Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merkel Makes Weird Statement About Terrorist

WHAT DOES MERKEL MEAN BY THIS WEIRD STATEMENT? It was a Pakistani Muslim who entered Germany as a refugee. Merkel had been warned of Christmas-associated attacks weeks ago by State Department.

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday she believed the incident at a Christmas market in Berlin which killed 12 people on Monday was a terrorist attack, adding it would be hard to bear if it turned out that a migrant had been the perpetrator."

It would be easy to bear if it was a second generation jihadi? It would come as a complete shock if one of the mass of Muslims imported into Germany committed a terrorist act, because THAT'S never happened in Europe before, right? It would just be sad if someone they had been nice to wasn't grateful? I mean, seriously. WTH?


  1. Message to Merkel: Wake up wherever you. Muslims don't just look gift horses in the mouth.

  2. failure to see and accept reality....same root as the LGBTQRSTUV depravity; 'gender' theory; gun-control push; multicultural nirvana; common core; modern US 'journalism; BLM; francis 'mercy'; and on and on. And at the base of that fetid, foul, slimy root is the father of lies, watering it with his stinky, poisonous spittle.

    Now c'mon.....somebody tell me again how we aren't in end days.

    1. Don't want to get in an argument but you asked.

      Every day since the Crucifixion of our Lord is the "end of days". If you want to have your foot in the Last Day, that is at Mass when the Eschaton is made present in the middle of time.

      But to say that this now is the very last hours of this world because it is "that bad" misses the badness that is experienced in many places of this word where there is no internet and the badness that has existed in this world in prior days.

      Time is better spent worrying about the rapid approachment of one's own Particular Judgement rather than the approachment of the General Judgement.

      God doesn't do deus ex machina. Jesus appearing to fix FrancisChurch as the only solution practically implies that there is a separation between Jesus and His Mystical Body. If He has to intervene in the Second Coming indicates a separation and disharmony between Head and Body -- a position that cannot be held.

      Besides, we would miss the real miraculous action of Jesus governing his Body through the very real and carnal organs of that Body. Now THAT is exciting and amazing to hope, wait for, and to watch. "Jesus coming back...any minute now...just wait...he will be here...it is almost time..." has disappointed so very many people since the very beginning. 2 Thess anyone? Keeping watching and mindful in the night is not about picking a time of night for the Bridegroom to return, it is about being ready for a return during ANY time of night....not just the hour that one expects a return, but all hours.


    2. Lurker...I get your points and I'm not 'worried' about it. I just made a statement of (well founded) opinion on the reality upon us. Yes, there have always been bad times, but if you can't see the uniquely sinister quality of the present times, I simply don't know what to say. Our Lord Himself admonished us to read the signs of the times, and bergoglio alone is the biggest one of all....NEVER before has there been the likes of him, his abject heterodoxy, and his outright war with the Church and Christ Himself, squatting like a toad on the throne of Peter. There are many souls at stake (not just mine in my particular Judgment), and I think being a clarion caller in the midst of the end of 'Lord of the World' is a duty, in order to open as many eyes as possible. Keep you eyes and mouth shut if you want...others won't.

  3. Honestly, I think she means "It would be hard to bear our Christian democratic humanistic values that compel us to show FrancisMercy upon the poor, the displaced, the migrant, the war-weary, being returned with ingratitude and murder rather than embracing us and agreeing to be our servant class...I mean participate in our German...I mean European Union."

    FYI to the thick....charity and hospitality are virtues but imprudence in acting out those virtues turns them into vices.

  4. I hear your points as well Lurker and they are good ones, thought provoking even, it seems every generation believes Jesus is returning before they die, maybe as human beings it's psychologically helpful, but Susan is right, these times are singular, there has never been any era which has seen what we have seen, and in multiple venues, political, cultural, and our very foundation, the church itself. And as Susan also rightly said, Our Lord said to watch for signs, and then there's Fatima...a less concrete indicator, but still interesting is the general sense of many Christians that we are on the precipice. Scripture lays out details on what to look for, and lo...they are here.

  5. The Bear's own opinion is that the Catholic Church is a vine that grows uniquely in the West. Peter was a Galilean fisherman, but God brought him to Rome, the capitol of the West. He has never left. So my view accommodates either position. My view is that the West is sick. Dying, in fact. The Christian Zeitgeist has been replaced, and the institutional Church, whose roots are in the West, is suffering along with the West. When I look at the institutional Church, I see an institution that is non-mysteriously failing in the exact way at the exact time as the rest of the West. So, in one way, I do not prefer a supernatural explanation when a natural one will do.

    I do not expect the West to ever again be healthy, or the Church to suddenly arrest its leftward, worldly slide and decide that your soul is more important than global warming.

    Let's face it. If the Church really took last things seriously, it wouldn't have time to dabble in pop science. I think prelates see the handwriting on the wall, and will continue to repurpose the Church as a secular institution, in order to stay relevant. This will be encouraged by the Lord of the World through his wholly owned subsidiaries such as the UN and American culture.

    Having said that, yes, there is reason to suppose that Principalities and other minions of the Lord of the World are behind it all. Popes saw it coming, and called it Modernism. We were warned. But we were dumb, and, besides, powerless. As the spiritual matrix of the West - the Church - fails, so fails the West. As the West fails, so fails the Church, which was designed for this environment.

    Let's call this "The To Hell in a Handbasket" theory.

    In my opinion, we will look to Rome - literally - from now until Doomsday, and will find only the trendy, inoffensive, Church of Francis. Why am I so certain? Because after pleasing the crowd with Mercy and kissing babies and smiling and getting along with everyone, and Jews do not need Jesus for salvation, and no longer being mean to people who got divorced and remarried, no one, but no one, will look back. Okay, some will. But few, and they will not change the course. O'Sullivan's Law in its ecclesiastical version.

    So, Bear, what are you saying? The Bear does not recognize the Church today. Francis is a unique danger that few really understand. One view is that if the Pope teaches error, he can't, because it is ipso facto not a teaching. Same with the Church. We were warned the time would come when people would not endure sound doctrine. We are clearly there.

    The other view is that there is a healthy "rump" Church somewhere that is the real Bride of Christ, and is teaching the truth. Appealing, no doubt. But not exactly the city set on a hill Our Lord spoke of.

    Things are bad. Are they Last Times bad? As regular readers know, I don't much go in for that sort of thing. I am comfortable with saying things are unusually bad, and I see no reason to expect them to get better.


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