Thursday, June 29, 2017

Francis' Blobifix Announces Triumph of Gnosticism

"Sorry, no place for the ridiculous notion of a 'man-god' on a cross."

Our immediate reaction is disgust with Francis for reducing the crucifix to a Star Trek original series prop. The Bear sees something far more serious than bad taste, however.

"Christ crucified" was the center of St. Paul's preaching, even though the idea of a God in the flesh who was crucified was foolishness to the Greeks and a stumbling block to the Jews. In fact, the Catholic Church has always  been distinguished from Protestantism by the image of the Crucified Christ versus the "victorious risen Christ" empty cross.

There is little any Protestant could complain about with this abstract, headless, "Chromium Christ." Of course, this is no accident. But neither is it the end of the analysis.

Commiefix. Excellent blunt instrument to inflict massive head trauma.
immediately upon receipt. Other than that, no.

Catholicism and Art: More Important than You Think

Catholicism  has always been closely allied with art. Think of the patronage it gave to Michelangelo for the Sistine Chapel. It is impossible to think of the history of Western art without considering the Church. Art has always been used to express the Faith, even when the art has been more worldly than Christian, more naive than skilled.

Art, good, bad or indifferent, cannot help but say something about the Faith when the Church puts it to official use. The Bear would, in his cunning way, draw conclusions about you from the art you chose to display in your home. For example, if you had an autographed picture of Ginger Rogers on your wall, he would instantly know you were a person of exquisite taste.

Recall the excellent series on icons from Bald Eagle. Now, here is the West, with the Pope bearing an anti-icon for an anti-Catholicism.

When it comes to what the Church really believes, it is not so much the creed we mumble on Sunday, but the architecture around us, its decoration (or lack thereof); its music; its sound bytes; and the behavior of its priests and prelates with adolescent boys.

Ah, the last is not gratuitous and the Bear shall make the connection.

The Art of the New Gnosticism

The blobifix does not give us a man on a cross. God has not become man. The God-Man has not borne our sins and died a shameful death. If the blobifix is not a denial of the incarnation the Bear knows naught of religion nor art. A few chromium lumps declare the destruction of Christianity and the triumph of Gnosticism.

Industrial rustifix at Our Lady of the
Snows National Shrine. No.
Imagine you are a detective putting together clues. This is how Trial Lawyer Bear cannot help but see things. Everything means something. The top picture means far more than the modern faddishness that have given us a disgusting parade of human ugliness, from the industrial rustifix in the chapel of the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows to the infamous lizard on a stick so beloved of a succession of popes, and, now, the blobifix.

This is more than another bouquet thrown to Francis' Lutheran sweethearts. More than bad taste, faddishness, or even blasphemy. The Bear sees the shining glyph of an ancient heresy being crammed down his throat.

Saint Pope John Paul II and
the lizard on a stick.
Ah, greetings to our old enemy: Gnosticism.

The blobifix is a heretical symbol of the antichrist. Anyone who denies Jesus Christ came in the flesh is an antichrist, says St. John, to the few Catholics who still read and believe the Bible.

The plain, empty cross of the most rustic Protestant is preferable to the visual revival of the first serious heresy that tried to throttle Christianity in its crib. Now, the Church is as weak as an ancient, raddled, lecher, and once more vulnerable to its original enemy.

For the second time and in the same way, the Adversary takes advantage of a weak Church to promote a beautiful vision of spirituality without sin. Of adultery without consequences or even disapproval. That vision has always had a name: Gnosticism.

But as we fixate on Francis, we must remember that he is but the symptom of an advanced stage of a long-term disease.

The Church's Homosexual Abuse Crisis

As for the connection between all of this and Gnosticism, the Bear notices today that Francis long-time protege Cardinal Pell from down under has been charged in connection with molesting minors. The Bear uses this as an illustration, rather than proof of anything, and considers Cardinal Pell innocent until proven guilty. There is a reason for statutes of limitations. It is tough to defend against five decades-old accusations.

