Thursday, January 5, 2017

Francis and the Marquis de Sade

Look at this face. Is this the face of a mean Bear? A vicious Bear? A Rabid Bear?

The Bear has begun 2017 with a return to blogging with a vengeance. While finishing his dubious novel, he had to ignore a lot that was going on.

Well, sorry, heretics, but the Bear is back.

The days of wondering whether Pope Francis is a good pope or something else are long since over with. The days of wondering why he always seems to say the wrong thing while in the domain of the Prince of the Power of the Air, or fails to correct bishops who are heterodox, are now tiny in the rear-view mirror.

It's 2017. We know who he is, what he believes, what his tactics are, and we have an idea about his dodgy theology. And it should scare the Hell out of you.

Is the Bear provocative? Does the Bear have a certain flair for entertaining criticism? Yes. This is a blog by a Bear. It is not St. Corbinian's Bunny Rabbit (although, for a short time when he was hacked, it was). If snarls and roars scare you, you should not even be here. Sure, the Bear may be on a bicycle juggling the heads of heretic bishops, but don't let the cute act fool you. It's calculated to gather a crowd while the Bear suddenly roars prophetically.

Pope Francis' Revolution and the Marquis de Sade

Here's the big deal. It isn't that Pope Francis has encouraged bishops to depart from orthodoxy in sexual morality and a few other areas. It is no particular issue, or even collection of issues. It's the fact that the philosophical suicide of Western thought has officially been adopted by the Pope of Rome.

The Marquis de Sade: "Morality is geography misconstrued."

Pope Francis: "Truth is the calendar misconstrued."

The Bear has argued that, for Francis, the truth is whatever he says it is, because he says it. It is like the most twisted Jack Chick caricature of infallibility. Francis does not sit confidently on the bridge of the Barque of Peter, sounding the truths of the Faith with a brazen trumpet. He is the captain of a U-Boat, sending torpedoes against the Truth, whose wakes can be discerned by those with eyes to see. He slyly introduces ideas and practices that depart from the Faith as clearly taught in the past,  and relies on heterodox bishops to run with them.

He's sneaky. Underhanded. Evasive. Vindictive. Honest men do not operate in this manner. We know this. That alone should cause even the most nose-deaf humans to smell that something is wrong,

So, what has changed? Why can divorced and remarried Catholics take communion now, when they couldn't before? Why can homosexuals be a "family?" Why can Lutherans take communion? And these all do implicate tenets of the Faith, of course. Communion for divorced and remarried implicates both the Catholic theology - the truth - of marriage, and the Catholic understanding of Holy Communion. What has changed?

We finally got a Pope philosophically dead from the cultural disease of the West. Things change simply because Francis has decided. The Fuhrerprinzip again. Things change because times change. Truth is the calendar misconstrued. He doesn't need to officially change dogmas, of course. That was the past, when supposed "truth" was locked up in musty old books. Now we know truth is mutable. Every human being has his or her own truth, eh? It is infinitely easier to change "pastoral practices," to urge "discernment," to elevate "ecumenism" to the highest good, to make Global Warming a subject of incessant preaching, then watch the parasites on the Body of Christ go to work. The Truth is to be found in the lives of the people: is found, does not form, the lives of the people.

See what a revolution this is? "What is truth?"

Sometimes the Bear fears nobody gets this but him. The fear is that he's totally lost his mind, because he's not really all that smart, and should not be the only one to notice something this big.

Francis is formally divorcing the Catholic Church from the very concept of truth. He acts as if the truth does not matter, or is subject to change, or more modern theological theories, or "mercy." A Catholic Church where truth no longer matters, cannot be the Catholic Church. A Pope who acts as if truth no longer matters, cannot be a pope.

The Bear thinks this is the biggest story in a very long time. Francis doesn't care what the letter of the law is, and need not bother changing it. He only cares about what clergy and faithful actually say and do. And, ultimately, that is all about conforming the Church to the failing culture of a dying West. In other words, at long last, the Church is failing in the exact same way, and at the exact same time, as every other worldly Western institution is failing. The implications are staggering and heartbreaking.


  1. Was re-reading Ezekiel tonight at all the woodland creatures; it is well-worth the revisit. The Scriptures are always relevant for all times, but some just literally scream off the page relevance for today.

