Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Slo-Mo Baby Goat (Intense)

Pregnant women and readers with heart conditions should not watch this video. Everybody else try it out with the Inception music for sheer menace, Carmina Burana (a.k.a. "Damien Music"), or the epic Goat of Thrones theme. Heck, try them all. Just be sure you start the music before the video, especially before the stirring strings of the Goat of Throne theme.

Watch in horror as the baby goat backs the woman into a corner, threatening to kill her, only to break off the vicious attack, as if toying with her. In the close quarters of the ursine bedchamber, there is no escape.

Because the only thing more fun than a baby goat running amok is a baby goat running amok in slow motion. Not bad for only three days old! The Bear wishes he could sprong and gambol so terrifyingly in slow motion. Love the power slide toward the end.


  1. I am sending this to everyone I "know". That's the cutest little slo-mo ever. Thanks for making me grin.

  2. Between this and the FANTABULOUS Trump press conference today, I'm grinnin' like the Cheshire Cat :):):)

    And once again, to make you grin, the real 'O Fortuna' lyrics; and now you know, the rest of the story......



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