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Thursday, July 20, 2017

"Now, I have your precious Bear all to myself!"

If you want to blame Red, it would not be unfair. That's the way they operate.
Or the eclipse. They operate that way, too.

Official Notice from Bear HQ

For reasons that are as uninteresting as, for example, how the Bear wishes to spend his remaining time on this planet, the famous St. Corbinian's Bear's Ephemeris - "A Curious Entertainment for Discriminating Catholic Ladies and Gentlemen," will be going dormant  - hibernating, if you will - within the next couple of weeks.

The Bear feels this announcement will allow people to adjust to the severe psychological shock of a world without the Bear's visible presence and allow clerical miscreants time to plan celebratory cocaine-fueled orgies.

It will also allow the Bear to revisit some more controversial issues relating to the Church and the ephemeris itself that do not depend upon the day's news. Should future historians of the Decline and Fall of the West wander into the Woodlands and discover prophetic scrawls, they might benefit from this retrospective before they burn the Bear's cave and all it contains with fire.

But Bear, What Does This Mean?

Coincidence? Eclipse will be right over Bear's cave.
The symbolism could not be clearer.
Maximum Totality here: 2m 37s.
Viewing rental: 100 salmon.

What is meant by "hibernation," and "dormant?"

First of all, it does not mean dead. The Bear has hibernated before, and come back. He reserves the right to post whenever and how often and upon whatsoever subject he is moved to post. He could decide tomorrow the whole hibernation idea was bad. Bears are unpredictable like that.

What it means is that the Bear will not feel guilty when he does not post regularly. So, it is more of the removal of a self-imposed obligation toward his readers than walking into the sunset forever.

It does not mean that the 1300+ pieces published over the last four years will disappear. Most of the Bear's articles are not timely, anyway, so if you have not browsed among the regular misfiring of the Bear's 450 gm ursine brain, there is still plenty to enjoy in the archives. And that includes the comment box. Articles are available organized by date or or searchable by topic.

The Bear doubts non-bloggers appreciate the amount of time a blog takes. For most pieces, by the time something is researched, written, rewritten, posted, then proof-read (although it never seems to do any good) and the Bear interacts politely with visitors, a full day of writing has passed.

The Bear Makes a Difficult Choice: Ice Cream or Cake?

Waving a "red" flag?
It has become more and more apparent that St. Corbinian's Bear's ephemeris is in a competition to the death with the Bear's (award-winning) novel Judging Angels and the Rubricatae Chronicles series it unintentionally spawned. He wishes he did not have to choose between ice cream and cake.

So why choose? It is impossible for the Bear to do both. The ephemeris reaches - and therefore presumably entertains - far more people. And yet, it is the nature of ephemera to be ephemeral. Pieces flutter to the sidewalk before your feet, are perhaps picked up and read, but then they all go into the trash can of yesterday's news. It is the way the Internet works.

The creative lure of putting between two covers substantial characters in an original world and exploring timeless themes from a Catholic perspective is irresistible to the Bear. In other words, the scope of very long fiction ticks all the Bear's boxes. Nor does it mean that current events will go unnoticed, but in a way suitable to the medium.

The Bear knows he will never be able to rest until he has finished the (so far tragic) saga of the all-too-human Able family.

If you thought things were bad at the end of Judging Angels, you may have underestimated the cruel ingenuity of Bear novelists. The next book has plenty of surprises, a few insights, and, the Bear hopes, still some "he did NOT just do that!" moments. Not to mention the Bear's trademark mordant humor to remind you not to take things too seriously.

The Bear knows it will take a minimum of two more good-sized books to finish the tale. He knows that because he knows what's in the second book and the end is not nigh. But the Bear himself is living on borrowed time at 800 years (that's 60 in human years). Who knows how much time he has left to wrap things up?

Naturally, readers of this ephemeris will think the Bear is putting all of his eggs into the wrong basket. The Bear understands and does not argue. He does not want anyone to think he is distancing himself from loyal readers without many a pang. Thank you.

For now, he invites you to read a few last articles.

For now.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I will miss the give and take with my exceptionally smart readers in the comment box, too. I have always considered SCB comments to be more than something tacked on. They have been in important contribution to the discussion.

