Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pope Francis Saturation Strategy to Confound Catholics

[UPDATE] Did Francis really deny he was an uncomfortable Pope by saying (in his latest rambling interview) "No. No, I believe for my sins I should be even more misunderstood"? So, isn't that really saying, "No. No, I believe for my sins even more people should fail to acknowledge how great I really am." The mind boggles.

Saturation is an effective means for less able leaders to suppress opposition to their policies. If you are constantly feeding the ever-obliging news media with dopey sound bytes, you prevent anyone from effectively understanding or responding to your agenda.

The Bear sincerely believes this has been a strategy of Pope Francis, one that he has recently kicked into overdrive. This is why the Bear developed the Tar Baby Warning System. It says, "The medium is the message, not the message. Note it, and do something more productive with your time."

An astonishing amount of dope gets slung from the Vatican every day. If you try to keep up with it, and get sucked into a quagmire like Amorous Laetitia, the "TILT" light will go on in your head, and you will be left bewildered and hopeless.

You still think it all just happens to happen? Well, the Bear doesn't. When it comes to sound bytes and press releases from the Vatican, its name is Legion. (In more ways than one.) "But, you HAVE to take everything seriously, because I'm the Pope!"

No, actually, the Bear does not, which is where he parts company with his Facebook critics. You may or may not be the Pope. The Bear does not know. What he does know is the difference between the truth and a lie.

He knows God cannot deceive nor be deceived. He knows the Church cannot err. As for Francis, the Bear long ago concluded he was untrustworthy. (Do you think he would treat him like he does if he had any doubt about that?) Francis is the part that does not fit. Get it?

He's turned into the Lindsay Lohan of the Catholic blogosphere. Everybody feels they have to write about everything he says and does because.... well, because. He's another celebrity. There are times the Bear wishes he could write one last article, saying, "You know what we've got here, so what is the point in taking his latest interview (in which he says Jesus was the incarnation of Krishna) seriously?" [For illustration only.]

It's okay. We have a Church. We have a Bible. We have a few brave and true clerics. (Oh, and we have Francis.) We have more good stuff by real Catholics than you could read if you lived to be as old as the Bear. We don't need to know everything - in the Bear's opinion - in order to be good Catholics. How can Francis wear the white outfit and live somewhere in the Vatican, and yet not have the least respect for real Catholicism?

The Bear does not know. But the Bear does not know most things. He can smell a swindler fifty miles away, though, and that's enough for him. But he can do a whole lot knowing very little. And the most important thing to know is that Francis cannot eat the Church. We all know the truth. So let's do it, and don't pay so much attention to Jorge.


  1. I wrote the below post recently that essentially says the same thing as you, although admittedly much less eloquently. In essence, all must now weigh any and all info coming from Rome against the immutable Truth of the Catholic Faith as it has always been taught, at least up until 1962. If it follows the previous Teachings of the Church, then one can safely believe what has been promulgated. If it departs one jot or tittle from what has always been taught, then one can not and must not follow, until it does conform. Such is what we Catholics have now to do: parse each and every word to ensure our own salvation, for we may not, in many cases, be able to Trust our Shepherds with our Souls. Such is the sad state of the modern Church, especially under our current Pope. Prayer, Patience, Penance and Perseverance are now the order of the day, just to survive...

  2. SCBear, you have written wisely; (and not for the first time!) we woodland critters thank God for you.

    We are undergoing a test. Thanks for the answer: Truth.

  3. Sound advice. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

    1. We MUST pay attention. Let me remind each and every person that we have a solemn duty, for the sake of those whom we love, to understand what is being fed to them. We have to refute the error, lest it leads to their spiritual harm. Of course the devil will not defeat the Church in the end; he knows that. However, he can cause much damage and that damage entails the damnation of thousands of souls, many of them our friends and families. Do we still think we have the moral option of "paying no attention to that man behind the screen?

    2. With all due respect, the point is we CAN'T keep up with his saturation strategy. On your blog, have you reported, analyzed and explained every single thing this Vatican has said of a questionable nature since Francis achieved his apotheosis? Maybe I'm thinking like a lawyer, but once the credibility of a witness is utterly, completely, and not only merely dead, but most sincerely dead, I think we go into chasing our tail mode. Do you imagine Amorouus Laetitia was really written to be read, to explain anything? We are not fighting ideas. The Church doesn't let us do that very effectively. We - or let me say, I - am sounding the alarm about a dishonest, dangerous person. I don't need to check the grammar on the past-job ransom note from the man holding the Bride of Christ hostage. I need to wake up every morning, rub my paws together, and ask myself, "How am I going to kick that rat-bastard in the teeth today?" Does that make me a bad Catholic? That's the least of it, folks. Credibility comes only from truth. No truth, no credibility, no credibility, no point in wasting everyone's time.

      He's a dead horse. Stop beating him and tuck in.

