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Incredibly Stupid Facebook Catholics

The Facebook Colonies

When he's not spamming baby goat videos, or writing dubious novels, or publishing this slipshod ephemeris, the Bear maintains a Facebook page that depends from this these writings like a forgotten appendix. It is instructive, however, to read what people who are allegedly Catholic actually believe.

The consensus among those Facebook Catholics sufficiently outraged by the Bear to reply follows.

Huh. Being on Facebook doesn't automatically
make Catholics smarter than anyone else on Facebook.

What Facebook Catholics Believe

On The Pope - The Bear has no right to challenge the Pope in any way, or expect him to make an effort to fit his novelties into the legitimate heartland of Catholic belief because, well, he's the Pope. It is beyond ultramontanism. It is (as the Bear has observed before) the most twisted caricature of Jack Chick papal infallibility. 

The Bear humbly believes that any teaching by the Pope is not ipso facto correct. This, according to the Bear's understanding, has never been the teaching of the Church. The Pope cannot discard previously established dogma in favor of his own idiosyncratic personal opinions. What he can certainly do is to teach in continuity with the Church of history, and put his own stamp on his pontificate. It is certainly legitimate to stress mercy, for example. In fact, the Bear thinks that is an excellent thing.

But today we are back to Chesterton's mad virtues, again. Fornication set loose upon Christendom does damage, of course, but Mercy runs wilder, and more madly, and does far greater harm.

"If that little blond girl manages to get into our house again, I guess it's okay."

Communion: A Word that Actually Means Something

(See "Featured Post" on sidebar to the right from 2014. Bear called it then, and he's still right. "End Game is the Eucharist: Keep Your Eye on the Ball." It's always been about the Mass. As the Bear has said in another post, in answer to the question, how many divisions does the Pope have? One. The dividing line is laid down in pavement paint now, so make sure you're on the right side.)

Where "mercy," or any other virtue or dogma is weaponized, in order to destroy established truths that some pope simply believes are outdated, or wrong to begin with, there is a problem. Take divorced and remarried Catholics. 

Communion for Divorced and Remarried Catholics - There are ways that they may be brought into participation with the sacrifice of the Mass that do not involve consuming the Blessed Body and Blood of Our Lord. Pope Benedict pointed this out. Proper instruction, not unworthy communion, is the best way to deal with this issue. But the the culture of the West is built upon entitlement. If I am denied Holy Communion, "those un-Merciful non-Francis priests are taking something away from me! I have rights, dammit!"

(Catholics used to be said to "assist" at Mass. Now, if you say that, people will think you're a "eucharistic minister." "Participation" is shaking hands at least twice per Mass, and singing Haugen-Hass tunes about gathering, and pilgrims and what not. Catholics no longer have any idea what they are in those pews for.)

The same may be said for Lutherans and communion. Anyone who maintains that Lutherans can licitly take communion does not even understand what the word means. "It's okay so long as they can get away with it," is a mind-boggling stupid argument.

Indeed, the argument on Facebook was that the Church does not forbid anyone from taking communion. As long as you're fine with yourself in your heart, you will not be turned away. The Bear supposes that is true. In the Orthodox Church, the priest is likely to establish your bona fides, if he doesn't recognize you, but not in the Roman Catholic Church. 

The Church has always had requirements for worthy reception, which flow from a clear understanding of herself and the Real Presence. Practice implicates dogma, and it is the biggest lie out of the Vatican today to say it doesn't. "Just pastoral." "Only discernment." "Mercy." They say paint covers a multitude of sins, including the sickly face of the raddled prostitute on Francis' arm, and boy, has he laid it on thick. 

The Number One way the Bear knows Francis is offering bad fish is that he is sneaky. Let him forthrightly explain what has changed in our theology of marriage, or Holy Communion. But all we get is hand-waving and buzzwords. Well, the Bear supposes that's all Catholics are capable of understanding, anyway, these days.

But to argue that you may disregard the rules if you can get away with it, is as ridiculous as saying it's okay for Goldilocks to break into your house, contaminate three bowls of soup, and consume one, then wallow around on all your freshly made beds for who knows what vile purposes, as long as she can get away with it.

Here, Dr. Edward Peters says the same thing, but with credibility. Sheep and goats, folks, sheep and goats.

The Amen Corner

In other words, once you step outside the Woodlands, or its allied ephemerical territories, you enter the land of the incredibly stupid Catholic. Whose fault is this? Priests and prelates and the Pope of Rome, and their amen corner, of course. The Anti-Bear. They are dismantling the Church: brick by brick.

The familiar phrase "amen corner" comes from a poem by Thomas Chalmers Harbaugh. It is a good description of well-informed, intelligent Catholics these days. Unfortunately, our choir will never threaten to quit. It is we who will be made more uncomfortable every month, until remaining Catholic becomes an exercise in sheer stubbornness and daily head-shaking.

His voice was cracked and broken; age had touched his vocal cords.
And nearly every Sunday he would mispronounce the words
Of the hymns, and 'twas no wonder; he was old and nearly blind,
And the choir rattling onward always left him far behind.

The chorus stormed and blustered, Brother Eyer sang too slow,
And then he used the tunes in vogue a hundred years ago;
At last the storm cloud burst and the church was told, in fine,
That the brother must stop singing, or the choir would resign.


  1. Thanks Bear. Hope all is well with you and the Mrs.

  2. Scathingly well said. Now at least FB folks may, just may start to get a clue since you are growling on FB. Persevere Bear.

  3. Ouch, Herr Bear! Red Death needs to file your claws a bit. Stupid, OK, but Incredibly Stupid? FB is a jungle, not a woodlands, but bears will fit into the ecosystem. Don't give up on us. Deal?

  4. "There are ways that they may be brought into participation with the sacrifice of the Mass that do not involve consuming the Blessed Body and Blood of Our Lord. Pope Benedict pointed this out. "

    Yes in my local Novus Ordo church, adulterers regularly teach CCD, are lectors, and sing in the choir. And one regularly jumps in the Communion line because her conscience told her it was ok.

    Seattle Kim


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