Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mentioned in Dispatches

Beta Reader Frank is doing such an outstanding job, the Bear must call all the woodland creatures to the Big Clearing and honor him in some Bear fashion that does not carry too much risk. He's just peppering the Bear with tiny emails a quoted sentence or two, then his reaction. Plot mysteries, excellent insight into character psychology... this is perfect. The Bear wants to know if he has his readers right where he wants 'em. Like stalking a fat pony.

And, yes, Frank is right on the money, appropriately mostly bewildered.

Good job!


  1. I think Frank is mighty brave! (stalking a fat pony - hahahah)

    1. No, the Bear stalks the reader like a fat pony. The guy is a true phenom. An INSPRIRATION to his fellow beta readers! I got another five little emails from him this morning.

    2. I didn't figure you were indicating Frank was a fat pony - that would be me - the fat pony. Anyhow, glad Frank is brave & smart and up to this challenge!


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