Friday, October 6, 2017

Look What the Search Engines Dragged In

UPDATE: Biggest article since August 31, "The Monthly Intention to Delude Catholics," and all organic reach. Ha ha ha ha. RAWR sinners! (Bear hates what you do but loves everybody. Or tries to. He especially loves ponies. Uh oh. Forget Bear said that.)

The Bear's last article dealt with psychopathy in some detail, but also discussed some particularly unsavory (but related) things as well. If you doubted the wisdom of the Bear's "Public Service Announcement" or choice of topics, the traffic is twice and much more than that of other recent posts.

A lot of those readers didn't come to read about psychopathy.

Bears are quite tricky in addition to being salmon-powered engines of destruction. Sometimes they troll the periphery for wounded souls and provide the medicine of last resort. It's not gooey compassion.

It's scaring the Hell out of them.

The Church abandoned that approach some time ago. A pity, the Bear thinks. In the right dose, it can work when other appeals fail.

The Bear chuckles at the thought of people dragged in by the search engines only to find the Woodlands and a stern Bear. It probably won't do any good, but you never know.


  1. Good for you Bear.....well done.

  2. A soul-saving apostolate for the Bear. The Lord works in strange ways.

  3. Add SEO to reasons to fear Bears.

  4. Ingenious. Also, terrifying that you knew from professional experience that it's exactly what would happen. You might have saved some souls today.


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