Saturday, January 21, 2017

One Day of Real Violence vs. Eight Years of Imaginary Tea Party Violence

When the animals break loose and run through the town being chased by the clowns, it's a bad day to be circus folk.

You may quote the Bear. When the circus melts down, the smarter folk stand on the sidelines, blending in (easier for some than others) saying, "By Jove, this is a bit rum, don't you think?"

Obama could not turn us into Europe in eight years. Trump has done it on day one. We have our very own political riots and carbecues. The Bear should refine that statement to this:

Trump's inauguration has brought out the freak show we always knew made up a substantial portion of the Left. One that seems strangely untroubling to their fellow travelers.


If any Never-Trumper should wander into the Woodlands, they will no doubt be incensed to be linked to rioters. The Bear will kindly save them the trouble of commenting.

"But what about the neo-Nazis and Klansmen? What about the militia crazies with guns? What about all the racists? (And don't demand that I show you the Trump racists; we all know they're invisible with dog-whistles, and they're the worst kind.") What about all of the Trump rapists?"

Here's what's about them. They exist to any measurable degree only in your fevered imagination. "Racist" is like "Nazi." Congratulations, Leftists, you have turned two useful words into bland synonyms for "people I don't like."

Show the Bear the like when Obama was inaugurated. People peacefully pondering a birth certificate doesn't count, now. (That was probably among the dodgier aspects of anti-Obamism, and no one's insurance company had to shell out for fires and vandalism). Tea Party rallies: what was the bill for property damage? How many police were injured?

The Bear has been in both a Tea Party rally (in St. Louis, by accident) and carnival in Sicily (on purpose). The Bear assures you that women were far safer from casual, "all in fun" groping at the Tea Party rally.

Show the Bear the Klansmen rioting in Dixie. Show him the neo-Nazis goose-stepping in their hundreds in major cities. Show me the lynching, the politically-motivated rape, Show him the burning, the breaking, the un-American flags of Anarchism and red flags of (the Bear assumes) Communism. Show him the gun-massacre perpetrated upon non-whites, by whites (make sure you get your statistics straight, now).

In other words, put up or shut up.

Now, the Bear has another challenge. Use the comment box to say (feel free to cut and paste):

"He wasn't my guy, but them's the rules, and he's my president. I do not want to be associated with a bunch of idiots who, I have to admit, seem to have found the same party I support appealing. In fact, that sort of disturbs me."

Or, you can pretend birthers are the same as people destroying property in riots, and endangering lives. (Yes, any time there are riots, lives are at risk, especially police lives. Ready to sign on with the Bear that Blue Lives Matter?)

In any case, it's all good for the Bears. It will be a time of instability that we shall make our move. It shall look something like this. Okay, nothing at all like this. Go to to see what it'll really look like. Drop a comment for those talented guys at the Bear's second favorite website. Maybe even some salmon.


  1. Every side has its own inappropriately violent extremists. Owl has talons and a beak, so Owl believes in appropriate violence.

    I have never seen or heard of Trump supporters being inappropriately violent, especially not as a norm either in action or in rhetoric. It is all rabbit droppings.

    One of the most important things about American politics is the peaceful transition of power. All those who think that this sort of thing should be protested, especially with violent demonstrations and rhetoric should be ashamed. Do you not understand that your desires lead only to the sword?

  2. "Obama could not turn us into Europe.."

    Owl thinks that history will consider Former (what a beautiful word) President Obama to be a small man. He was given an opportunity that rarely if ever comes along. He was given a blessing by God. It was all squandered on divisive pettiness and a hill of dust for accomplishments.

    That blessing has passed to Pres. Trump. While he doesn't have the opportunity that Former President Obama had, there is every indication that he understands what is being asked of him.


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