Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Company You Keep

Huh. Not this.
Bear thought this was interesting from Amazon's Judging Angels webpage. Some pretty heavy hitters. And, well, also a guy who believes the earth is the center of the universe. (Everybody knows the BEAR is that.)

No Victor Manuel Fernandez, surprisingly enough. For that matter, no Pope.

Rod Dreher - Bear was a crunchy con and Orthodox before it was cool and he still is the former, sitting on his freehold surrounded by goats and skin cubs, waiting to rebuild Western Civilization the right way this time.

The Bear knew Sally Rand, although he disliked her act because the feathers made him sneeze. She never forgave him for eating half of one of her fans at the Chicago World's Fair in 1933, thinking there must be a bird in there somewhere. To this day the Bear cannot hear Claire de Lune without sneezing.

The Bear remembers a big grocery box in the basement full of paperbacks like "The Day Lincoln Died," and "The Day Christ Died." Those were by Jim Bishop. There were also some titles like, 'The Case of the Radioactive Redhead," which the Bear is sure belonged to his uncle, and had absolutely no effect upon young human-Bear.

Bear's skin-mother was writing at the same time as Jim Bishop and Erma Bombeck, in much the same vein as the latter. "Traveling Light" was mom's collection of humorous essays. Bear still remembers the first thing she sold: the Sex Life of Coat Hangers. It was about how coat hangers seem to multiply in closets. She was a gifted and prolific writer in the days of carbon paper and onion skin copies.

Anyway, according to Amazon, Judging Angels is being read by Catholic intellectuals. Have you read it yet? More importantly, have you reviewed it yet? It is ridiculously important, important enough for a Bear to shed his dignity and beg. Okay, granted that doesn't take much, but this is still important.


  1. I bought the e-book version. Were my reading preferences not included? Where's Evelyn Waugh?

  2. I have no idea how Amazon voodoo works. I just saw that and thought it was interesting. Maybe there is an algorithm for "also bought" that fits some grand marketing scheme. Remember, Amazon does everything it does to benefit Amazon. Maybe Evelyn Waugh readers are not the ones they want to push Judging Angels browsers to, for whatever reason. Sorry, I dunno. All I know is reviews are ridiculously important lol

  3. I recommend reading E. Michael Jones, after finishing JA of course. His latest Culture Wars article on Bergoglio shows how he is in bed with the Jews and Freemasons in Argentina.

  4. Bear, consarn it, I still haven't read it. I haven't read anything this summer. I'm letting you down, I know. I'll do better.
    Erma Bombeck was hilarious. I laughed out loud reading her books.


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