  4. 'So let's do it, and don't pay so much attention to Jorge.'...........I have to say, and with ALL due respect, I'm not 100% on board with that. "Be WISE as serpents, and gentle as doves"......but in order to be WISE as serpents, we have to pay attention to what's happening with Jorge and Boys. For instance, his constant mantra of: "I am the POPE, SO WHAT I SAY GOES!" agenda is beginning to filter down to the Church on the ground. Priests are being sacked for being faithful to Christ in HIS Church, and rejecting the Pope's precious and poisonous A.L. His heavy handed 'mantra' is being put into action on the we speak. We have to know when it's time to retreat into the's getting close to time. If we 'nail our foot to the pew', we may be, eventually nailed to the pew that is in the Church that belongs to ANYONE but Christ. As I see it, we're getting close to going back to the Catacombs, and we must be awake to see it.

    But yes, you are correct, that at the same time we can't be 'all consumed' with what Jorge does or SAYS on a daily basis. 1st priority and number one goal should be to practice our true faith, PRAY UNCEASINGLY, get to Heaven, and take as many with us as possible.

    1. We delude ourselves if we think we can actually fight the Pope's ideas. Whether we blog or not, Jorge is going to continue to wreck the Church. We belong to an institution that was not set up as a democracy, or decentralized, like Orthodoxy. We have a Pope.

      I saw Sully last night (great movie). Both engines are out, and I'm leafing through the QRH for the part that says, "Pope constantly spewing heresy." Maybe you're got a more up-to-date one, but mine doesn't have that chapter.

      There are a million Catholic bloggers a lot bigger than the Bear, who have failed to deter Pope Francis from acting like an arsonist. So many man (person? Human?) - years dissecting what this inflection in his native Bantu greeting signified, or whether the neutral gerund 17th declension of the Latin word ipsomania really denies the divinity of Christ. I can't even read the detailed analysis of AL, much less the document itself. I tried. I concluded early on it was just a smokescreen, and for what was obvious, so I stopped.

      Do not expect much from a 450 lb. ursine brain. I am doing a job, here, whether anyone likes it or knows what it is. So, see with what large letters I sign this myself?


      He has us beat on ideas six ways before we even turn on our computers. There are ways ideas can be defeated. Blogging ain't one of them. But, there are modest ways blogs can be useful.

    2. He isn't the bad tree. If Pope Francis were to be uprooted, the problem would remain and you would likely have another take his place. He isn't special..just a typical South American Jesuit.

      You are right Great Bear, you cannot combat this heresy directly head-on via point by point apologetics. Not when the whole forest is on fire. It is like thinking that with enough blogging all the Protestants will convert.

    3. One of the more memorable moments of the Bear's naval career was when a torpedo struck the USS Buttercup. (This is a true story, although it was an exercise.) Icy water from Narragansett Bay flooded the lower decks as we tried desperately to identify the breaches in the hull (that would be where the water was coming in) and use mattresses and wood to staunch the flooding. Alas, the freezing water up to our necks, it was obvious the stricken Buttercup was doomed.

      The Church has been in better shape. Is it so bad that it can neither throw an outlier of a good pope who could make a difference, or simply be beyond hope? I hope not, but based on natural evidence, I don't know the answer.

      I think it is too soon to say. Perhaps Francis - whom you characterize correctly - has so horrified the ordinary cardinals and opinion leaders the next conclave will be the "scared straight" conclave.

      And yet, there seems to lie upon the Vatican some heavy hand that prevents any positive moves. Certainly, it would require a ruthless pope willing to see the Church dwindle to a fraction of its nominal size, if not outright splits by some national bishops conferences. A cardinal willing to metaphorically stake (!) out the territory of the real Church would be unlikely to get elected.

      I expect an empty chair (term lawyers use of a go-along juror who will take no meaningful part in deliberations) who will be expected to not upset anyone, which would include all the people in adultery taking communion, Protestants likewise, Jews re: what Bear has called "New Jew View" of Jesus-less salvation (why does no one besides Bear seem to be really bothered by this?) etc.

      "Advances" are never, ever rolled back, nor shall they be. People would go bananas if all of a sudden These things were rolled back. Francis is not - in my opinion - a smart man. But he does have a low cunning. He knows he need not trouble with changing teachings, only provide cover for his allies to change practices. (Another reason this is not about refuting what he says.) This institution is stuck with the Franciscan "pastoral discernment" from here on out, I'm afraid.

      Yet even so, there is a flaw in his plan. Each individual Catholic must decide and can decide to hold to the Church's teachings. All he is doing is encouraging bad behavior on a case-by-case basis. So he gets short-term gains, and Catholics who cannot be troubled to educate themselves are in danger.

    4. I think EVERYONE would readily agree that we are at WAR. In order to fight the enemy you must NAME the enemy, and keep track of what the enemy is doing. 'Rules of Combat 101'.

    5. War, yes, but asymmetrical warfare. We don't fight their war. Combat 404 :-)

    6. When the Good Friday prayer for the conversion of Jews was seriously watered-down, you knew it wouldn't be long before the "New Jew View' of Jesus-less salvation would be coming.