    You're now where I was a couple years ago Bear...francis' false prophet schtick hit me very clearly, and very early on. It's a hard stage to get through, but it opens the door to something even scarier. It is a big, huge, enormous call to faith and trust, cause nothing makes sense any longer. The bottom has literally dropped off, and one is left standing on the Ruah of faith, or else falling, having lost it.

    The world ends this year....I'm pretty sure of it.

  2. I have a very, very checkered religious history, including some extremely dubious practices, as well as some wonderful ones, in their way. I have been fooled a lot, but when I was younger. I was in a profession where discerning truth from lies was a daily responsibility. I've read a lot, and varied, including we we Sade's Philosophy in the Bedroom, little guessing I would one day be applying it to a pope. The upshot is, I trust my nose. I know the telltales of liars. I know how frauds act. My own personal, but unshakeable opinion is that Francis is a fraud and a liar who has very little respect for the Catholic faith.

    Now, people do bad things for the best of reasons. I just finished a whole novel on that theme, and ordinary self-deception. For all I know, Francis thinks he's a good guy. I would lay money on it, in fact, Susan. I think he truly believes the truth of the past is harsh in our way, and it is a time for the Church to put aside rigor and what he sees as severity. A time for mercy.

    The sincerity of Francis us of absolutely no interest to me. I have talked to child molesters who were absolutely convinced they were benefiting their victims. I have no doubt that many homosexual priests told themselves the same thing about adolescents. I don't care if Francis thinks he's right. He can only be right if the Church has always been wrong.

    So, we either have a Church that has finally discovered it has been mistaken all along, and is setting things right, or we have a Church that was right, and is now discarding the truth for error. And when I look at the public personae and tactics and statements of the Francis party, I see... dead people. Spiritually dead people whose only ambition is to spiritually kill me, and my family.

    I have no questions about this. I discern the trends. Read the signs of the time. I trust my instincts aNd know how to look at evidence and draw reasonable conclusions therefrom. So what do I do with my certain conclusion? Warn. Encourage. Read the Bible, which I am falling back on more and more. Go elsewhere? I have served in both the Army and the Navy and lived under a lot of crappy situations. I guess I can hold my nose and live in a Church that is currently dealing in lies, and will no doubt continue to decline. Institutions do not recover from this rot. Ever. The pace of decline in general is dizzying. I am not pietistc by nature. I cannot pretend everything is going to be all right any day now. I do not believe that God gave us a Church to lie to us about Him to somehow chastise us. That's grotesque. God does not lie. I think everything is just screwed up because the irreversible cultural decline of the West has finally caught up with the Church. I see no mystery here, or anything supernatural. The Church is filled with and led by idiots. End of story.

    1. oh man Bear, I think we're talking across each other. I'm in NO way saying that I think francis is sincere and of misguided or delusional good will. I think he's a satanic, diabolical, freemasonical lout.....most probably (and increasingly probable by the day) the biblical false prophet presaging the anti-christ. I think the following is one of your most clearly true statements ever:
      "And when I look at the public personae and tactics and statements of the Francis party, I see... dead people. Spiritually dead people whose only ambition is to spiritually kill me, and my family."

      But you do disservice to yourself and your loved ones in denying the supernatural in this increasing fact, the supernatural is the only thing that makes any of this make any sense whatsoever.

      The Church is the Church, and what She has always taught is what She will always teach. The wolves have reached the leadership roles; whether legitimate or illegitimate, at this juncture only God knows for sure. But I think it is very obvious to anyone with an iota of sensus Catholicus that the Body is thoroughly involved in the Passion right now. The mystical and supernatural are at work in a BIG way now....waaaaay bigger than the natural and material. This is the mass apostasy as prophesied by numerous visionaries and Our Lady Herself, and it starts at the top (francis) and is/will trickle down until almost all souls are corrupted and lost, and we’re smack-back in the days of Noah….only this time for the fulfillment.

      What I'm saying is hang on tight for eternal life to the barque...the eternal barque; cause we know damn well (as you stated) that the guy in the white polyester gown is on a U-boat outside shooting torpedoes.

