Friday, July 28, 2017

Thank You!

Since the Bear's appeal for reviews of Judging Angels, there have been four five brand new five-star reviews, with promises of more. Reviews are, as the Bear has said, ridiculously important because they are like "leveling up" in a video game. New powers like "recommendations" are unlocked, all based on the number of reviews. Twenty-five is the Bear's target. Not so many, really, from 13, if you decide to do it today, before you forget about it.

It's easy. Pick a number of stars and write a sentence or two (or more, of course, if you're into that sort of thing).

Poor Bear Briefly Snivels

In other words, a book goes nowhere without reviews and Judging Angels is poison to mainstream Catholic media. You would think they would welcome a serious, well-written defense of holy matrimony that avoided moralizing and wrapped it in an entertaining yarn with real-life lessons. Sure, it's from "the other side" of the issue, showing people who aren't doing a very good job, but that is part of the lesson, and makes it more useful, the Bear believes, than a story about super-Catholics in the heyday of the Church.

Is it the Bear, or is it the absence of a super Francis-priest character who swoops in with a copy of Amorous Laetitia in one hand and the cover of the Rolling Stone in the other?

Possible Angle for Book 2 in the Rubricatae Chronicles

Maybe George and Alice just aren't compatible, and would be happier with other partners.The kind priest could wangle an annulment.

Maybe they'll just agree to call it quits in Book 2 and the Bear could show how understanding the Church is today by having them be welcomed back to communion with their new spouses, smiling pleasantly at each other while one stands in line for the priest and the other for the Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministrix of of Holy Communion.

"You remember my ex-wife, Alice, don't you, Red?"

"Alisss, how could I ever forget that lying little snake," hisses Red.

"Richard, this is my ex-husband George. You remember him, or at least his brain. He's getting Sandy - who's Sandy? The little girl you bought the pony for, silly! Anyway he'll have her for the whole week, so we can fly away for that romantic escape to Paris we talked about. All right, I talked about. That's right, isn't it, George? You do have Sandy, don't you?"

"Sandy? I thought you had her! Where is she?"

Brian (running into the church, panting) "Mom, Dad, Sandy's gone. I think she's been kidnapped."

All laugh.

"No, guys, I'm serious!"

"Well. That's. Just. Fine," spits Alice as she grabs a host. "So much for Paris."

"Excellent," Red says, lifting her skirt and pulling a knife from its thigh sheath, riveting the attention of all the men. "Anything for Sandy, right Brian?"

"You got it mom, er, sis, er whatever. Anything for Sandy."

The priest shakes his head fondly. "Those crazy Ables. Count me out of any nutty supernatural stuff, though."

The sequel will cover moral themes, too, but Catholicism will be deep background this time. Bear would be silly to write another "Catholic novel" if he's just going to be blacklisted again. It's like Bruno all over again (+ 2006).

Everything Working in Synergy?

Bear's Driver, Bodyguard,
Factotum, and lawfully
wedded wife,
Red Death.
Anyway, if there's a correlation between reviews and this ephemeris, the Bear may have to rethink this whole hibernation thing, although a slowdown, at least, is necessary.

Is the Bear holding the ephemeris hostage in the crudest manner possible? Oh, let's not call it that. Merely reassessing synergistic effects among media. It only makes sense that if ephemeris readers are picking up where mainstream Catholic media has dropped the ball, there might be a powerful justification for continuing with the ephemeris.

So thank you for your efforts, and the Bear looks forward to more. The sequel is more finished than not, and the goal for submission is October 1st, so it can be out in time for Christmas. Bears have trouble with arbitrary constructs like "deadlines," however.

That is Bear's anniversary, too. 41 years married to Red Death with four wonderful, healthy children. Happy years, at least for the Bear. The Bear gives her all the credit. It isn't easy living with a Bear. (There's got to be a song in there, somewhere.) Especially not while being dragged halfway around the world and dumped on the side of an erupting Mt. Etna with four small children while Bear goes frolicking off to places like Toulon, Crete, Israel and two long Persian Gulf visits.

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