Saturday, January 28, 2017

Short Bonus Chant: Russian Orthodox Epistle

Bonus Track! Article below is full Lauds by Bear. This is for fun. Russian Orthodox method of reading the epistle (although a poor imitation of the better examples of the "from the grave" style. It can be spine-tingling.)


  1. Thank you. The reading is also very apropos.

    Also, Owl's cat likes Great Bear's voice.

  2. Very, very appropriate. Has Pope Francis yet read this part of Sacred Scripture? The question of course is rhetorical.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, EM. But, I know for every one that thinks it sounds nice, there will be fifty who think I'm rough here, or flat there. It's always going out on a limb when an ordinary person sings and posts it. Now my daughter, she has the voice of an angel. Move you to tears. Ought to, after all the lessons!

  4. No bear roar at the end was disappointing.

  5. You are something else. I never know what all you are going to be doing next! No moss grows on this Bear, that's for sure. You do have a good voice, and every voice raised for love of God is beautiful. I wish you were all my neighbor, I'd like to hang out at your house and see what's happening.

  6. Never knowing exactly what's next is the fun of a circus. That is why this is "A Curious Entertainment for Discriminating Catholic Ladies and Gentlemen." But thank you!


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