      It doesn't make any sense, but as my Uncle Mooney would say, 'it is what it is'. No, I take that does make some sense. I remember in first reading Isaiah 22 many years ago the nearly exact words that Our Lord would appropriate to drive home the fact that He was making Peter THE Rock upon which his Church would be built. As God removes the bad steward Shebna and replaces him with the faithful Eliakim who will wear the keys, and is given the king's power and authority to open and shut. The text continues: "And I will fasten him like a peg in a sure place, and he will become a throne of honor to his father's house. And they will hang on him the whole weight of his father's house, the offspring and issue every small vessel, from the cups to all the flagons."

    2. cont....
      I remember thinking, ‘wow! What elegance of foreshadowing…the papacy; it’s all there’. And then I kept reading, and my blood ran cold, for just an instant or two: “In that day, says the Lord of Hosts, the peg that was fastened in a sure place will give way; and it will be cut down and fall, and the burden that was upon it will be cut off, for the Lord has spoken.” I remember thinking, ‘what the heck?’ and then dismissing it, thinking that the papal prophesy ended at the prior sentence. I think now however, it’s very clear that it didn’t. That we’re seeing the fulfillment of the tail end of the whole prophesy. The Church is unchangeable, immutable; but peter (or the man illegitimately on peter’s throne) falls ….and many fall with him.

      Crappy time to be alive, cause as Our Lord said, “When the Son of man returns will He find faith on the earth?” But He chose you (and me) to be here, now, for a reason. Console Him in His (our) Passion, and double down of faithfulness. My husband and I just make our DeMontfort consecration to Jesus thru Mary…I felt GREAT urgency to get this done, and have felt great peace thru it. Chant more; be the kind of Catholic that francis hates and insults…kneel at the feet of Christ, bloodied, scourged and crucified. Kneel there; even more-so cause the man-in-white, won’t. Practice the Prayer of the Presence of Christ, and live it every minute. Double-down, triple-up, and armor-up….I have a bad feeling the battle-horns are only beginning to sound.

      Thanks for your voice and your growls…they are needed clarion calls; some will be awakened by them. Some will not. Keep doing it. Saw the following right after I posted the last comment and thought, ‘hmmmmm….well isn’t that interesting’…..well worth the time of a read and a listen….

      God speed my friend. And quit calling me susan…the only one who calls me that is my mother; when she’s really really mad at me. Friends call me suzy…..or badger. I’ve taken a particular shine to the latter. I think that may be on my white stone…..if I’m blessed enough to receive a white stone. 

  3. I do not disagree with anything you say, Badger. I do tend to think everyone believes they are doing the right thing, not because I'm Pollyannaish, but because I just think that's human psychology. That certainly does not keep anyone from knowing something is wrong, and dulling their conscience to the point of acting in pure evil. But that is a philosophical point that doesn't matter. I don't care what Francis thinks. He's wrong, and that's all I need to know.

    I know what your talking about. The keys in the OT are indeed a striking element for Catholics. But you're right. We tend not to quote the bad end. Catholics have a way of mutilating Holy Scripture to suit their agenda, not that they're alone in this.

    I appreciate your perspective and your voice very much. Along with other excellent commenters. We all complement each other. I spent too many years logically analyzing facts to operate in any other way. I tend not to say much about the supernatural because that's not my... I dunno. It's late, and I'm tired. Obviously I am a believer in the supernatural. But I do not take it into account in my blogging because there's not much I can say about it. That doesn't mean it's not valuable, just that I am an analytical/polemical/humor blogger. I'm happy to let others talk about it though. A good blog is a collarborative effort, I believe.

  4. I'm afraid I'm going to have to go all Apocalyptic. Bergoglio definitely believes he's right. He is the most arrogant and chillingly proud person I have ever seen. On that level, he is like any dictator - Hitler, Castro, Stalin, etc. They were all proud, arrogant self-proclaimed lords of the world. (Bergoglio says it's his favorite book, but he doesn't say who is his favorite character.)

    But Bergoglio, in my opinion, goes way beyond them and is Luciferian in his arrogance. This goes beyond mere dictator's megalomania. And I think it even goes beyond the false prophet: that would be Luther, who was just proclaimed by Bergoglio's minions to be a "witness to the Gospel." Anyone who has read even a fragment of Luther knows that Luther was opposed in every way to the truth, even to objective reality, and whatever "gospel" he was witnessing to was certainly not that of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    So the false prophet slot is already filled. That leaves only one position for Bergoglio. I used to think he was an anti-Pope, but now I'm honestly beginning to consider that he may be the Antichrist. Yes, he of the humble little brown shoes, with his own little brown briefcase, just an 'umble man laying waste to all around him, in league with the world and the Devil.
    And, as legitimate prophesy has always had it, followed by the multitudes and celebrated happily by the very people he is leading to their deaths.

