Thursday, January 5, 2017

Burning in a Rainbow Hat

"I love the smell of burning souls in the morning!"

Bishop: Contraception, Communion for Divorced Catholics, and Homosexual Families, A-OK, according to Pope!

According to Lifesite News, an Austrian bishop has publically taught that: 'remarried' Catholics now have the 'blessing of the Pope' to receive Communion, the use of contraception is 'a decision of conscience' for couples, and homosexuals can constitute a 'family.'

The remarks by Bishop Benno Elbs were reported in the German language newspaper, Die Presse on December 23.

Now, the Bear happens to have a bit of experience with that territory. Ever since the Bear took out local warlord, Grimoald (and his horse: yum), who, with his wife, Biltrudis, had put out a contract on St. Corbinian, Germans have had a pathological fear of Bears. They call any of us who try to enter their country a "Problembär" and execute us on sight, like poor Bruno in 2006 (BLM).

There's nothing wrong in Germany that a few hundred Bears couldn't fix. Of course, that would be true at any time during history.

Short of that, Pope Francis' strategy of "a wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse" is working beautifully. Oh, how he keeps his lily white hands clean! He is the religious equivalent of the arms dealers he is so obsessed with. Perhaps there is a psychological reason for that. It allows his guilty conscience to acknowledge that he is injecting heresy into the Church by providing his Fifth Column with weapons.

Unless Pope Francis sharply and publically condemns Bishop Elbs, we will know that he is not legitimately exercising the duties his office. What does that mean? The Bear isn't quite sure himself. He supposes everyone must make up their own minds.

But 2017 may be the year when Catholics must choose between their Faith and their Pope, God forbid.

2016: the year Pope Francis finally showed his hand.

Which brings us to the second article from Lifesite, whose headline gave the Bear a good laugh: "2016: the year Pope Francis finally showed his hand." Um... okay. The writer is probably not responsible for this howler, and the article contains a pretty good bill of particulars relating to the charge that Pope Francis is... well, whatever he is, but who is clearly not a pope we need to still be writing about in 2018.

So, listen very carefully, friends, visitors, and woodland creatures. Suppose some real blogger, say Simcha Fisher, gave an interview to the New York Times, and said, "St. Corbinian's Bear started out being suspicious about the Pope Francis, but all that's changed. He is now a firm supporter."

Unless the Bear corrected Fisher, and wrote a sharply worded letter to the Times denying Fisher's claim, and went on news shows telling everyone that, no, nothing has changed, he remains alarmed by just about everything Pope Francis does, starting with waking up in the morning, why, people would assume the Bear endorsed the libelous statement.

"I'm going to Hell, but at least Satan will give me a red hat!"

"I need another cap. The
last burned up again."
Here we have a Pope who wants bishops to spread his heresies, because we are in a point in history when most bishops hold to error. And, of course, most people refuse to hold with sound doctrine. Francis knows that all he has to do is throw out the AK-47s and RPGs to his Lutherans in purple, stick his fingers in his ears, and they and his pet bloggers will do the rest.

In fact, things are so bad that unless we get a pope who will vigorously combat heresy, even an orthodox pontificate of smiling and kissing babies will not do us any good. The Bear is not certain what "vigorously combat" means to humans, but he is speaking, as he always does, as a Bear. Rawr.

If there's anything worse than a heretic, it's a heretic without - excuse the expression, but I am a Bear, after all - balls. At least Francis' hero, Martin Luther had the guts to nail his 95 theses onto the church door. Pope Francis smiles and pretends to be a real pope. (Not saying he isn't technically; not saying he is, either. The Bear has placed him on double secret probation in 2017.). Then he slips his 95 theses , page by page, to quislings, on the sly.

He pretends not to see that dubia, that damns him not for what it says, but for how he ignores it. He pretends not to hear bishops like Elbs, who are not content to go to Hell by themselves, but report down the chain of command to Satan himself, to drag as many people as they can with them, no doubt hoping Satan will at least let them burn in a red hat.

What kind of hat Francis hopes for is hard to say. Perhaps a rainbow one.


  1. You have a way with words.

    Please God, come to our aid. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. Amen.

  2. This bishop should be defrocked immediately.

  3. Francis is a past master of the stealth technique. He uses other individuals or even organizations as stalking horses first and then as mouthpieces afterwards, but always in such a way that he feels it is deflected from him.

    Speaking of which, I read today that he is letting his minion Cardinal Turkson (Peace and Justice!) have a conference in Kazakhstan on "just energy use." It has, according to Turkson, "5 pillars." Now where have I heard that phrase before? However, the "5 pillars" were typical eco-radical stuff, although with one pitch at the end for the dropping of divisions between religions because of the earth emergency, or some such thing. I don't remember exactly how it was phrased. Obviously, this is an attempt to go after Bp. Schneider...using Francis' favorite technique.

  4. I think a former French PM had once quipped, "I love Germany. Everyday, I thank G__ there are two of them."

  5. Tomorrow, perhaps, I will take up the real problem with Francis that everyone seems to have missed. It isn't this or that. It's the existential crisis of the West that has finally conquered - for once one checkmates the king, and the pope is our king on our board, so don't get cute - he has won the match. It has little to do with divorce, or contraception, or homosexuals, or any other issue. Francis is the first pope to run the Church on the principle that there is no objective truth. I suppose it was just a matter of time, but the pope, although he probably does not realize it owes more to Philosophy in the Bedroom than the Bible. More to the Marquis de Sade than Christ.

  6. Do you think Jesus is pleased with what you wrote? The truth can be expressed less viciously. Your sharp tongue may spend a longer time in purgatory.

    1. Yeah, pretty sure Jesus-flogging-the-moneychangers is pleased. Point out where I'm wrong. If I'm right, then I'm zealously defending the truth in a dark age in a way that gets people to read my stuff. Plus, I'm a Bear. Rawr.

    2. I think Jesus is very pleased with what he wrote....our Lord was the manliest of men, and never failed to call out the rat-bastards in the most scathing and clear tones of the times. The Truth is a sword, not a pussy-cat.

      To clearly and fearlessly call out the men who are raping the Bride of Christ mercilessly and daily (keeping in mind that Our Lady is the living Icon of that Bride), is a Work of Mercy, protection of the innocent, and manly strength; but then I think most men of this modern age have forgotten what that's all about.

      Sitting back with a cup of macchiato in your hand while choosing your best buckley-esque retort to the savaging of the breathing image of the Blessed Mother and her children right before your eyes, isn't gonna win too many brownie, get-outta-Purgatory points for you with the Blessed Lord.


    3. Now look what you've done. You woke the Badger up.

    4. What Badger said.
      There's a time to turn the cheek and a time to flip the tables. You guys/gals are great warriors.

    5. There is a difference in reacting to a personal insult and calling out corrupt religious leaders. The latter is an exercise of the prophetic charism. It always becomes active when the big shots run things into the ditch.

  7. Maybe no hat, he just wants to take his Fiat.


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