Their move is to grind all humanity to dust out of hatred and spite for God.

    5. I suspect I am the intellectual inferior of the least devil. I give them credit for being far more experienced and clever than any of us. It appears to me that they take great delight in using humans to ruin other humans. I would not be surprised at all if they felt they were the aggrieved party, and fantasized about somehow achieving victory, even if they are deluded. In Jude 9 we are told even Michael did not get into it with Satan in some dispute over Moses' body. If you want to think of them as rabid pit bulls, that's up to you. I think they are way more subtle - still - than any beast of the field.

    6. Michael "did not presume to pronounce a reviling judgment." But it didn't read to me that he gave up on the body of Moses.

      Bear, I do not think those things as you've described will continue to slide to normative. In some dioceses or parishes, maybe. But not in the Church as a whole. Maybe it's because you reject the Divine Chastisement model. I believe Susan is right, we've reached a tipping point where sides must be chosen. There's no longer any middle ground. I'm not a fan of Hilary White, but she's written two pieces on this that I agree with. Francis has pushed things into the open. There's no ambiguity anymore.

      I do not think that the 4 cardinals have been effectively ignored. That situation is simply going to ratchet up. Things will progress more rapidly, not just a slow decline.

      motus in fine velocior
      "motion drawing to its end is swifter."

      Anyone want to give me odds on a wager that Cardinal Burke is the next pope?

    7. Michael and the Devil was just me commenting on my view of demons as a He'll of a lot more competent than they are usually portrayed. I very much suspect my tempter knows me better than I know myself. I also believe he has an autopilot switch.

      I hope I'm wrong. But l stand by my statement that the the organizational trend has been established and that the Church as we know it cannot exist without the ecosystem of the West it created. I am not ready to jump ship. I doubt I'll ever use these hallowed virtual pages to make a definitive pronouncement on the status of the Church or any Pope. Mainly because I don't want to. I literally cannot imagine sitting here in Zoar with no place to attend Mass. My own parish is so awful it's just a place where hopefully valid sacraments my be found, and the rest is suffered through. Especially the homily.

  10. P.S. fun fact, I can only type with my right hand, and am pretty fast nonthless, if sometimes with less than 100% accuracy.

  11. Susan, on this page I can only speak as one observing the big parade in the light of my reason and experience. Supernatural intervention is expected, but we can't say when, or how. I am saying that the Church we observe has repurposed itself to survive in a West that is no longer interested in its original message.

    1. I never said we can give day and time or how....just read the signs.

      and what I am saying is that 'church we observe', whose 'left-ward slide' into apostasy is not the Church. Christ can neither be divided nor speak against Himself. His body cannot be full of error. His vicar cannot do what francis is doing. Watch Fulton Sheen's video on the false prophet, the antichrist and the ape church. Read AC Emmerick on the false Church. Read the signs, and don't despair.

    2. Bears don't despair. If it comes down to it there is no problem on earth a Bear cannot solve one way or another. And it is difficult to come up with a persuasive argument against you thesis. In the end, we do the best we can, and my personal hunch is God will not judge those who stay faithful, despite the Church's failures, whatever staying faithful means.

  12. actors begging 21 electors not to vote for Trump

    The Left is freaking out that badly. Rather amusing, I think.

  13. The Bear says " IF WE MUST BE PROTESTANTS , why must we be the worst sort of Protestant? "
    I know!!! Converts are not confused on this issue, only cradle Catholics who have never experienced "protestant" from the inside. There is simply no way Catholics can do "Protestant" better than protestants who have been doing it for over 500 years. Catholics who try only end up looking ridiculous. But they keep trying... It is only when Catholics do "Catholic" that they really have an impact.
    I mean really, when it comes down to dumb-ing down the liturgy, Protestants win big time! They only have one prayer that must be said, the sinners prayer, and it only has to be said one time, ever! .. E V E R! Really, folks get a grip.
    And when it comes to filling seats for cash purposes, just watch TBN or any rockstar worshiptainment from the non-denoms, and consider do we really think priests dancing around the altar can compete with such feel good easy believism hand raised emote hear and forget FUN?!! All the catholictainment folks are doing is making the "undecided" realize what they are missing by showing just how lame catholictainment is.
    And on the topic of easy believe-ism, when Catholics give it a go, the result is a massive 264 page document, AL. Ha! Easy believe-ism??! Protestants simply got us beat. They simply say "blessed assurance" and they are done. DONE! 2 words versus 264 pages? I mean re-hee-ealy!
    Any ways, as my grandma says, cathoprotesteasytainment is about as useful as teats on a boar hog.

  14. It's been said before but really... Martin Sheen? The man who did such a spectacular job with his son, Charlie? I don't want to hear diddly squat about anything Marty has to say on any subject other than acting.

  15. Bear,

    You should put these two comments of yours at the top of your blog:

    "Organizations move in only one direction: leftward. Leftward, leftward flows the course of empire (with apologies to whoever)"

    "I will go Ann Barnhart just this one time, buried deep in the comments where no one will ever see it. The people who will be running the Church do not give a shit about God, or your soul. Why? Because nobody else does."

    That sums up the current zeitgeist.


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