    Institutional decline and dumb leaders were the case after Vatican II. But all that (including a somewhat ignored 1983 document declaring Luther to be a “witness to Christ,” a document repudiated by Ratzinger when he got to be head of the CDF) was just preparation. Who knew 2017 would be it?

    1. Having been taught by Jesuits, there are some good ones, Pope Francis IS NOT atypical or an outlier in the pride and arrogance masquerading as humility department.

      Making Pope Francis into a super villain ignores the fact that you could grab any number of clerics of a certain age, education, and/or order and get the same basic results.

      Pope Francis IS NOT unique or special. He is a Jesuit from South America.

      The problem that is plaguing the Church is not a Pope Francis problem, it is a systemic institutional problem. --- As Great Bear is pointing out. All of Western Society -- the Great Forest is on fire and there is no safe tree. All the Institutions are crumbling.

      (But then they have always been crumbling such is the nature of the fall and fault of Adam. Jesus is not a political messiah who brought a political fix to the problem of Adam's sin.)

    2. Ah, yes, you DO get it after all! Exactly. Bergoglio is the bad fruit, not the bad tree. The Church is so weak now, NATURAL analysis makes one suspect the future is going to be communion for divirced and remarried, the normalization of divroce and remarriage, homosexual families, planet-worship and indifferentism. Francis happens to be the one to have officially begun the sharp descent, but the Church was doomed before him. Work that naturalistic analysis out however you wish against the background of prophecy.

    3. Us owls do not have a long life span compared to a man. He is a slow thing,to us and we see not all that he is. When Owl was young, he asked the ancient trees what man was. To the old trees, a man is a fast thing that is here and gone in an instant. The trees said that man is a thing of decay, born already dying, pusing and dripping its entire life. All that a man tries to lift up from the earth, falls back down in ruin. Nothing that it does lasts and that which it does beings others to a quicker end. Yet God loves man and sent Son to be born as a man. A vision of this before time so enraged a third of the angels that their fall sparked the fire the is consuming the great forest.

    4. aaaand THAT's why you run to Pella, where the Faith is preserved. C''s an easy step once your eyes are opened....

    5. The fires may have burned down a greater number of trees outside of "Pella", but the fire is still there.

      Modernism is and is not the problem so fleeing to where that is not both solves and doesn't solve the problem. The problem is that man is fallen, and unless he co-operates with grace, he will gravitate towards deformity. If the fight is strictly against modernism and assuming that that which is not modernism is ok and safe, then the problem will just reappear in a different form.

      Yes, if need be, flee to where the flames are less hot. That may be Pella, that may be elsewhere, just don't assume that there are not flames there as well.

      The war is a spiritual one. I was a Protestant once. The Catholic Church is Christ's One and Only Church and His singular and explicit instrument of salvation. It is, however, very much not safe, and I made the mistake of assuming it was long ago. Christ didn't promise us nice place to have a comfortable Faith where all was right as rain. As things go, he promised a lot of difficulty, struggle, pain, and Crucifixion, especially at the hands of those that we though were and should have been with us.

  5. Very good Bear. Always calling as they are. Glad you are back.

    I believe we are at some kind of inflection point in the world. Unless God intervenes we are on the threshold of the NWO where the Church will support the State. The State will be in total control. Robots will do most of the work. People will be redundant and will be eliminated for almost any reason. Hunting season on humans? Maybe this scenario would get somebody's attention, but I doubt it. Shall we wait and see? Yes, all of this is just too far fetched.

  6. Welcome back, Bear! Great post. Also appreciated the comments of the others' It's encouraging to find others who see what is happening to Holy Mother Church today. Y'all have it right...cling to the Barque, study the catechism, read the Bible, and say your prayers as you keep the Faith. God bless JMJ - amr

  7. Ernest Hemingway — 'How did you go bankrupt? Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.'

    I think you've very accurately called the tune, Bear.