A Note on the Bear's Use of the Term "Homosexual Abuse Crisis"

Here is an old article that explains the Bear's term "Homosexual Abuse Crisis," based on the Jay Report data. The gold standard report was commissioned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and conducted by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. It is available online here. However, it disingenuously exempts homosexuals in its findings. The data, however, could not show a clearer picture of classic homosexual grooming and abuse of adolescent or near-adolescent boys. They make up the overwhelming majority of victims and reveal the unmistakable signature of the homosexual predator. 

Pedophiles are entirely different and usually target much younger children (as young as babies) and are often indiscriminate as to the sex of their victims. The Bear knows this because he was counsel in many, many cases involving both homosexual predators and pedophiles. (Why? Few criminals have the means to afford private counsel - unlike meth dealers, homosexual predators and pedophiles often maintain a respectable place in society, and can hold down decent jobs. Like being a priest, for example.)

Homosexual predators usually respond poorly to treatment because they rarely see anything wrong in their actions. Oft times they have been victims themselves, and as one client put it to the Bear, "It didn't hurt me any, so I don't see what's wrong with it."

Trust the Bear on this one. He is the only one who will tell you the truth based on an informed examination of the raw data of the Jay Report.

Mercy and the New Gnosticism

Let's take another look at the homosexual abuse crisis that plagued the Church throughout the 20th century. Gnosticism denigrated matter (recall how the headless body of the Crucified One disappears into the blobifix) as unspiritual in a scheme where only the spiritual counted. Sin did not matter, since matter was irredeemably evil, anyway. Whatever one did in the flesh could not possibly make the flesh any more evil than it already was. One's spiritual being floated pure above it all.

Can one not hear the echo of Gnostic teachers in the neat division so many churchman have made between homosexual predation and a career devoted to the Church? The natural child of Gnosticism is Antinomianism, an extreme view held by a minority of Protestants that sin does not matter because grace covers all.

Whenever we hear (or must conclude) that sin does not matter because it is expressed through mere matter, over which spirit - called by "mercy" or some other name - must triumph, we should discern the dim advance of ancient Gnostic ghosts threatening to break out into the present.

One might accuse Francis of many things, but false advertising is not one of them.

(h/t Connecticut Catholic Corner)


  1. God rested on the seventh day, but these apostates have incredible zeal for their hatred of God and the flock. Their zeal is amazing, because every day they have a new way to poke us in the eye.

    Protect children, O Lord, let them not be corrupted by these vile predators. What a scandal and a plague to our young people! Just this past month, we lost a 13 year old "transgender" child. Many young people, adolescents, are lost in this LGBT world, as they are manipulated and groomed by homosexuals, and are ripe for the picking. God help them, and help us, if we don't try to protect them from it.

  2. Please God - Deliver us from Pope Francis the Terrible!

  3. There is a way to argue for blobifix if one is a pure Platonist, but that is not Pope Francis, so Owl won't go down that path.

    Owl will instead point out that, for someone who elevates the visage of the dirty poor in all their sheepy-humanness (where sheepy doesn't mean simple) to very lofty heights, to not be royally revolted at such a blobifix indicates a problem.

    Granted, humility sometimes requires bearing with gifts that are of of bad ascetics, but that doesn't mean that one HAS to use it. In part, this is a great sign of the lack of catechetics and faith in Europe and prelates not doing their jobs.

  4. It's no surprise that Bergoglio is a gnostic, after all it was the Jews and Freemasons in Argentinia that helped orchestrate his election to the papacy. He is in bed with them. The Bear does an excellent job of tying this all in with the homosexual abuse crisis and what "Francis Mercy" really means => Gnosticism.
    Bergoglio is not THE anti-Christ, but he is an anti-Christ.

  5. BTW about Cardinal Pell -- I too believe he is innocent until proven guilty. What is being done to him might explain why none of our bishops are willing to take any action against Bergoglio. If the bishops aren't homosexuals themselves, Francis and his minions can still blackmail them with guilt by association, or even as in Pell's case, have someone make up completely false accusations about them.

  6. I was talking with a friend the other day, who in the past (10 years ago) had been a seminarian at a well-known Novus Ordo seminary. A respected professor pulled him aside and asked him if he knew what he was getting himself into; that more than half the seminarians were practicing homosexuals and also, that those in charge were aware of it. Multiply this by many seminaries and many years, and a whole lotta sodomites are in the hierarchy.

