Tuesday, June 6, 2017

We Need a Church, We Already Have a World

The biggest fallacy of our time is if only we are less like the Church, and more like the World, people will like us more.


The World will always be a better World, and, anyway, we already have one of those, for those who have not noticed. What we need is a Church to go to with that world.

All Pope Francis is proving is we are not the Church at all, but, rather, an old-womanish aspect of the World that scolds us for new sins, and charges a nominal Mercy tax to ease a troubled conscience for the old ones. (And we're working on getting rid of even those.) It will not take people long to realize that we have been doing quite well with only one World and no Church at all.

How dare a pope preach to the world about global warming and not the danger of Hellfire? Of migrants and not the narrow gate? The Vatican is the Babel of our day, where men speak in strange new jargon that does not edify the Church - the anti-tongues of the spirit of Antichrist to tickle the ears of the Prince of this Wotld and them that fall to their knees before him and his false prophet.

To make this clear, there is now only the World, with whose problems the new world-church is unaccountablely obsessed. To the extent we are faced with supernatural elements in our lives, the world-church acts surprised that we she bother them.

And now open your Gather in Praise books to find the beautiful hymn Imagine.

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