  2. SCBEAR! Of course we will miss you, but you do what you gotta do and believe it or not, you are helping souls to heaven. I always feel smarter after reading this blog...or chastised...or motivated. Anyways, besides trying to keep up with 2 little grandsons while their mother is preparing for another birth, I am a slow reader, just getting to where Black requests George to represent him. JUDGING ANGELS is the most intriguing, (brilliant really) book and I don't want it to end. So keep writing. I could write more, but this sums it up: Deo gratias!

  3. The problem is, unless I make a decision, I will continue to spend 100% of my time between ephemeris and novel, which is not healthy. I need to have other things in my life, like family and occasional recreation. Very sad, but this is how it must be for the present. I am glad you are enjoying the novel. My target for submission of book 2 is November. I can promise you a shocker early on.

    Please don't forget to write a review!

    The chapters coming up are some of the best, in my opinion. Especially The Ringer and Drawing Lines. It is right about here that it kicks into overdrive as the uneasy alliance starts to come apart at the seams and there is a big shocker. It does not let up until the last page.

    1. If your "target for submission of book 2 is November," please bear in mind that it will NOT be out in time for the Christmas shopping season.

    2. We'll see, but I would rather have it the best we can make it for you and put a shamrock in Red's teeth on the cover for St. Patrick's Day presents. I shudder when I think of some of the drafts of Judging Angels I submitted before I got it right. I understand a lot more about writing. A. Lot. Editing should not be as time-consuming as for the first one.

  4. May God bless you and keep during your hibernation. You will be missed!

    1. Knowing there are excellent bloggers like you, Julie, still manning the thin electron line at least means I don't have to worry about people not having other places to get the straight dope.

  5. I'll miss you bear! I'll keep you and Red and all the bear cubs in my prayers. Concentrate on your novel. I think you're doing the right thing. Have fun watching the eclipse. Have a great hibernation.

    1. Thank you. I will miss you and my other loyal readers more than you can imagine. It probably would not be a bad idea to drop in once in awhile. I have never been able hibernate for long. I will probably make the occasional drive-by post.

  6. well, that just sucks. But I get it.

    hasta luego ya big furry lump'a stuff. You helped keep me sane....God only knows what'll happen now; badger headlines are seldom pretty.

    Ísťs Bohom.

    1. I would love to see some Badger headlines. I'll miss you, too. Not unlike a character or two in a dubious novel with which I'm acquainted, you never know when I'll pop back in.

      Another consideration is that covering the Francis beat takes its toll morally, spiritually, and physically. It is still sticking to my fur, like some sort of evil honey. If I don't take a break, I'm not sure I won't wind up in a snake-handling cult. That would be preferable to some of the human reptiles that people the world today.

  7. just when I figure out how to put a critter in my picture, the Bear goes into hiding. blast! maybe I'll read his book, now.

    1. You've discovered the whole evil plan of Tim Capps to kidnap the Bear and call it "hibernation," forcing Bear-addicts everywhere to get their fix from ordering the award-winning 500-page novel filled with Bear. Don't forget, order from the Bear directly and he'll pick up the mailing in U.S. AND you'll get a nice personal autograph.

    2. I maybe just another dead armadillo lying belly-up in the hot texas sun, but dillo has long been onto the Bear bag of tricks. After all, he is an avid reader of Bearmaggedon News -- you weren't expecting that, were you? Fortunately for Bear, dillo is not the smartest mammal in the book (see first sentence), so he will continue to fall for them.

  8. You are one the best Catholic blogger's. Your commentary on the current situation in the Church is not only spot-on and insightful, but I dare say, at times,prophetic. Having said that, I hope the Good Lord will not have to keep you humble with a bramble thorn in your paw. Take care, enjoy this time with your family and keep your larger family in your prayers, as we will do for you.

    1. Thank you. Don't worry. I have plenty of reminders every day to keep me chastened, if not humble.

  9. Owl approves, though Owl will miss Great Bear. There is nothing more important than family.

    1. I played a game with my boys for the first time in two years. It's a great one called "Leviathans" with detailed plastic armored airship models in a steampunk pre-WWI setting. It felt good to exercise different parts of my brain and do something with family. All my kids grew up with two constants: painting and playing with armies of miniatures on the tabletop and other games; and having dozens of books read to them.

      The life of an ursine prophet is not as glamorous as you might think. Of course, neither is the life of an ursine novelist. Can't wait to meet the psychological mark of 10 reviews for Judging Angels. And I feel like I'm pregnant with the sequel.

  10. Happened to notice this here:


  11. You are being blessed by the sign of the cross! God has a slow hand.


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