  7. RE: lengthy videos: The Bear does feel some responsibility for everything that appears in his ephemeris. With all due respect to well-meaning posters, he is not comfortable with readers posting urls to 1h 38m videos. He's sorry, but time constraints forbid him from reviewing lengthy videos and researching their provenance. The Bear trusts everyone will understand and this does not cause hard feelings.

    Far better for everyone if you wish to share something like that, briefly identify who is speaking ("traditional Catholic bishop" probably won't cut it) and summarize it in your own words so everyone may benefit from the insights you want to to share.

    This is no reflection on the poster or content, merely an acknowledgment of the Bear's limited time. Of course, you may always email me items of interest, although, again, the Bear can't promise he will be able to give it the arrention it deserves.

  8. I think the first century Gnostics would be insulted to be associated with such "crucifixes." OTOH, I'm glad Bear (or Bald Eagle, or whomever/whatever) characterized JPII's cross as a "lizard on a stick." The farther we get from his papacy, the more objective Catholics will be about it -- and the more they will realize how bad a pope he actually was.

  9. So, if Jorge Bergoglio is brandishing an anti-icon for an anti-Catholicism, wouldn't that make him an . . .?

  10. Nice dot connecting. Now we have a universalist as CDF. Universalism = ecumenism = no real thing such as sin.....all will be saved. No need for a Savior. We are seeing the hidden theology of Vatican 2 coming out of the woodwork and it is an ugly gnostic thing.

  11. "Lizard on a Stick" is not original to Bear, but an apt description of its ugliness. JPII was an important figure in history, I think, but, I agree, he set many unfortunate precedents for the papacy, especially in cultivating the cult of the pope. He was seen by more people in person than anyone else, I read. He was photographed with the 80's Catholic fad Meditations on the Tarot on his desk (although it is impossible to say if he read it or not) two-volume German ed. It is "Catholic" (Bear has read it more than once) if reincarnation is a truth the Church wisely suppressed so as not to distract from the business at hand. He also infamously kissed a Quran.

    But, hey, he's a saint and I'm just an 800 year old Bear with a 450 gram ursine brain.

    This is the Bear's ephemeris, but Bald Eagle contributes in a way that is different. Two very different styles - human and Bear.

  12. George Pell maintained a callously inhumane and thoroughly anti Christian position in response to victims of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Australia which clearly and unequivocally manifested itself in the despicable Ellis Defence. The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse published an extraordinarily damning prologue to this case which will forever blemish George Pell and this particular era of Australian Church history. From a moral perspective, what George Pell did to John Ellis and to every victim of priestly child sex abuse in Australia was absolutely horrific.

    1. Bear does not know. If the Bear is understanding that Pell is personally being accused of homosexual molestation, then he simply observes as a former criminal practitioner that statute of limitations exist for the very good reason that finding the truth of any matter (beyond DNA testing) after decades is very difficult. Bear does not know anything about the man's morals. If we are speaking of decades-old criminal allegations, however, Bear believes it is asking much of a jury to sift evidence after such a long time, however, that's all. It is unfair, in Bear's opinion, to wait for decades to require a man to defend himself, although murder generally lacks a statute of limitations. Murder is not usually a he-said-he-said case, however, and cold cases usually have solid new evidence, such as DNA.

      As for the way the Catholic Church handled any of these allegations at the time, it is beyond sickening, and the Bear is not certain there is a realistic hope that the institutional attitudes have changed to prevent further such widespread abuse. Even in Bear's little corner of the world between the two Great Rivers, they are still moving priests about.

      Bear hopes he does not sound like some conspiracy nut, but he will continue to insist that homosexuals + pubescent boys is just asking for trouble, and believes it is a damn shame that there remains a significant homosexual subculture within the clergy. There is zero excuse for this and it does not inspire Bear with confidence that the abuse threat will ever be taken seriously by the Church.

      Thank you for contributing your perspective and the official report. Bear will allow people to make of it what they will.


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