Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Seriously? Again? Inappropriate language in public is not an indicator of sound mental health in a man of his age. This is disgusting.


  1. Oh, my word, I didn't even know there was such a thing. I'll have to ask my husband, who is a Clinical Psychologist about this. I've never heard him mention such a thing!

    1. No poem? No, there wouldn't be, LS. This is beyond comment.

  2. Not to mention the boilerplate recitation of the latest leftist talking point. Is there a leftist fad that the Holy Father hasn't weighed in on? Someone should start a bingo card.

  3. This is so sick.Who would use this term as an analogy of any kind in a statement? I never knew such a perversion even existed. I'm so discouraged,I find it hard to remember Francis in the Canon without cringing. May Our Lord help me.

  4. Isn't it astonishing when you realize that the pope is a really mean, crude man?

  5. Two thoughts come to mind.

    1. It seems to me pretty easy to tell which cleric does and which cleric does not pray the Liturgy of the Hours.

    2. I would like to know Pope Francis' choice of choice words for those who engage in fake kerygma.

  6. I work for a state prison system in a particular state in the union. I have read and heard pretty vile and repulsive things from juveniles and adults. I had no idea this existed.


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