Saturday, December 17, 2016

Today's Choice Quote From Judging Angels

Just finished the last chapter save one, maybe two. The flavor of final preparations are revealed in this bit of dialogue between husband and wife as he gives her a present. As always, everything subject to publisher.

"You would be amazed at what a bat can do to a human head.”

“What’s it feel like, knowing what everything can do to a human head?”

“Right, now, pretty damn useful.”


  1. ha ha ha ha "What's it feel like, knowing..."

    But I know there could be a serious side to this.

    1. It's serious, but not dark. There is a fantasy element. One cannot have demons or angels as characters without departing from strict theology in the service of entertainment and education. They are immutable, and devoid of personality that we would recognize. But Dante made his points with a quite fanciful Hell, and C. S. Lewis with his humorous demons. My... whatever they are, are my own original vision of both that is deliberately different. The humor comes from seeing beings you thought you knew in a non-gothic reformulation. I have another novel called Adapt, and I used that world to provide motivation and a consistent background. I imagine a sort of Cold War vibe, where angels abd demons might go on missions for their own unguessable purposes. But demons always act in the way they really do, so it is sort of like Screwtape Letters acted out abd with a straighter face.


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