Friday, January 6, 2017

Beta Reader Tip

The Bear finally discovered Frank's secret. Access Dropbox and read the manuscript. Then when you see something you want to make a comment on, highlight it and leave a comment.  ("Yikes!" "I didnt see that coming." "I don't understand this." "I don't buy this with the character's agenda." Whatever.) Excellent way of providing running commentary that lets me track responses, for those who are up to it. Thanks again.


  1. Next time, doing things as a shared Google Doc would allow you to have tighter control over the work (preventing printing and sharing with others) and maintain the integrity of publishing rights. Running commentary is super easy that way as well.

  2. Some people want emails, etc. no doubt a good idea, but Dropbox allows the same doesn't it?

    1. I am not as familiar with Dropbox, but I like Google in terms of its ability to show "chain of custody" as well as being purposely designed as a collaborative environment.

      I hope your book will have a Kindle version that is voice enabled so Alexa can read it to me.


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