  8. I hope Pope Francs goes to heaven soon in 2017.

  9. All that you say, Bear, is accurate but a real Catholic is not panicked by the praxis and preaching of this progressive pope.

    ABS used to be frequently panicked, especially after the revolution within the form of Catholicism during V2, but he has grown closer to Jesus over time and he, at long last, has the peace of Christ.

    Now, these words can be read as a confession that ABS does not care about other Catholics but that is not the case at all but, rather, ABS understands he can not do one damn thing about the labile Lutheran of the Holy See and so he keeps the faith once delivered and will do so until he dies.

    Maybe this will be useful to others.

    The process by which ABS achieved peace was he found an old post communion prayer and praying and thinking about it lead ABS to the realisation that Jesus established His Church for two reasons;


    and ABS was woefully lacking Sanctification and because he is not a Pelagian, ABS understood that is not his work but the work of the Risen Jesus Christ who has passed over into the sacraments.

    So, for quite some time ABS has prayed the old school form of prayer after Communion and then he asks Jesus to complete His work in ABS and to make ABS into the man He desires rather than the man ABS has always chosen to be.

    The simplicity of Sanctification is simply stunning once one realises it is not his own work.

    In any event, St Vincent of Lerins taught us that what is happening to we Catholics now is the way God tests us to see if we love Him.

    And we prove are love for Him by love - and love is an action, not an emotion - and we must first learn and then keep the Deposit of Faith no matter what Pope, Prelate, or Priest tries to tell us differently.

    pax tecum, Bear

  10. Perhaps every bad caricature of all Protestant nightmares about the papacy is rolled up into the way Pope Francis abuses the powers of the office that he legitimately holds.

    How does one come to thinking that this type of exercise of power is a good idea if they have read and been educated in Catholic theology or even Western political theory (which itself is often anti Catholic)? How does one buy into thinking that behaving like the worst Protestant boogeyman of a Pope is the actual correct way for a Pope to act?

    In this Year of Our Lord, the Owl has decided that instead of filing away something as a good paper to write and earn some grubs, he is going to mention it out loud, frequently, in the hopes that it gets picked up.

    -->Does Pope Francis believe that Jesus is the Logos of the Father?

  11. A Note Not Directed At Anyone But Rather At A Millennia Old Idea.

    There has not been an Age where people have not said that the mess of the world was so bad that only the gods could fix it. All the signs and dusty books said that this time, this time, things were so out of control that the gods would have to intervene and fix things.

    God never did intervene and fix things. The sun has risen every day since the beginning of the world. So the "this time God is really going to do something to fix the systemic problem" is rationally not something to plan one's future actions around.

    Scripture is filled with a focus on the need to prepare, be attentive, as if now was the hour for God's righting of all things while at the same time waiting as if that hour was a future unknown thing. There is also every indication that God's final righting of all things is no where near what we consider to be a righting of all things politically.

    So we are left with the NOW but NOT YET.

    Owl tends to tune out the "NOW NOW NOW NOW" because he has read a lot and a lot of people who have said "NOW NOW NOW" are bones and dust and the world is still here. Special/Private Revelation doesn't trump General Revelation. This or that private message does not interpret scripture nor the deposit of the faith...rather those things are what interprets the private message and how one discerns the true from the false.

    Things are bad, very bad, but there is also a "been there done that" feel. The Church has been dealing with the question of "what do we do with a bad pope" since the beginning.

    Besides, I think all the big guns trained on the Papacy are ignoring the mess that is in the local parishes.

    Pope Francis as antiChrist or anything remotely like that? PLEASE. I will take Pope Francis any day over some of the soul sucking blather that I have seen in this or that parish priest. You know I am right. Pope Francis is the Black Pope, but he is not that black.

    Just as the movie Babette's Feast (which Pope Francis talks about but seems not to have actually watched) teaches us, if we look too much towards God's future action, we can miss His present action. You need both the NOW and the NOT YET.

    Again This Message Is Not Directed At Anyone But At a Millennia Old Idea.

    1. Lurker #59, you said "God never did intervene and fix things." Ever heard of Noah? He also sent his Son to fix things too.

    2. JFK ~ God did intervene indeed, but he did not fix things. Noah carried the flames with him through the flood and the world rekindled from his linage. Jesus also didn't "fix" things. The flames still burn and man still dies, and death is still the punishment of sin.