    7. lol, you may have had it right the first time, with pounds. Your analysis is super, your writing, pithy, and your conclusions, probably accurate.
      I don't know, I waver! On Mondays I'm sure more information will get us to the heart of it, and everybody will wake up and say hey, we can't have this, and do something about it. On Fridays I'm sure only divine intervention will make a dent, and I pray for it. On Saturdays I look at the sky waiting for the sweet meteor of death that I'm sure I heard whistling. Good thing I'm not anybody, I have no idea what to do. All I know for sure is, our Catholic Church has gotten up in the middle of the night and moved away leaving us all kind of stranded. No forwarding address, we're without a home. The catacombs it may well be. Although, there is some hope in these USA. We are no longer operating under a Marxist regime who showed every indication of ramping up significant Christian persecution, and for that, I will try to remember to thank God every day, and pray for our new president. I encourage Europe to vote likewise, as soon as they get the opportunity.
      As to what we should do with all this bad information, I don't know. For about three years I have been kind of obsessively checking blogs, and I would say the main motive has been hoping that one day, it would be there, the "it" being a group of Cardinals drawing a line in the sand and saying no more to the nest of apostates and sodomites and Freemasons in the Vatican.
      But, it appears they may not be coming.
      I am not altogether certain I can last much longer seeing these flamboyant fairy's mincing around with sledge hammers.
      By the way Bear, you are right, your wife is talented and your child, a beauty.

  5. His Holiness, Pope Francis, seems to believe that he is a Sybil.

    Saturation can become accepted truth, even if it is devoid of truth. Contradicting saturation also spreads the message but not contradicting leaves the message unchecked. It is a difficult tightrope, but Great Bear has undoubtedly traversed many with umbrella in hand.

    The Church Militant is not a mystical energy field that surrounds us, penetrating us, and binding us all together. It is too easy to fall for that trap when too many of the hierarchy are playing footsie with with the devil. Think of how hard it must have been to have been brought to Christ by the Apostle Judas. Think of how hard it must have been to remain with God's Church when you were catechized by a young Luther. Today we have Pope Francis. How hard it must be for young people today. The Church isn't Pope Francis', it is Christ's. He may be in charge, but he is only leading himself not the Church. Let us pray that he returns to shepherd the Church.

  6. Owl knows Pope Francis is a validly elected Pope. He is also a Pope engaging in material heresy. Pope Francis has not yet engaged in formal heresy, though he is close. Owl considers that Pope Francis will issue something official about Luther this year that will be formal heresy. Then all Catholics should rise up saying "You have renounced the Papacy and we demand a Conclave to elect your successor."

    But Owl still prays that Pope Francis will listen to God, repent, and lead the Church. That will take humility-something that Pope Francis has not been blessed with an abundance of.

  7. This whole Pope Francis thing is getting very tiresome. How many idiotic utterances does an idiot need to make before he is officially declared an idiot?

    1. I'm sure you could work back through the Bear's posts and figure out when that happened.

    2. There's some good stuff back there in the Bear archives,

    3. Thanks. 1200+ . Not all good, of course. This remains a disreputable ephemeris written by a Bear. Even deplorable.

    4. Michael for what it's worth I will declare him one right this very second.

  8. Speech is silver; silence is gold.
    Catechism Explained

  9. Well, Lindsay Lohan just became a Muslim. Can we expect Bergoglio to follow suit?

    1. No. Islam is just one of the Three Great Abrahamic Religions, and is no different from Catholicism. There would be no point in Francis converting.

  10. To summarize what the Bear is feebly trying to do here is pretend he has an expert witness on DNA on the stand. His science is garbage, and I could spend days on boring cross dismantling it.

    On the other hand, he's sleeping with the prosecutor, he has been offered a million dollar contract provided the state secures a conviction, he was convicted of tax fraud, he faked the certificates for his lab, and I have him on video chuckling about how he's going to railroad another black defendant because he's a KKK member.

    I see it in terms of credibility. I know which approach a jury is going to pay more attention to. No doubt, many Catholics really want to understand AL line by line. I don't. I am just a dumb Bear with a 450 gm brain. I am here in this fleabitten fly by night circus in a slightly bent bicycle saying every way I know how, "DANGER! FRANCIS IS A LIAR AND A SNEAK. IT WILL BE OKAY, BUT FOR NOW YOUR POPE (FOR SAKE OF ARGUMENT) HAS DECLARED WAR ON TRUTH."

  11. Given the ease with which the evil intent of a single man or a group of men can be identified based on membership in an institution, like the KKK given in your example, shouldn't certain, perhaps even ingrained and fundamental premises about the Catholic Church be called into question, especially given the sheer number of evil men that rise to power and influence within this institution with great historical regularity?

    Contradictions result from false premises.

    Is it not patently obvious that Francis is not the cause, but rather the effect, of a complete systemic organizational failure, and not vice versa?

  12. I read of many members who have attempted to corrupt Holy Mother Church, but never have I seen such a blatant attack as the one being done by this heathen who dares to bear the name of St. Francis of Assisi, mirror of Christ.


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