Sunday, March 19, 2017

Baby Goats from Two Mamas At Once!

A sampling of today's gift from God of four babies. One has been rejected, so we will have another bottle baby to entertain us. Ava denies she had anything to do with the dark goat, accepting only the white one. You have to like the one with the white cap and ears and black face. The top one has already been named Daisy; the bottom one is nameless. Both of these are from Ava, although she has disowned the bottom one. Ava and Blanquette agreed to have them at the very same time this Sunday afternoon..

Thank you for your kind words.

Panda is not happy. It is goatdemonium out there!


  1. That must have kept you busy! How many are does?

  2. Two little cuties! Love the bottom one. Glad that Bear us back!

  3. I'm afraid it looks like Spike from gremlins.
    Goat + Gremlin = Big Trouble in Little Zoar.

  4. Glad you're back in the saddle, Bear. You've been missed.

  5. Bears do not need saddles and horses are not for riding, but thanks anyway! And thanks for the hanging curve ball.

  6. GOAT UPDATE: Patch (the kid who looks like he was assembled from spare parts) does not have a latch reflex and it is very difficult to get him to suck at all. I'm kind of worried.

    1. You can try tube feeding it, to at least get it growing.
      That kid has a patch, too!

      I used the syringe, rather than gravity, but she was gentler.


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