Friday, April 7, 2017

So, If Adulterers Can Receive Communion...

ACCEPTING THE FOLLOWING AS TRUE for the sake of this experiment...

If adulterers can receive Holy Communion, then who must not?

  • Murderers
  • Child abusers
  • Active Homosexuals (just kidding, but of course!)
  • Um...

The list seems pretty short to the Bear. Who really needs the sacrament of confession? If it all comes down to the interior forum of your conscience anyway, and Francis has set a pretty low bar of adultery, why should a Bear or anyone bother with going to confession? (It was not very much used anyway, if you compare the confession line to the communion line.)

There is a line in The Caine Mutiny where Fred MacMurray says the ship was "designed by geniuses to run by idiots." With no offense to the Petrine Office, the Bear thinks the Church is pretty much the same. It does not take a lot of talent to avoid totally screwing up everything. The dumbest pope in history could fake his way through a decade or so. "Where is il papa?" "Oh, he's around here someplace, praying, I think."

Most of us have had the experience of finding the end of a loose thread and pulling. And pulling. It just never stops. At the level where most Catholics live, do you really believe most of them are not going to find the logic of "if adulterers, then..." compelling? Where does that logic stop? You cannot ignorantly or wickedly fool around with complex equipment with many interacting parts, or even a sweater.

The question of communion for adulterers was answered long ago. Now, Francis has not just messed up our theology of Holy Matrimony, he has attacked at least two other sacraments, as well: the Holy Eucharist and Confession. The Bear says "at least" because the more Francis throws well-established truths into what he views as the dustbin of history, the more challenged the credibility of the Church itself becomes.

Francis may or may not realize he is sawing off the limb upon which he sits. The Bear believes he doesn't care. The Bear thinks he wakes up every morning saying, "What good is being Pope if I can't change everything?" He won't be around for the drop.

"If adulterers can receive Holy Communion on the whim of a pope, what good is a pope, anyway?" Let's just make it official and become Lutherans.


  1. In this age of instant information overload, the pope is doing irreparable damage to the Chair of Peter and leading souls to perdition. Faithful bishops must act to publicly correct him. That's all I got anymore...

    1. Indeed this is the 64 million dollar question: How do we STOP this guy? And another: WHO and WHEN are faithful Bishops going to say "ENOUGH of the heresy from this man!!" MAYBE before the second coming??

  2. You grasp the essential: the communications-sphere in which we live and move and have their being. Miscreant prelates opposed only by a rag-tag fleet of bloggers and a lone Bear smuggling honey from the Kardashian system. The time in which we live is a tremendous force multiplier to evil.

  3. Bucket by bucket Pope is taking Catholicism out of Christianity. We are all Protestants now. "How do you like them apples."

  4. I've been seeing this coming since Evangelii Gaudium 47, "Everyone can be part of the community, nor should the doors of the sacraments be closed for simply any reason." Any reason? At the time people said that he didn't mean it that way. Everyone knew that there were legal and spiritual requirements. Are we so certain about that now?

  5. Replies
    1. I deleted my comment because it was poorly written. Never try to write on an Android. Learned my lesson.

  6. I have had pen in hand using my Surface Pro to mark up edits. It has been great. Wouldn't it be ironic if high end tablets revived penmanship?

  7. SPRINGTIME, baby......dem green shoots is just a bustin' out like never before!

    Depending on how you slice it, Pope San Francisco appears to be of a piece with the whole gang that has prepared the way since the passing of Pius XII.

  8. I don't think Francis is sitting on the limb, I think he's hanging off it by his backside!

    1. backside; with his white polyester dress up over his head.


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