Sunday, January 8, 2017

[UPDATE:VIDEO ALL THREE! ] Adorable Newborn Baby Goats featuring Panda


Two dilly-dandies
Four stick standies
Two crookers
Two lookers
And a wig wag


Panda is 100% now, thanks to a cup of sugared coffee that literally brought her back from death's door. She lives in the kitchen, now, and we are treated to near constant chattering. (She's a bottle baby.) She has yet to figure out that her legs and her tail belong to her, and is surprised when she
"sprongs" on all fours, or her little nubbin tail goes back and forth.

In other news, the evil chickens are eating all the food we put out for the crows, and Checkers the rooster attacked our yorkie, Buster, terrifying him.

Look carefully for all three. Panda was rejected by his mother, which is why Panda is indoors with us. She almost died. The Shepherdess gave her a bottle of  coffee and sugar to revive her. It was like a miracle. Her momma kicked her out of the group, and out of The glow of the heat lamp, and body heat. She couldn't nurse.

A goat named Panda.

Holly gave us TRIPLETS. She was an ax handle and a half across, and we had about given hope that she would give birth at all. Best of all,  two are girls. Panda could not eat from mom for some reason, and was very cold. That explains the outfit, borrowed front our smallest yorkie. No, I am not choking the, baby goat.


  1. Are you kissing her? I would! So sweet and congratulations :)

  2. ooohhhHHH MY GOSH!!!.....SOOOO CUTE!!!!

    Congratulations!...and keep the pictures and updates coming!


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