Thursday, April 13, 2017

Checkers Lives!

We had thought old Reynard the Fox had inflicted a death blow upon our brave rooster, Checkers. He  did valiantly fight the fox, giving his hens time to escape to safety. However, with some TLC from his girls, he survived. His crow, however, will never be the same. It is now a drawn-out croak, instead of a ringing challenge to darkness and foxes.


Croak with pride, thou Auroura's falcon,
who purpleth the sky with thine enemies' blood,
thou dost not show thy wounds, but singeth.
Chicken thou never wert.


  1. You have the chicken, the hen, and the rooster. The chicken goes with the hen... So who is having sex with the rooster? –Frank Costanza

    1. ..the rooster has sex with all of them...-Mr. Ross

      See this is why I can't have a farm. I can't handle all these violent barnyard assaults. I can't handle the drama! I'm grateful Checker's lives...

  2. The Mylie Cyrus of squirreldom (or is that somewhat redundant?)...

    BTW, nice haiku....sorta. You're a real renaissance Bear.

  3. Checkers at least deserves a new title for that battle scar, maybe Sir Checkers or something.

    1. His crow is sounding a bit more normal now. This fox is a menace. It mauled one of our hens, too. We have box traps, leg traps, spotlights, cameras dogs, and have even take a shot or two at it. But we can't get rid of it.

    2. That critter's days are numbered, release the hounds!

  4. I don't think he need fear a Yorkie and a goofie Aussie. If he is going to meet his demise, it will be from and overdose of lead.


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