Friday, May 5, 2017

Short Promoted Comment

Jeanne writes of Judging Angels:

Well, I finished it on Sunday afternoon, having bought it on Saturday morning. It does keep you on your toes, doesn't it ! And I enjoyed it very much. Fun while you're reading, thought-provoking afterwards.

I really am not sorry I once landed on your site, Bear. And it was no coincidence: we once gave our daughter (now 18) a very nice brown Steiff teddy we called « Corbinien », for obvious reasons. Other bears in the family include Edward, Winston, Diogène, Archibald, Oscar and Nestor Prosper de Bear. They are more interested in honey and whisky than in salmon, unfortunately…

Thanks again for a very good read. And please be assured of my prayers for your brother ; I lost my own brother (14 years older than I) to cancer last autumn. So in a way, I know…

Looking forward to the sequel


Thank you so much, Jeanne. Bear is happy you enjoyed it. And reading it in less than 24 hours is pretty impressive, as it comes in at 500 printed pages!

But this old moth-eaten show-Bear fears he will not fit into such impressive ursine company.

If you enjoyed it, the Bear asks a personal favor. If you can leave a 4 or 5 star review at Amazon, please do. It does not have to be a masterpiece, just a few short, plain words. Reviews and ratings are incredibly important to authors, especially a first-timer with an oddball mix of C.S. Lewis and Raymond Chandler.

If anyone does not like it (not everyone likes everything) consider, instead, sending the Bear a quick note so he can make the sequel better.

Again, Jeanne, thanks for the first piece of real fan mail. It is very exciting for Bear. Bear guesses that makes you his... Number 1 Fan? First official book-fan, anyway.

If anyone wants to kidnap Bear, don't worry about tying him down. Just stock up on honey and salmon and he'll be your guest for as long as you want. (Be sure there are plenty of windows in his room for, um, ventilation, if you know what the Bear means. Bear has been told by humans he does not smell very good, which he does not understand since Bears have the best noses in the animal kingdom.)

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  1. Bear I can't wait to start it. I will be reading it next weekend. This weekend is impossible.
    Enjoy the rest from your writing labors. Or are you feeling itchy to start another already?


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