Monday, August 21, 2017

Live Blogging Eclipse from the Best Seats in the House. WOW!

2 min 40 s totality in Bear's back yard.

Bear's live Tweets from the eclipse.

12:32 p.m. (all times CST) Intermittent clouds interfering with eclipse watching. Sizable bite out of disk when visible. Sky Bear eats the Sun! Send Bear salmon!

12:45 Now a grin with imaginary nose at 2 o'clock. Quality of light is different, sharper, animals oblivious.

12:47 Curious how moon is exact size and distance to obscure sun except corona, permitting scientific discovery.

12:59 Rooster crowing now. Bringing the hens in. Goats unconcerned.

1:05 20 min to totality. Amazing how light it is with only a sliver of sun. Even so, visibly darker. Chickens didn't lay today. In evening mode.

Our Eclipse Model, Red Death. Notice how green the grass is.

1:12 Now suddenly cooler and dimmer. Just a tiny sliver. Goats heading into barn for bed. 8 min to go.

She's starting to fade.

1:14 No long rays of red like sunset. Greens still green, just weirdly dim. Very eerie now. 4 min to totality.

You can barely see her. Getting dark and cool fast

1:22 Now. Spectacular corona goats run to barn cicadas... Amazing amazing amazing! (Note, the corona was so much more than Bear had expected. It was flashing out in glorious white angel wings, with a bright white ring around a very, very black disk. What a sight!)

You can barely see her now. It is  DARK as night!

Just. Wow. (Photo Arthur Capps)

1:23 And suddenly, LIGHT!!! WOW!


  1. How mysterious and intriguing!

  2. Spectacular picture of the corona! We had a partial eclipse where we live. I made a pinhole projector and we had a great time watching the ever decreasing crescent. The light dimming was not as dramatic as your photos but you could see a change in the light level.

    Also a very interesting insight into this eclipse is given on the Laramie Hirsch blogspot concerning the constellation of Leo. It's worth a read:


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