Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Where's That Story?

The Bear reconsidered. If the original blogger thinks it should be dropped, the Bear should respect her wishes, rather than perpetuate a story that - really - was not his. We are a community, and... well, that's all. (Re: Arkansas condemned.)


  1. Bear you made a very valid point about Catholic media being careful what they print.
    I took the story down because I felt *I* hadn't given them enough time to respond to me before I posted it- I should have held the story for a bit, but I didn't.
    You gave them the benefit of the doubt along with a very valid reason they must double check their stories. Nothing wrong with that Bear.

    1. I think my piece was legit. But in my heart I felt that it was better to show respect to you. That's my decision. A Bear's gotta go with his gut. Ave Maria has promised me a response, and if it is interesting, I'll do something on it. PAX - Bear.


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