Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Oh Bother

You would not believe the stuff that you have to do AFTER you write and sell a book! Bear means, he's not complaining, but he's sorry for not keeping up the ephemeris. He is sure, like, the, erm, Pope, or somebody, has said something.

Today the Bear got finished with the book trailer. Pretty much what you might expect from a clever Bear with a camera and no budget. Paper dolls! But, not just any paper dolls. More like paper dolls lying decapitated in pools of blood. If it gets past Postmaster Hayes, that is.

And if "Garbo Talks!" the Bear goes one better, having managed to get the actual, real-live Red to sit still without killing people long enough for just a few quick cuts. Then she allowed him to briefly video her.

Of course, it's all up to Mr. Thalberg and the studio.

It's not up to the Bear, but if he had to guess, it will be April-May.

But what does he know?


  1. Now don't start talking like Pooh Bear :)
    We are patient for good things to come.

  2. I am getting impatient. But today I finished tweaking the trailer. Got a uniform, cool skin color, suggesting moonlight. Made the tableaux of the three items on the table much more dramatic. Changed the generic text-only opening title to a much prettier Christmas theme. I think people will be tantalized, then shocked, and finally laugh. It really gives the sense of the book without giving much away. I bet I would get in big trouble if I just posted a tiny still. Totally unofficial and subject to change... hmm...

  3. You are destroying the willing suspension of disbelief. Stop talking about the novel!!!!!

    1. Admit it. You're my publisher. Am I right?

    2. No, just someone who likes Corbinian's Bear.

    3. I don't mean suspension of disbelief about the novel, but about this blog!

  4. Thanks. Good idea, although I hope suspension of disbelief is not damaged by a little teasing. It is no more than other things that are forthcoming. There are many plot points. I am careful not to give anything away. I thought people might be interested in the inside story, but who knows what happens when I get off my bicycle?

  5. Oh, yeah. OPSEC. Good idea. I remember that from my Army days. If it troubles anyone who might have their enjoyment spoiled, far be it from me. But don't beat me when I can't come up with timely articles. I in a bubble at the moment.

  6. It seems like the pope is helping out by not saying much. Am I right, or is it just that no one is interested.

  7. OH the pope has said something alright, and it's a doozy. Something about trad. vocations, but does it even matter anymore? No worries on the ephemeris, I just go back and read your old stuff. I guess Red Death lost interest in her blog, she must have a life.

  8. Re: suspension of disbelief caused by Judging Angels. The Bear writes this ephemeris. He has always maintained he is also the author of Judging Angels! But, since he's a Bear, and people don't want to let him in to do interviews and book signings and what not, Capps is the human face of the book. Has Capps ever written a blog? No. The only thing he has ever written are briefs and Sailor Moon fan fiction (hah! bet you didn't know I knew that, did you, Capps?) So make no mistake. The mind behind Judging Angels is the mind of a Bear. This Bear.


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