Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pope Video & Red Death Missing

A rare photo of Red Death in the wild.
It has been a while since Red Death wrote on her blog. The Bear hasn't seen her in Bear Manor, or in any of her usual woodlands haunts. It's not like her to disappear. Especially with Holly apparently about to deliver, although she is the most mysterious of goats.

The Perfect Jailbreak Plan

Oh, now Bear remembers. He filed a false domestic battery charge against her after he stepped on a rake. He's going to bust her out of jail as proof of concept for chapter 37, "Jailbreak." The Bear had to develop a foolproof plan to spring anyone from any jail or prison in the United States for purposes of Judging Angels, coming early next year. (Bear hangs head in shame.)

Or you can send him $20,000 worth of choice salmon and he will send you the secret.

Act now, before everybody gets wise to it. And they will. And after Judging Angels comes out, everyone will know the trick, and they'll find a way to neutralize it.

For amusement purposes only ;-)

The Bear once again apologizes for letting the woodlands get overgrown. One day, Judging Angels will be finished. And then, on to the next project, working title A Bear's Lent. After that the sequel to JA, which he sees as Brian-centric, as he expands the JA universe. A coming of age story, with the urban fantasy elements of JA, a big conspiracy theory, and the Outfit, which is what the cognoscenti call the Chicago mob. Mario Puzo meets Dean Koontz. The Bear is pretty sure you can't go wrong with that formula.

Could a 16-year-old kid really take down one of the biggest criminal organizations in the U.S.? The Bear is pretty sure he could. We'll just have to see. Brian, though damaged by his parent's pending divorce, and general selfish idiocy, proves quite the asset in Judging Angels.

So, like, is Francis still Pope? Who won the election? The Bear confesses to being a little behind on the news.

Pope Video: White Kid Surrenders?

Let's see... December's video is about child soldiers. The Pope is against that. He's right, you know. The video is the same formula we've been stuck with since the sorry project began. Menace, hope 'n' Pope, and montage.

Child soldiers is not a First World Problem, so there's only one white kid. He's running, waving a white flag of surrender. The Bear does not know quite what to make of that. He's surrendering, but to whom? Is there a running-with-a-white-flag children's game of which the Bear is not aware?

Perhaps the beloved Capture the Flag. Children should be playing at war, not fighting them. If so, it is a far more elaborate flag than the Bear ever had. But the Bear and his friends usually used people, instead of flags. It was quite exhilarating for them, judging by their screams of delight. We always afterwards treated them to some fresh salmon and let them go, though.


  1. It's nice to see Red Death. She's a natural beauty. I liked her blog very much as well. I wish I lived next door to you both.

    1. That's very sweet. Thank you and likewise!

  2. >It's not like her to disappear.
    I don't buy it. If she weren't there, you'd be complaining about not having anything to eat.
    Admit it.

    >Bear had to develop a foolproof plan to spring anyone from any jail or prison
    Let me guess: it's some kind of "lawyer" ruse at the jail. I think Ocean's 13 did that (twice if you count the fake US Feds in Italy).

    [of course, yours will still be original and twice as good]. Guessing that's how Red gets out for Ch 37?

    1. Guess away ;-) Lawyer ruse, huh? Has possibilities. And you're right about the food. Stuck here in my garret I exist solely on salmon that is forced under the door. I'll check out Ocean's 13. Of course, remember, my crew is pretty rag-tag and without resources. Do you really think there's a jail in the world Red could be held in for 37 chapters?

    2. Sorry, Ocean's 12. It's not worth watching.
      Absurd plot. The only decent scene is the fake Feds in Italy at the end.

  3. Now I understand the GFII to GFI reference.

    Are you SURE you can't replace the Chicago mob with a mosque? Maybe given Brian's divorce trauma, he could wander off and experiment with Islam uncovering the plot.

    Just trying to be helpful. It'd be very timely. All kinds of Islamaphobia accusations to be had for free press.

  4. The only new thing I've heard about is that Trump is considering becoming Pope after his next gig. I say go for it Donald. We could worse. Wait a minute, we already have.

    1. "I'm going to build a wall around Vatican II" "But, what about ecumenism?" "The wall just got ten feet higher."

  5. Well, I can even find something to be thankful for EVEN so. I've spent enough $ this year and can start again in the new year, just in time for the release of Judging Angels. Sounds like a good way to start 2017.

    1. I don't know about start... and after submission I'm still gonna get it back for edits. Book ready for big May Day promotion? And I really need to submit my Lenten book!

  6. Your dear lady could have posed as an alternative model for Diego Velasquez's painting-" The Immaculate Conception "

    1. Aw, thanks. She is more beautiful today than as a 17-year-old bride. (You know, the ones who ae too young to possibly enter into a valid sacrament?)


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