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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

MINI Coopers and Doing Research

Red Death with the old MINI fleet. Hers is the yellow one.
She still has it. It was a surprise birthday present. Back in the day,
when the Bear was practicing law, and salmon was, um, plenitifuller.

"Stalking me again, Bear?"
A Flea bit me. Now I'm watching Ocean's 13. Not as good as 11.

What ever happened to the remake of one of Bear's favorites, The Italian Job, but in Brazil? (Original is good, too.) We are MINI enthusiasts. Well, that means the Bear in the past tense on that one.

Driving a MINI (standard transmission, of course) is a lot like driving a go-kart. Low, twitchy, fast and fun. And, As a Bear, must say surprisingly roomy.

Oddly, the Bear prefers indoors. Not much good Wi Fi in the forest. And the Bear traded his red convertible MINI (and do NOT say "midlife crisis;" we're immune to those) for a Kia Soul to eliminate a car payment.


  1. I know a priest who traded his Soul for a BMW. We had a good laugh over that one.

  2. >> A Flea bit me.
    Yeah, very sorry about that. Especially since it was actually Ocean's 12 I was thinking about.

    The Brazilian Job? Dead.

  3. Good move Bear. One step closer to heaven!

  4. The Ocean's remake crud? George Clooney, IMHO, is one of the most over rated actors presently and regretably employed.

    Clooney, as the old saw goes, has all the acting range of A to B. A = Serious ACTOR Michael Clayton, Good Night Good Luck. B=Mugging/goofy. Burn before reading, O Brother Where Art Thou.

    1. I couldn't disagree more. He is a pretty two-note actor, self-satisfied dramatic lead, and broadly comic. He has been well-served by both vehicles. The comedy works partly because off-casting. I love Michael Clayton. I wish I could have made clients watch his great monologue with the hit-and-run guy near the beginning. O Brother Where Art Thou is another favorite. But I would not watch a movie just because it had George Clooney, like I would a movie with, oh, I dunno, Ginger Rogers.

    2. His politics are wack, but the man does look good and he was excellent in O Brother Where Art Thou, a really good film.

    3. I used to be into Clooney, but now I like Robert Downey Jr. or RDJ as we friends call him.

    4. When Clooney is doing his Clarke Gable imitation he's ace but it's because he's playing Gable. Any other time....he's only okay.

    5. Gable, huh? I have a hard time comparing him to any Golden Age actors. He has more range than Gable, and his comic chops make me want to say Cary Grant, but not, of course. I see where you're getting Gable, who was always the Alpha Male who drove women crazy, once they pinned his ears back. I never got him, but admittedly, haven't seen a lot of him. He's like if MGM had a real "star machine" they might have come up with Clooney. Impossibly handsome, great presence, versatile, but sort of designed by committee, if you know what I mean.

  5. I should have guessed.....I too am a Miniac. Mine is a 08 Clubman S that's anything but stock. Nothing drives like a Mini! Keep motoring!

    1. Yeah, but my red convertible S with viper stripes was a huge payment & Illinois had just abolished the death penalty, and lost no time firing me. I had a pepper white non-S I had traded in. The S was way more deadly
      LOL. At least now, whenever I doubt, I can look out and see my Soul. It's also a fun car, though, and Bluetooth is a must for us.


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