Sunday, January 1, 2017

Beta Reader Roster [Closed]

UPDATE: Due to the gratifying response, the Bear announces he has all the beta readers he needs. If you think you are a beta reader, but have not received a way to read the manuscript, please email the Bear.

Thanks to three readers who have volunteered. A couple have followed my previous stupid instructions to use the link on the right, and that doesn't work the right way for this. So if you have not received an email inviting you to my Dropbox, you need to email me at:

Dropbox may ask you if you want to install it. You don't have to if you don't want to. Unless you share large files with people, there's not much point.

Thanks to my longsuffering wife, Red Death, who has endured much growling and even snarling, and even, a roar or two, in addition to being a novel widow.

Thank you again. A new year, and a seven-year project launched. The Bear is sharpening his claws for the resumption of usual programming featuring gleeful evisceration of error and falsehoods, to the extent his 450 gram ursine brain can detect them. But, it's really the smell. Did the Bear ever tell you that Bears have the most sensitive noses in the animal kingdom? It's true.

Especially for heresy.

It smells like an old-fashioned wooden match when struck. And it is unsafe to do that in an ancient barque with dry timbers being loaded with dynamite by an old guy in a white dress.


  1. Happy New Year Bear and mate and family, how many readers are needed for such a task? Can you explain what a beta reader typically does? Thank you.

  2. The more the merrier. Everyone has their own perspective to contribute. And it DOES make a difference. I DO take it all on board. A beta reader is a literary test pilot. You read, and give feedback, at whatever level yo desire. Some people go chapter by chapter, others comment whenever they run across something they really like, or don't. At this point, with the novel essential done, I mainly want to know where readers are at during different parts of the story, since there are a lot of surprises. Who do you think X is? What? Can you discern motivation, and are characters acting according to their motivations. It is NOT proofreading or editing. It IS your reaction to things. Plot elements, tone, characters, believability (within the four corners of the novel), etc. Pretty much reading a book, then talking about it whatever degree you feel like. (Within a reasonable time frame.)


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