Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The Bear knows some have expressed interest in contributing to this august journal, known as SCB.

It's easy. Keep it topical, short and interesting. If you can squeeze a chuckle out of it, so much the better. Just email it to the Bear. Don't pretend to be the Bear. No guarantees, A rejection may only mean that the Bear is working  on a similar piece.

You would be credited with your own name, or any woodland creature pseudonym you wish.


  1. If you keep your Brpeaecp amused, sure? Why not.

    1. ok, at the risk of looking like a total rube....


    2. Sorry, I failed to translate from the Bear. "Audience." Also, "Dinner." In the Bear language, all nouns have the alternate meaning of dinner except me, myself and I.

  2. Do you think it lacking in charity to tell the Pope to shut his piehole, pass on the deposit of faith and quite pretending that immipgration is more important than 50 million surgical abortions each year in the world? If you do, why?

    1. oh, he's passing on a deposit of faith all right; it just ain't the one Christ gave to His Apostles.

  3. Bear,

    You can rest assured that even if others submit, the Flea shall never submit.

    Submission is not a Woodland value.


Your comment will likely be posted after the Bear snuffles it. Please, no anonymous posts.

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