Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

The Bear sat for his portrait for this original artwork by his talented daughter.

Merry Christmas to all the Bear's loyal readers and benefactors. At the end of The Wind and the Lion, the Berber chieftain, Al Raisuli (Sean Connery) is on horseback with one of his lieutenants, who says, "It's been a bad year." Al Raisuli says, "Next year will probably be worse."

Then they laugh. (Speaking of which, do read "The Aqualung Code," to the right, which explains everything in a possibly entertaining way.)

They must have Bears in disguise all along.

While the Bear may put the "anger" in "manger," this time of year, he can't often bring himself to be as serious as he is truthful. The coming year will be full of challenges, and laughs, just like every year. And, salmon, he hopes. The Bear has been remiss in thanking patrons, but in the final stretch of a very different type of Judging Angels, he has been remiss in everything.

God knows what a mess things are, and the Bear is fairly sure He takes that into account. Actually, the Bear meant that for all of us, but hopes it is also true for him.

As for agents of the Franciscan Vatican, they are repeating the line from that masterpiece of schlock, Plan 9 From Outer Space: "As long as they can think - we'll have our problems."


  1. Merry Christmas, Bear!
    And a Very Merry Christmas to Red Death and the whole Bear Family.
    God Bless you all!

  2. Next year will probably be worse....HA HA HA. At least we will be prepared.
    Merry Christmas SCB & furry friends.

  3. I've been remiss in coming here, but I'm so glad I'm back. "The Wind and the Lion" is one of my favorite movies. Ahem, however, that line, "Next year will probably be worse comes a little before the end. At the end, his aid-de-camp says, "We have lost everything; all is drifting on the wind as you said. We have lost everything." Raisuli answers, "Is there not one thing in your life that is worth losing everything for?" Then they laugh.

    One of my favorite lines is the one where Raisuli tells Mrs. Pedecaris that he would set her and her child free even without a ransom. It dawns on him that she's been afraid he'd kill them, and he says, "The Raisuli does not kill women, or children! It is a silly question!"

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