      The Jews wanted so badly for God to come and send the Messiah who would fix the world, and when Jesus said no, he wasn't there to fix things, they crucified Him.

      The Path that Jesus offers isn't a path to fixing the word, setting things right, social justice (neither the left or right wing variant) and what not. It is a path that ends up with the Cross.

      Pope Francis is a cross that the Church is being nailed to. Consider that for a moment.

    3. francis is NOT the cross...the cross is something holy; it is Christ's Altar; it is His Marriage Bed. francis is the unrepentant demon finding joy and pleasure in torturing the King, and in raping His Bride. You seem to want to make him a minor case of indigestion. While he is the logical conclusion to the evil that's been allowed to spread unfettered, within the Church and without, he is a unique entity on the Throne of Peter. The leaves are budding on the fig trees; ignore that at your own peril.

  12. And you will have read my reasons to believe we cannot consider Francis "just another bad pope," because we live in a time when the cultural soil in which the Church (the West) has been washed away, and the prevailing thought is materialistic. We are not seeing just a bad pope. We are seeing an institution failing in the same way sbd at the same time and for the same reasons as all other Western institutions. Yes, that would include parish priests and bishops.

    However, I do agree that thherd are other ways to look at it ither than apocalyptically. I cannot factor the supernatural into my analysis. Not because I deny it, but because it isb't something we know enough about to be useful at any given moment. Also, with the Church, and Francis, you can see what's going on, and it isn't supernatural. Maybe it is a totally naturalistic-looking maniifestation of supernatural forces, but I can't write about that.

    1. Yes, I agree. But I would argue, and think you would agree, that Pope Francis is not cause but symptom. He is not the fire that is burning the trees, but a tree engulfed wreathed in flames and ash.

      As an Owl, I see the supernatural. I don't need to look all the way to Rome to see the darkness. In fact, I am much more concerned about the evil that sits at my own bedside. I have seen some, not here, who are so concerned about Rome that they have forgotten about their own house.

  13. But, to no-one in particular, you're missing the main point that if we had an Athanasius at the head who was actually willing and able to muck out the Augean stables that the Vatican has become, boot and replace bad myriad bishops, revoke and replace red hats, and once again teach and spread the Faith, not tolerate (in ANY way) sodomy in the seminaries, rectories, chanceries, or third floor of Vatican hotels, you would see the world change in short order. Trickle down actually works. God used a single Athanasius to bring the world back to sanity and the Church back to orthodoxy, and a single Benedict to do the same a short time later…..imagine what he could do with a pope of their caliber, fortitude, and faith.

    While no-one ever claimed bergoglio was unique in his own right (he is more arupian than arupe was), he IS most certainly unique in that we’ve NEVER seen his like sitting (squatting) on the throne of Peter. This is a unique time in the history of the Church, and perhaps in the world (other than in Noah’s days, and I would argue even more unique and sinister than those, in that the world has had the fullness of revelation given it and is rabidly rejecting it now…neo-paganism is FAR worse than its original progeitor). Give me a 1000 personally rebrobate Alexander VIs over one false-prophet, dogma wrecking-ball of a francis A.N.Y.D.A.Y.

    And again, no-one in particular; I would never go to ‘Babette’s Feast’ or any other bit of Hollywood tripe, for theological lessons. That movie was so riddled with francis-theology I got ill watching it…and that was before bergoglio came on the national scene.

    1. Well, it wasn't from Hollywood. It wasn't even in English!

      And most of the people in it were Protestants. Babette was, presumably, Catholic.

      I don't remember anything in the film resembling Bergoglianism.

  14. I believe Francis isn't is a far greater threaten n any of you believe. I also believe he is a symptom of a failed institution, too. Let's say you're sick with some disease that compromises your immune system. You get a infection, and your body cannot figt it off. So what killed you? The underlying disease, or the infection?

    You cannot say the infection was not that big of a deal. You can't say it was just the disease, either.

    You could say God punished you for your sins. Bear's do not know such things. The natural explanations are sufficient.

    I do think Francis does more damage because of of the instant communications of today. He is deliberately exploiting them and really does have a non-Catholic view of the Church that he is determined to to change things just as fast as he can without most Catholics noticing. "Mercy!" Who can argue against that.


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